Don't let her come second

Don't let them be second Stand still

Let's be honest, you're a guy and like many others you don't really understand their point of view.

If you think I'm wrong, you can you just stop reading, but I advise you not to.

You will find out a lot of interesting things in this article, so let's get started.

How many Men hate taking her shopping, helping around the house, or helping her choose the perfect dress?

The true and disappointing answer is – too many.

While there are some exceptions, and maybe you're one of them, but if not, I'll tell you a few things about women.

Women are beautiful, strong, and independent Essence, yet very fragile.

And even though they are presented that way, it doesn't mean that they should do your job for you.

Women are more than just capable of anything you are capable of, but simply put, it's sort of your duty as a gentleman to help them.

And if you help them, they'll appreciate it – trust me.

Dude, let's face it, when she's on her period it's pretty hard for both of you to deal with the mood swings, but you're not the one who is in pain.

Help her, make her dinner, buy her sweets, cuddle with her.

She would do the same for you if you were sick and we all know how men act when they are sick.

Do your share of the housework and hers too, if necessary.

And never let her do anything alone.

Don't let her feel lonely.

Never make her feel like she has no one by her side.

One day she may become your wife and your mother Being children.

And you can't expect a healthy marriage if she feels lonely even though she's with you.

How can you be there for her even when you're not there?

How can she feel like she has a place in your life, herself when you're far away from her?

It's easy; before you leave, she needs to know she's special.

And instead of just saying it, you need to prove it to her.

Show her that you're always with her are.

When you're going somewhere, there's no better way to show your affection than by giving her a tight and long hug or a really tender kiss on the cheek.

Every gentle touch says a lot more than words can say.

She will feel loved, secure and above all not lonely.

And if you travel for work or go on another journey, she will they feel like you carry them in your heart wherever you go.

Then she won't bother you with her jealousy, she won't call you a thousand times a night and won't serve you outbursts of emotion.

She will know that she is the only one for you.

Think about the role you play in her life.

She always puts you first so don't play with it.< /p>

Now that you've won 100% because you're at the top of her priority list, you don't need to test your luck with other women.

However, you must treat her the same way, you must put her first because she deserves it.

Put her first.

Not the second. Do you want to hear a story about a boy who put a girl first?

Better yet, do you want to live the story?

Happy endings isn't only found in fairy tales.

You could be her Prince Charming.

Call her every now and then just to hear her voice, see how her day is going and how she's feeling.

Surprise her as often as you can , because she doesn’t need much to be happy anyway.

Bring her a flower, write her a little love letter, buy her something nice, get a bottle of wine just for the two of you.

And when you're with her, look into her eyes, watch her lips move, enjoy the little things.

Listen to her, even if she's talking about the same thing for the hundredth time, or if she's joking around.

By giving her your attention, you show your affection.

Never let her, but also really never, fight alone.

If you can't help her, at least be by her side.

Support her dear, because that is the way to one Happy ending.

Put them first and everything else w will come into place.

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