Fact check love and age difference: relationship with age gap

Fact check love and age difference: Relationship with age gap

Love knows no age.

Is that really true? Love between two people who have a big age difference is the most commonly seen in the celebrity world.

Popular actresses, singers and top models are in a relationship with men ;Men who are up to 20 years younger than themselves and that goes for men too.

Most male celebrities have a girlfriend or wife who is much younger is than herself.

For example, George Clooney is 17 years older than his wife Amal, while there is a 25 year age gap between Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.

One of the new popular Hollywood couples are definitely Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, who is even 11 years older than him.

Heidi Klum also counts with her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz, who is 16 years his junior, and it seems like this age difference is not an obstacle for either of them, but they are often in the crossfire of criticism.

Let's also look at the example of French President Emmanuel Macron who is 42 years old and his wife Brigitte who is 67 years old. The difference between them is a whopping 25 years.

Emmanuel fell in love with her when he was only 16 and when she was his high school teacher, which is a big one ;en caused a scandal, especially because Brigitte was married at the time and had children.

But the two didn't give up and are still together despite everything.

However, it is not only celebrities who are in a relationship with a large age difference. There are many people for whom many years of age difference is not an obstacle to a happy relationship.

But while everything sounds wonderful, fabulous and beautiful and great romantics say love knows no bounds, we sometimes ask ourselves, is it really that simple?

A relationship with a partner who is much younger or much older, like any relationship, can have its advantages and disadvantages, but if the age difference is too big, there is still a greater chance of a breakup.< /p>

Statistically, the greater the age difference, the greater the likelihood of a breakup.

For example, if there is a 5-year age difference, the likelihood of a breakup is 18%, while if there is a 10-year age difference, it increases to 39%.

Exceptions confirm this Of course, that's always the rule and it doesn't automatically mean that couples of the same age are happier than those with a greater age difference or that there can't be any separation in their relationship.

After all, it doesn’t matter how old you are, but how old you feel.

However, a large age difference in relationships is often viewed critically by society, especially when the woman is significantly older than the man.

Is this just about stereotypes or something else?


What are the pros and cons of a big age gap? What draws older men to young women and what attracts younger men to older women?

How much age difference can a relationship endure and how can it be sustained?

You can find the answers to all these questions right here. Don't go away and find out everything you need to know about the age gap in relationships.

Have fun. while reading!

Age difference: relationship with a younger man

Our society is full of prejudice and a large age difference is often critical of the environment considered. People sometimes take the right to meddle in what is none of their business and talk about things they cannot understand.

Because of this, various prejudices arise.

The main prejudices surrounding a woman's relationship with a younger partner are that the woman is going through a mid-life crisis.

She can not coming to terms with her age, so she needs a distraction to get through the crisis and feel younger.

On the other hand, a man who is attracted to an older woman is seen as having a mother complex and seeing a maternal figure in the older woman.

That mindset was forced on us and we need to get rid of it as soon as possible because not everything is so black and white; is.

For women, a younger man is like a refreshment. An older woman is no longer looking for security and support because she has been through it all and needs someone who is in full bloom and wants more out of life.

Let's call it one Midlife crisis or not, when an older woman enters into a relationship with a younger man, it means that she currently needs someone who is full of life, with whom she can relive her youth and who will bring new energy into her life brings.

On the other hand, young men who are attracted to older women do not have a mother complex but seek a partner who is mature, serious and emotionally stable, which an older woman certainly is.

A woman who has already been through certain things in life knows; exactly what she wants out of life and is easier to deal with.

In a relationship with such a woman, a young man avoids the unnecessary drama he would have in a relationship with a person of the same age could.

The older partner knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it.

This combination also makes sense from a biological point of view. Women's libido increases with age while men's libido decreases, so in that sense they're a good match.

Age Difference: Relationship with an Older Man

If a man is older than a woman, this is again considered more acceptable. Perhaps because throughout history it has been socially acceptable for men to marry young girls for wealth, status and the like.

But there are also prejudices about such relationships and most of the time you hear that a young woman is only in a relationship with an older man because of the money or that she has a father complex.

On the other hand, an older man who enters a relationship with a young woman is viewed as a person having a mid-life crisis, trying to prove that he still has that special something when it comes to women to seduce.

I'm not saying that there aren't such cases, but not all women who enter into a relationship with an older man just want his money.

Most women enter into relationships with an older man because they need security and harmony.

It is well known that men mature later growing up as women and in relationships with peers is sometimes exactly what we lack.

Older men are more mature and offer a calm oasis.

