Don't run after him

Don't run after him

Someone once said that if a man wants you, he will get you.

And that's the absolute truth – if he wants you in his life, then he will, no matter what.

You shouldn't be fighting for that spot. You shouldn't chase him or throw yourself in front of him just to be with him.

Because if you do that, he will see you as less important. Don't humiliate yourself for someone who doesn't even notice you.

If you have to ask them “Now what are we?” or you're the only one who wants to give your relationship official status, then he's probably not serious about you.

If you have to ask where your relationship is going, it's probably going nowhere. And do you know why?

Men always get what they really want. And if you're not, then you're not what he really wants.

Many would argue that women are guided by their feelings, but I would claim that women are magnificent beings who can do anything they put their minds to.

They can drop everything when they feel this mad love, they can laugh even though they're dying inside and they can walk even if their heart tells them to stay.

Be a strong woman and never chase after a man. Be the prize that everyone is chasing, but only one can win.

If a man doesn't see your worth then it doesn't matter how much you want to be with him or no matter how good he is, don't beg him to notice you.

Don't run after him and don't try to prove anything to him, tearß don't put your foot down just to show him that he should give you a place in his life and that you are worth his time and love.

You're just wasting your time and yourself for something make an effort not to be.

Instead, think of it as a prayer that was never answered, because fate has something better in store for you.

< p>It's always like that when you don't get what you want; that's because you deserve so much more than what you're asking for.

You deserve a man who thinks you're the only one.

A man who looks at you with deep admiration, a man whose face lights up as soon as you walk into the room.

You deserve a man who won't look at other women because he knows he's with you hit the jackpot.

You deserve a man who will give you a place in his life.

A man who sees you as the greatest gift he could ever receive in his life and one Man who thanks God every day for sending you to him.

You deserve a man who wants you by his side, who you don't have to chase after, but a man who will willingly accept you in every aspect of his life because he wants you there.

You deserve a man who has planned his future with you.

A man who will show you where you stand with him and a man who will never make you doubt what you are since he will ask to give your relationship official status.

You deserve a man who not only plans his future with you, but works on it.< /p>

You deserve a man who wants to spend time with you.

A man who will text you first, who won't make you wait hours for his answer and one who will call you just to hear your voice.

You deserve a man who planning dates with you, a man who will make sure he always has time for you, no matter how busy his schedule is.

You don't deserve a man who will waste every minute of his time beg because the right man will be more than happy to give you his time, every hour, every day, month, year.

You deserve a man who wants you. Who really wants you.

You deserve a man you don't have to fight tooth and nail to get noticed.< /p>

To whom you don't have to prove anything, let alone your worth, because a true man will accept you for who you are if he likes you.

For a true man, you will be valuable, with all your quirks and imperfections.

You should know that when a man loves you, you don't have to chase after him.

He will see you as perfect, right just as you are and he will want to be with you.

He will give you a place in his life and he will never let you doubt what you two are.

Never settle for less than that, and never chase after a man.

If you have to chase after him, then he's not the one. Let him go, because a better one is on its way to you.

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