Emotional affair – the silent killer of a relationship

Emotional affair &ndash ; the silent killer of a relationship

Have you met someone? You feel safe with him? You can talk to him like you've never talked to anyone before.

You might even think there's a soul mate between you? Never before have you experienced such great trust and security with someone?

Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Having someone with you that makes you feel so comfortable. What a beautiful start to a relationship.

But there's a problem. Well, nothing big, actually a little problem. Or at least you're trying to convince yourself that it's not that important.

One of you, or even both of you, are already in a relationship. The man with whom you have such an emotional bond is not your partner.

In this case, you are said to be having an emotional affair. Even though there is no physical intimacy with this person, it is a form of cheating.

For a great many people, an emotional affair is even worse than a physical one, as it involves understanding a special connection.

If you're wondering how to recognize an emotional affair and what you can do after one, you've come to the right place. Here you will find:

• Do I have a good friend or an emotional affair?

• How can I tell if my partner is having an emotional affair?

• Emotional Affair – What now?

? Saving a relationship after an emotional affair

• Emotional affair as the end of the existing relationship

Do I have a good friend or an emotional affair?

Not even a physical affair ;re it's easy to know where the cheating started. It's a very individual thing.

For someone, a one-off fling is not a bad thing and something that can be forgiven. One kiss is too much for the others.

Each couple should discuss the limits of cheating at an early stage and decide for themselves. Preferably before the relationship gets serious.

In an emotional affair, it's even harder to see this line. How to tell a good friendship from an emotional affair?

Here are some signs you can tell an emotional affair from a platonic friendship.

1. You spend a lot of time with this person

Whenever you have some free time, you check whether your friend is also free. You haven't made any plans, but you can also see him spontaneously. You always have fun with him.

If you can't spend time together, you still keep in touch. You write WhatsApp messages to each other 24/7.

You never lack for topics of conversation. He's also the first person you tell all your news to, whether they're good or bad.

If you're also neglecting your partner to make time for your boyfriend, you already know who is more important to you.

2. You don't act like other friends

This friend isn't your only friend. You have others too, but you don't have such a close relationship with them.

Sure, that can mean he's your best friend, but it can also mean something else. If you can see flirting in your messages, but also in the conversation, it has a meaning.

Flirting a little with someone you don't know can be harmless, but if you're already committed to that person, then you can wisely attracted, it's not so harmless anymore.

Even if you're having too much physical contact with this person, it can be a sign of an emotional affair.

< h2>3. Your partner knows not everything about this friendship


When you meet this person, you often tell your partner that there is a great ;ere group is? Don't want him to know how often you see each other alone?

If you think your partner wouldn't like how often you see that friend, you know it It goes without saying that you are unfaithful in some way.

4. You are comparing your partner to this friend

Not only are you comparing your partner to that friend, but your partner loses in the comparison.

It's so nice to have someone to talk to about these topics can. My partner doesn't understand me the way you do.

If you've ever said this or a similar sentence to your boyfriend, then you can be pretty sure that you're having an emotional affair have.

Having a partner means sharing your life with someone. But if you prefer to share something with someone else, if you get from them what you lack in the relationship, it's not just a friendship anymore.

How can I tell if my partner has an emotional aff&auml ;re has?

Maybe you're not the one having an emotional affair. Do you think your partner is having an affair like this?

Do you feel like something is wrong in your relationship lately? These signs will tell you if your partner is having an emotional affair.

1. He acts like he's hiding something

In the past, your partner would leave their smartphone everywhere, they would tell you to instead withdraw it, etc. Now all of a sudden, it's always with him and you feel like he's even hiding it from you.

When you come up to him and he texts, he suddenly stops. His social media profiles aren't what they used to be either. He is not automatically logged in anywhere and he has a password for everything at once.

2. You often don't know where he is

He claims he works overtime, but you don't get the feeling from his colleagues that he works that much works.

Your questions will give you a general answer. You're never quite sure where he was and with whom.

3. He keeps talking about someone

Your partner has a girlfriend or co-worker that he keeps talking about. Whatever the topic, he finds a connection, something reminds him of that friend and he mentions her.