They already have both feet firmly on the ground, have a stable job and income and they can devote themselves to their wives and families instead of pursuing careers like younger men.

Their experience from previous relationships can also be an advantage because they understand women better and know how to make them happy can do.

On the other hand, a young woman brings exactly what is needed into a relationship: new energy and zest for life.

It is her energy and his calm that create a good balance. Even when it comes to love life, an older man has more experience and that suits some women.

Age difference in relationships: pros and cons

Every relationship has its good and bad sides, its pros and cons, so even a relationship with a big age difference is no exception.

Below I'll show you the biggest pros and Disadvantages of being in an age gap relationship and why there is a higher risk of breakup in such relationships.

Advantages of an age gap relationship

1. Life Experience

The younger partner always benefits from the experience of the older partner. An older partner can help the younger one in many things because they have been through a lot themselves.

The older partner serves as a role model and the younger one gains from the older one too of maturity and experience.

2. Life energy

The younger partner brings refreshment to the relationship with their energy and will to live and the older partner benefits from this.

Together with his younger partner, he also feels younger and more easily endures all the obstacles that life throws at him.

It can be very interesting for both of them, because they can learn from each other and get to know different ways of thinking and each other's world.

3. Stability

A relationship with an older partner brings stability. Due to age and maturity, the older partner no longer has the need for dating, crazy experiences and the like, but can devote himself to his family.

In addition, due to maturity, communication is better because, despite disagreements, disputes do not arise as often. Therefore, there is peace and harmony in such a relationship.

Disadvantages of an age gap relationship

No matter how much we resist it , it seems that such relationships have more disadvantages. These are the most common problems that couples with a big age difference can encounter::

1. Planning children

In a relationship with an older partner, planning children is a big challenge. Although men can have children at later ages, it's still different for women because the biological clock is ticking.

Sometimes it doesn't even have anything to do with biology, but you get to that age when children are too much of a commitment.

Therefore, the younger partner has to give up their desire to have children. This is a very big challenge and in the end the desire to have children is greater than the love for a partner, which eventually leads to a separation.

2. Different desires and needs

The younger partner may want to travel, do crazy things in life, advance their career, move to another city, etc., while the older one has already been through it all.

The younger partner wants to go out while the older one prefers to sit at home and watch TV because they have neither the energy nor the will to do such things.

Of course, this can also happen in relationships with peers when two different personalities are together, but the most common case is of course in relationships with a large age difference.

3. Different values

People who grew up in different times are raised differently and have different values.

Especially when it comes to a relationship where the age difference is 20-25 years.

In this case it can happen that the older partner tries to impose his values ​​on the partner and to re-educate him.

4. Unfulfilled love life

Problems can also arise in this area because there are different desires and needs.

Due to the physical limitations of the partner, the physical needs can sometimes are not met, so there is a possibility that the partner will cheat.

This can lead to jealousy and problems in the relationship..

5. Criticism of the environment

Since society is critical of such relationships, couples with large age gaps need to learn to deal with them.

You need to be prepared for questionable looks when they are together, the Judgment from family and friends, but also embarrassing situations.

There may be times when someone you meet asks, “Is that your father?” or “Is that your mother?”

It can be even more embarrassing when, for example, a young man is flirting with a woman and doesn't know that the older man next to her is her husband and not her father.

6. Death of a Partner

Although no one knows when one dies, it is of course more likely that the older partner dies first.

Then it is up to the younger ones to fight it. In addition to the grief and pain caused by the death of a loved one, there are additional burdens.

When you have children, you become a single parent and you lose the support you had in your partner.

Age difference in relationship: these tips work!

Although it does Sustaining a relationship with a large age gap between partners may initially seem impossible, but there are examples that show us exactly the opposite.

Although it may seem strange to some, couples with seeing a difference of up to 20 years is becoming more and more common today.

After all, today's lifestyle makes all people feel younger. This human need to keep up with the times significantly rejuvenates both men and women.

To break the stereotype that a huge age gap is doomed to a relationship we bring some tips on how to keep such a relationship alive and happy.

1. Communicate honestly and openly

I feel like I'm repeating the same thing over and over, but it can't be stressed enough. Communication and honesty are fundamental in any relationship.

How can we know if a problem can be solved if we don't know what the problem is?

No relationship can function well without communication and honesty.

Of course, in any relationship, regardless of the age of the partners, there are disagreements that sometimes cannot be resolved if the partner keeps secrets, avoids conversations and the like.

Any problem has a solution and through an honest conversation you can find a solution that suits both of them despite the big age difference.

2. Define future goals clearly

Any relationship is doomed to fail as soon as the partners realize that they do not have the same goals and plans for the future.

