Don't let someone treat you badly just because you love them

Don't let someone treat you badly just because you love them

All of our common sense tells us that we shouldn't tolerate people who hurt us .

If your girlfriend was in a bad relationship with a guy who treats her badly, the first thing you would tell her is to end it.

No matter how much she loves the man, you would know that her place is not by his side.

Then why is it so hard for’ r to realize that the one you love is treating you badly, and why is it even harder to break up?

It's true, love can blind us. When we love someone, we can idealize all the good things they do.

And then when they do something wrong, we make excuses for them afterwards.

You were not brought into this world to waste your energy, good heart and love on someone who doesn't appreciate you.

When you start to love yourself love and take care of your own well-being, a whole new life will begin for you.

Take off the blindfold that love put over your eyes, and try to finally see the whole thing clearly.

If he doesn't answer when you call him and doesn't even apologize for it, that's not okay.

If you have to wait hours for him to reply to a simple text, that's fine not okay.

If he's never there for you no matter why you need him, that's not okay.

If he doesn't have the time or energy to be on yours Participating in life is not okay.

If your partner can't respect, support and love you like they should, then that's definitely not okay.

We don't want to think badly of people, to whom we gave so much.

We paint a good, pure and perfect picture of him in our minds.

That's why we never want each other admit that they actually treat us pretty badly.

The first step to solving this big problem is to recognize and admit that this someone is hurting you with their behavior.


No matter how much you love someone, you can't let them tear you apart. You no longer have to pretend that everything is fine. 

Love can't just come from one side. If you love someone, they should love you too, right?

And if they loved you, would they hurt you? Definitely not.

Someone who truly loves you will always want what is best for you.

Someone who really cares about you will never knowingly hurt you.

When someone treats you in a way you would never treat them and you always forgive them, Now is the time to break this vicious circle.

No one should hurt you, no matter how much they mean to you.

Would you ever do something bad to someone you love?

Definitely not. Then why would you let someone do this to you?

I know you keep making up arguments as to why they did it to you hurts so it doesn't look so bad – as if it wasn't even his fault.

Such spiteful behavior is not only bad, but also a crucial factor in your self-esteem and your future life.

He tramples on your trust and sincerity, creating the impression that you are the less important partner in the relationship.

How do you think he would feel if you did the same to him?! Would he forgive you? Hardly.

I'm sure he's always apologizing to you and asking for your forgiveness.

Well, I'll tell you something: An apology without changing that behavior is just lip service.

If you eventually decide to stand up for yourself and show him that you fuck his shit; If you stop participating, he will make you feel bad for being mad at him.

You don't want a toxic person like that in your life. He may tell you he's going to change, but he won't!

You may be thinking about giving him a second chance, but I can tell you right now say that every chance you give them will be in vain.

He who says he loves you but still treats you badly isn't worth a second chance.< /p>

Sure, forgiveness is a wonderful option and of course you can forgive him for everything he has done to you.

I said forgive, don't forget.

Don't let him treat you like you're unlovable and don't let him ever hurt you again.

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