Don't get lured into an unofficial relationship

Don't let yourself Lure into an informal relationship

“Don't give a man more than he gives you. If he respects you, respect him. If he loves you, love him. If he's putting you up for the whole world, then put him up. But if you're a secret he's mistreating, you gotta keep him in your past.” – Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Some might like these modern times where you're dating someone or dating a guy, but could also be single because you're keeping your options open – although you'd probably be pissed if you saw him with someone else.

However, you can't really say anything because you've “agreed” that you both hate labels and both of you mostly have no idea what this is about to become.

But in reality it's all just a waste of time doomed to a nasty lovesickness.

Because although, for whatever reason, you're fine with the fact that you're not each other's boyfriend and girlfriend names, you are not okay with an open relationship.

People have feelings about whether they make their relationship official or not.

So how are you going to explain your grief after this is over if you were never really his girlfriend or if he never specifically said he was your boyfriend?

The hard truth is, if he doesn't want to make your relationship official, then he doesn't want to be with you.

And if he doesn't want to be with you, what the hell is this all about?

If you're not willing to put your heart and soul into the relationship, why even try?

Stay single until you're really ready to give everything a relationship requires.

When your guy is acting weird, when he's making all sorts of excuses as to why he's &rdquo ;not ready for a relationship”, but texts you all the time and expects something from you all the time, then my dear, you risk being lured into an unofficial relationship.

And the worst part is that you subconsciously commit to it.

By giving him partner privileges, even though he still doesn't want to officially do it with the two of you, you are signaling that you OK with what he's doing to you.

You're OK with being confused and having no idea what to say when someone asks what's going on with you two.< /p>

All these excuses about relationships choking him or it's so old fashioned to make them official are just a bunch of crap he's trying to sell you.

If he's not ready for it doesn't mean you feel the same way and if he keeps barging into your life but doesn't want to openly say what he wants, that's just selfish and toxic.

If he doesn't want to make your relationship official, it really means that he doesn't want to commit, that he wants to keep his options open, that he doesn't think you're the best, or that he thinks you're better than to deserve you but stick with you until something better is found.

Whatever it may be, you don't have to put up with it. You don't have to accept playing in his game.

You deserve better than being stuck in an informal relationship.

You deserve better than to be with someone who confuses you. You deserve someone who will proudly show you off.

Someone who will know what to say when introducing you to their friends and someone who will hold your hand while doing so.

You deserve someone who knows what you're worth and wants to be committed to you.

You know, someone who knows it's out there there are other men who would die to have the same chance as him.

Someone who won't let you doubt for a second whether and what you mean to him and someone who constantly reminds you that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

So don't fall into the trap of guys who don't want anything serious with you.

”So, what about the two of us?”- if you do the one guys have to ask, the answer is probably “Nothing”.

Honey, no label means no commitment. Without a label, he can tell any other woman that he is single and he can tell you the same thing if you ask him about your relationship status.

Just let him, someone else will come who will will not play games.

Don't let you develop feelings for him and make him disrespect you while you only treat him right.

In the end you will become attached to him and you will have no idea what you are holding on to because he didn't promise you anything from the start.

He thinks that with your unofficial relationship just got away.

Anyone who has serious feelings for you won't hesitate for a second to call you their girlfriend or to make what you both have officially – provided you are willing to get into a committed relationship and talk about it.

You will not be a secret, fling or fling with that someone just want to play around. You will be his priority.

He will be happy to show you off, introduce you as his partner, give you his loyalty, make sure you know your place in your life and take care of yourself and your heart.

If your relationship is strong, then the relationship status will not change it. Anything else is just an excuse you shouldn't put up with.

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