One puts his career first and makes plans, in a big way living and traveling in a city while the other dreams of living in a village with a small house, a big garden and three children.

Neither of them wants to compromise to give in and give up everything you've dreamed of all your life and that inevitably leads to a breakup or divorce.

Due to the larger age difference, the goals for the future are rather different. Especially when it comes to child and family planning.

That's why you should talk about it right at the beginning and clearly define your ideas for the future, so that both partners know what they're getting into and so they can save themselves heartache.

3. make compromises

After all, since you got into a relationship for love, it shouldn't be that difficult to compromise for love.

The younger partner wants to go out while the ä Elderly wants to stay at home. How do you come to an agreement?

Well, for once, the older partner fits in and goes out, but to places that suit him. And the next time the younger partner stays at home with popcorn and a movie.

Such things can easily be solved. Of course, the problem also arises when it comes to bigger things like planning children, but for that reason, it's best to say everything openly at the beginning so that the other person knows what to count on.

4. Cultivating Similarities

Although it might seem that people who are 15 years or more apart in age might have nothing in common, many couples still share the same Interests.

These shared interests need to be nurtured and developed in order for the two people to connect on multiple levels as well.

If there aren't many things a couple can do together, they still can find activities they will enjoy together.

You can designate a day of the week or month when you will participate in this activity together, for example volunteering, cooking, Dancing, cycling, hiking and the like.

If they don’t do much together and movies and theater aren’t really your thing, this can be something both will enjoy. Most importantly, they spend time together and enjoy each other's company.

5. Give enough freedom

Nobody should feel restricted in a relationship and everyone should do what they want, of course with clearly defined and agreed rules of the game Regarding fraud and the like.

In any relationship it is necessary to give the partner enough space, but in a relationship with a large age difference this is particularly difficult because the partners do not move in the same circles.

This fü As a result, they spend less time together and one of the partners feels the other partner moving away from him and he then feels somehow neglected.

Then there is jealousy, a desire for control, etc. However, space should always be given, especially to the younger partner, so that they don't feel like a boy being controlled by their mother/father.

6. Build trust

It is logical that in a relationship where there is a large age gap there will be jealousy. Especially if the younger partner is very attractive and if people of the opposite sex often approach or flirt with them.

Of course, all of this exists in a peer relationship and it's how one deals with it, but in relationships with an age gap of 10 to 15 years, the older partner can quickly feel threatened.

This creates nervousness in the relationship, the partner often criticizes, makes reproaches and the like. That is why it is necessary to build trust.

We need trust in all walks of life and in all interpersonal relationships, especially in a romantic relationship.

When there is no trust, there will always be doubts and questions, such as: Does she still love me ? Has she met someone who is younger and more attractive? Etc.

When two people enter into a relationship, they have done it consciously and consciously they must also work on it, to keep them going.

7. Stick together

There will always be comments, prejudices and judgments from those around you.

You can't please everyone. Couples with a big age gap often hear behind their backs, ”Oh, she’s a gold digger.” He just feeds his ego. She's just his adventure. She looks like his mom.” Etc.

Such comments and opinions of other people should not be taken into account. Even if it's relatives and friends who wish us only the best. Sometimes they can't understand us either.

Should two people who make themselves happy give up on each other just because they're a thorn in someone's side? Of course not.

They know they love each other and that should be enough. Although it is not easy to always come across judgments and negative comments, which sometimes even make us doubt our partner, we should try to ignore them as much as possible.

In this case, the couple should stick together and show their love even more.

How much age difference can a relationship endure?

Experts believe that that the relationship between peers is the easiest. Peers grew up in the same world, share the same or similar values, etc.

Planning family and children between peers is also easier than in a relationship where one is already of advanced age.

The ideal age difference between partners is between 5 and 10 years.

< p>Then there is less chance of a breakup and here are 4 reasons why it's a good idea to date guys a little older than you.

However, there is no universal rule that says relationships with a large age gap cannot survive and are automatically doomed.

People can be the same age and in many respects more different than the former. It's mostly about how old you feel in your own skin.

It all depends on the personality and character of the person. 

Conclusion: Relationships with a large age gap are no less stable than relationships with peers.

In every relationship there is something that needs to be worked on, be it love life, compromise, honesty or something Ä Similar.

Even though there are many downsides to such a relationship, we can still see many happy couples who don't find it an obstacle on their way to love.

As long as two people love each other and make each other happy, age, religion and nation don't matter! Love knows no boundaries and cannot be explained, so love each other folks! 🙂

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