He has a smile on his face when he talks about her and you do the feeling that this person is perfect as he describes them.

4. You just have this gut feeling

Intuition is something very special. Often we don't know why we believe something the way we came up with it, but we are quite sure that it is so. Even if we'd rather we were wrong.

If you just feel like your relationship isn't the same, that something is different and not in a good way, you're probably right too.

Emotional affair – What now?

Once you realize that you or your partner is having an emotional affair, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. You may be able to hope that it will just go away.

But waiting and hoping for the relationship crises to go away is actually what got you into this situation you are in.

If you If you had talked to your partner sooner instead of a third person, it wouldn't even have ended up being an emotional affair, right?

So the first thing you have to do is have a conversation. It must be admitted that there is an emotional affair.

Together you should then find the reasons why this affair actually happened. It's very important to be honest with each other if you really want to solve the problem.

Each partner should say what they don't like about their relationship and what they don't like is a problem. What he was actually missing and what he was looking for in the other relationship.

Yes, it can be difficult and it can hurt the other. But since cheating has already occurred, the partner is probably already injured. Now it's time to do the best you can to keep it from getting worse.

Together you should then decide what will be now. There is no compromise here. You either have to end the affair or the relationship.

Rescuing a relationship after an emotional affair

When you both decide that your affair is no more important than your partner and that your relationship deserves a second chance, you must know that you have a long way to go.

Now is not the time for blame, but an honest apology can be a good start.

As always in a relationship, the key to success is communication.

Talk, talk and talk again. Being honest with each other and talking about all your feelings, both positive and negative, is the only way to save the relationship.

A good idea is to yourself to remember the good time together. You can look at photos from vacations together.

Tell each other about the beginning of your relationship, how you fell in love. Tell yourself what was the first moment you realized you loved the other.

Now it is also very important to spend a lot of time together. Date night shouldn't be skipped anymore. Being together brings you back to that special connection.

You should find time for each other every day, even if it's only half an hour. Eating together, watching a series or having an intimate conversation in bed is something you can always find time for.

Once a week you should reserve an evening just for your partner, whether it's a romantic evening at home or a real date night, you should really make time for it.

< /p>

Taking the other for granted is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a relationship. You should remind yourself often why you love each other and what you love in each other.

You should also tell each other that, even if you know it. It's always nice to hear something like this.

Couples therapy can also be a good idea. A professional insight from the outside can help you to find your way to each other.

A psychologist or a couples therapist can show you through various exercises how to rebuild trust in a relationship.


It takes time to save a relationship. If you don't feel as comfortable in the relationship as you used to, it's not a sign that you should give up.

Remember the beginning of the relationship. Back then you also needed some time to feel completely relaxed and to trust your partner.

This is a fresh start now. You are no longer the same people as you were then, you have to get to know each other again. Take your time and don't force anything.

Emotional affair as the end of the existing partnership

Sometimes emotional cheating can just be the last nail in the coffin of an unhappy relationship.

A great many people stay in an unhappy relationship because they are afraid of being alone or because they don't know how they should end the relationship.

Such a relationship is not good for anyone and very quickly both partners would be unhappy.

If that is the case with you, when you and your partner are no longer interested in salvaging the relationship, when there is no infatuation, it's time to say goodbye.

The third person was probably just the nudge you two needed to get out of the same place.

When breaking up, focus on all the good times you two had together. Find an evening to discuss everything.

This is especially important if you both live together. One should definitely find other accommodation as soon as possible.

Get the most important things straight first, not all things need to be split up on the first night.

For the well-known ”let's stay friends” now is not the time. You've already had problems because of a close friendship, the roles shouldn't just be exchanged now.

A break and contact blocking are the best ideas right after the breakup. Later, when you get your life back together, you can see if you still want to be friends.

Whoever was the one who had the emotional affair can now have that affair ;re giving it a chance. It is not impossible for affairs to result in successful relationships.

Especially emotional affairs have a good chance.

Because it is not just about physical needs Instead of developing a true connection on a feeling level, there is a very good chance that a happy relationship will result.

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