Get your relationship happiness: tips and tricks for a perfect relationship

Get your relationship happiness: tips and tricks for a perfect relationship

“There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There are only couples who never give up.”

Is that true? Well, to a certain extent we can agree and say that a perfect relationship does not exist as a concept that we can apply equally to all couples.

This means that there is no universal formula that applies equally to all relationships in order for them to be happy and successful, as every partnership is special in its own way and each of us has our own idea of ​​what the perfect relationship should be and his soul mate.

First, let's talk about the term “perfect relationship” looking back. You ask yourself: What is perfect in life? Surely we humans are not.

How then can we expect there to be a perfect relationship composed of two imperfect people?

The point is that any imperfection in a relationship fades more easily when the two are really together want to be together and are really happy together.

And what would be a classic stereotype of a perfect relationship?

A couple who have been in a relationship for a few years, then get married, have children, live in a small house with a big garden in a suburb of a big city?

Growing old together and drinking coffee on the porch while reminiscing together and waiting for the days when their children and grandchildren will visit them?

Well , most of us may or may not want that kind of life with our partner, but the fact of the matter is that there really is a lot hidden under the phrase perfect relationship.

But the point is that we are all different and we all have our visions of what our dream man or woman should look like.

Then we put together in our mind a picture of a perfect relationship with a perfect person , which is certainly far from reality.

In reality, there are only two people who love each other, want to be with each other, and do their best to keep their relationship going.

This relationship is full of ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, laughter and tears, sun and rain, because that's how life is and it's never all sunshine and roses.

What matters is how looking at his relationship because you think your relationship can be perfect for you as long as you are happy and content and you and your partner are both working on your relationship.

It doesn't matter what lifestyle you lead, where you live, whether you are married or not, whether you have children or not – in the end it all comes down to the two of you being compatible.

However, there are some things that make a relationship “perfect” and which many couples agree will lead to a happy relationship.

Let's see which ones they are.

So read on for the best relationship tips to find what you need for a good relationship.

What does it take for a ‘perfect relationship’?

Table of Contents show 1 1. “Honey, we have to talk.” 2 2. A true friendship 3 3. Full acceptance 4 4. Passion 5 5. A lot of attention and tokens of love 6 6. Own life and partnership in harmony 7 7. Similarities 8 8. Compromises

1. “Honey, we need to talk.”

A sentence that, to put it mildly, makes many hair stand on end, but which solves even the most difficult problems and in many cases pulls the relationship out of the crisis.

In many relationships Problems start when nothing is discussed and when everything is swept under the rug. This pile of problems only grows with time and before you know it you're suffocating.

That's why communication is the be-all and end-all of any relationship and the key that opens all doors, even those we thought would remain closed forever.

Through Through communication we reach the mind, but also the heart of our partner, because
no one can read someone's mind or know how they feel.

So it's important to be open about everything right away Communicate and talk about everything so partners always know where they stand and what to expect from each other.

Good communication creates an even greater connection, trust builds and love grows day by day.

In relationships where communication plays a big role, not even will sees the biggest argument as a problem.

Two people who truly love each other will find a solution to any obstacle that comes their way through open discussion. And in every relationship there are many of them, even those that many consider perfect.

2. A true friendship

What is friendship without love and what is love without friendship? One just doesn't work without the other.

What does friendship really mean in a relationship?

Friendship is generally based on mutual honesty, respect and trust. So if you want to gain someone's trust, you also have to be a trustworthy and honest person.

On these foundations is built a relationship which is extremely valuable and which we know to be of good quality as these are the strongest foundations on which to rest.

Relationship partners should therefore be best friends, so be honest with one another and treat each other with respect.

So there can be no pretense, no lies, no hidden secrets or anything that jeopardizes this relationship could.

Trust comes right after that, because without trust, every relationship is on very shaky ground and it only takes a little push to level it.

In relationships where there is no trust, the behavior quickly becomes toxic and unbearable for both sides. You suspect cheating, cheating and try to control your partner.

In fact, this is self-destructive behavior that only alienates partners further. On the other hand, when there is trust, that relationship is strong, not to say unbreakable.

In addition, partners must be friends in the sense that they can always count on each other. , seek help when they need it and share whatever is on their mind.

Only then can we say that true love and a happy relationship is what we all strive for. If your partner is also your best friend, consider yourself lucky.

3. Full acceptance

Let's be honest. Who's to say that they love absolutely everything about their partner and that there isn't a single thing that annoys them?

Yeah, okay, maybe some newly in love lovebirds who are still in that first crushing state and who cannot see clearly through the rose-colored glasses on their noses.

But each of us has our quirks, which are irresistible to some, unbearable to others, but you just get used to living with them.

When you love someone, you accept them everything he is, including snoring in the middle of the night that keeps you from falling asleep. ?

fun aside, acceptance is very important for a relationship to be successful and happy. This excludes excessive criticism and any attempt to re-educate the partner, since in this way we only risk distancing him from ourselves.

In this case we return to Communication and back to the conversation.

Some things can still be reconciled and fixed if the partners are willing to point out some bugs and problems and come up with a solution together find.

Criticism is therefore sometimes okay, but it shouldn't be overdone, rather you should find an appropriate way to point out the problem and possible solutions.

4. Passion

It's much easier to keep passion alive in a relationship when you're still in the early stages of infatuation, because that's when most of it goes to waste physical attraction and a desire to spend as much time together as possible.

However, in longer relationships and marriages, the level of passion decreases.

There is a danger that love life will fall into monotony, that intercourse will always be by formula and seen only as a kind of obligation, not as the pleasure and excitement it should be.

