Finally, I don't mind losing you

Finally I don't mind losing you

You know how sometimes you can't explain why you feel something for someone, and how sometimes you feel asks why everything turned out the way it did in the end?

Sometimes we complain about the wrong God has done to us and then find out that it wasn't wrong after all. God gave us exactly what we needed.

The problem is that we can't see it because we're so blinded by it that we didn't get what we wanted.

It happened to me too. For a long time I was so blinded by the anger at losing you that I forgot why I had you in my life.

I just couldn't accept that I had met you, that I was like this had a connection with you even though we hardly knew each other, bonded with you, and after all that just lost you.

I wanted to stay with you, make plans for our future together, and I really wanted you to stay with me.

But you weren't sent to stay with me, you just are came into my life to teach me a lesson and to leave when your work is done.

It was not for nothing that God brought my heart to you, and it is not for nothing that I am with you anymore felt connected to anyone else in my life.

Looking back, I see that you played an important role in my life, but only temporarily until you had accomplished your mission – show me another life and then set me free.

The funny thing is that you came into my life at exactly the right moment. You were just what I needed at the time.

You helped me find so many answers and brought out the best in me.

You helped me find my way out of my darkness and I will be eternally grateful to you for that, just as I will be grateful to God for sending you to me.

I have one I made mistakes trying to make you my eternal love even though that wasn't your role.

You weren't meant to be with me forever because you were my temporary great love.

You were sent to me to make me a better person for those who will stay forever and then you had to make your way to someone else.

The problem is that I was frustrated when you left because I couldn't let go of you.

I couldn't understand why God had taken something so beautiful away from me, someone who had helped me to heal.

But then I remembered what you taught me and I was able to look at everything that had happened to me from a different perspective.

Then it all made sense. If you'd stayed longer than you should, your beauty might have faded, your love might have faded and you might not be as inspiring as you used to be.

Maybe what we had would have become a burden.

I have found solace in believing that our story could not have had a better ending. If I had managed to change them, maybe there could not have been a happy ending for me.

You were an angel sent to me, um teach me a lesson, help me heal, and then fly away again.

You taught me to let go, detach, and understand that your work in my life is done.< /p>

Thanks to you, I've found faith that the closest person God brings me will be exactly the one I need in my life.

Finally it does I don't mind losing you 'cause now I know I that I am ready to meet someone who will be mine forever.

I know that I could recognize that someone from miles away because thanks to you I understand finally the difference between someone holding my hand and someone touching my soul.

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