It's not uncommon to try to make up for a lack of passion in a relationship by having affairs with other people.

The cause of this can be the influence of everyday life, the problems associated with it, lack of time, but also the partner's lack of desire to work on this problem.

Although this is not the most important stage of a happy relationship it certainly plays an important role as dissatisfaction could have a source in the bedroom and later negatively affect the whole relationship.

Therefore, it is important that the partners agree to communicate openly about their needs and desires and to find ways together to keep the passion alive between them.

By So from time to time it's best to break up the routine and spark passion, whether it's trying new things in bed, spending a romantic weekend as a couple, or just letting your imagination run wild.

5 . Lots of attention and tokens of love

The biggest problems arise when the partners take each other for granted.

Everything becomes natural, love becomes a habit, everything becomes routine and partners finally become nothing more than roommates.

In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to invest a lot of effort , to pay a lot of attention to the partner and to declare and show love to each other from day to day.

Attention in the sense of noticing when something is wrong, listening to your partner when they have a problem and helping them and just being there for them.

But in the later ones phases of the relationship one no longer expects the partner to shower one with romantic tokens of attention, gifts, compliments and the like.

This will be overcome and some other things will become more important, but still the declaration of love does not have to be just “I love you”, nor can love be shown only through roses, perfumes and songs.

Love can manifest itself in countless little ways in everyday life that we probably neglect.

”I will wash the dishes.” "Let me help you." ”I will do it for you.” ”Put on a jacket, it’s cold outside.” “Hell me when you get there.” – Small words that mean a lot and say a lot.

If you have this in your relationship, even after the butterflies in your stomach phase is over, you know you've found the perfect partner, even if the relationship is full of little imperfections.

6. Own life and partnership in harmony

Too much dependency on each other is a completely unhealthy relationship.

While it is wonderful and awesome to spend as much time as possible with your partner, doing the same things and having fun; we must not neglect our own life and needs.

A relationship is at its best when the love relationship and the partner's life are balanced.

Again, this doesn't mean that people who do everything together aren't happy and don't have a happy relationship, but a majority of relationship guides claim that it's still better if everyone has at least one has little time and space for themselves.

When the case of emotional dependency is more severe, it becomes impossible to function without each other.

Sometimes we stay together, even in moments when we are bad for each other , because you are too used to the presence and attention of the other.

However, we must not forget to give both the partner and ourselves enough freedom. This gives you enough freedom to do what you want and what you are passionate about.

It also develops good extramarital relationships and cultivates friendships and family relationships.

Besides, there is always something new to talk about and all these commitments make us miss our partner, which can only bring us closer in the end.

7. Similarities

When we talk about our dream man, we always imagine that it will be a person with whom we can listen to the same music, see the same films and enjoy the same things.

According to our prey pattern, we will always be more attracted to people with whom we have more in common, but this does not always guarantee happiness in a relationship.

Similarities are natural very important because they connect us and give us space and time to spend with our partner.

Of course it's nicer when we have as much in common with our partner as possible, but not all similarities are of equal importance.

In terms of food, movies, music, travel destinations, choice of furniture and other things, there is already an opportunity to come to an agreement and find a common solution.

The things that matter are serious things like having the same attitude towards the future, starting a family and planning your life.

When the partners are on the same wavelength in these areas and the same things are more likely to have a near-perfect relationship.

Unfortunately, people who have different views about the future are far more likely to encounter problems and eventually the inevitable breakup.

Common goals and plans bind us together and give us a reason to fight.

It is what we live for and rejoice in and when we fight for the same thing together the world is more beautiful and everything is easier because where there is true love everything is mö; same.

8. Compromises

And finally we come to the key to a successful relationship: the occasional neglect of one's own wishes and the consideration of the partner. In a word: compromises.

No matter which happy couple in the world you would ask about it, everyone would tell you that a relationship cannot be successful without compromise.

It just doesn't go without saying that two people have exactly the same opinions about everything, the same wants and needs.

There will be arguments and tug-of-wars over various things from time to time and sometimes these cannot be resolved other than for both sides to give in a little and come to terms.

If each partner stuck by hook or by crook, such a relationship would fall apart in no time.

And yes, of course it's sometimes difficult to let go of our own desires and putting our partner's needs ahead of our own because our ego won't allow it.

But it is love that wraps the ego around its little finger and makes us do what we would never do. But that's the way it should be because there is no real partnership without giving and receiving a lot on both sides.

Conclusion: A perfect relationship unfortunately there is no such thing. We sometimes have a distorted view of relationships because of some stereotypes imposed on us by movies, books, the environment and our own expectations.

That's why we look for perfection in partners that we honestly can't offer ourselves because we all have our good and bad sides.

On the other hand, your relationship may indeed be perfect for you , if you look at it as such.

Of course, every relationship has its quirks and it takes a lot of courage, selflessness and love to make it happy.

But when two people are willing to fight for each other, put a piece of themselves into the relationship and nurture love, there are no obstacles to the perfect relationship.

From these tips all are extremely important to a happy relationship, but I want to single out love, trust, respect and honesty as the foundation of any relationship.

Without these elements, anything will happen others heavy, each stumbling block is twice as big; and every path to mutual happiness becomes more and more complicated.

But the most important thing is that you love each other and are sure that your partner is also trying to make the relationship perfect and that you is both happy and satisfied.

Everything else sorts itself out somehow and we then get a picture of what we consider to be a perfect relationship.

Sofia M&uuml ;ller

Relationship counselor Sofia Müller decided that through her articles and books she could reach and help more people, so she started her blog Your Way.

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