Don't get involved with a boy who isn't ready to be a man

Don't get involved with a boy who isn't ready to be a man

You were always someone who followed your heart, especially when it came to love and romantic relationships. Even when your mind was telling you something was a bad idea and you saw clearly that a certain guy wasn't good for you, you still let your emotions guide you and they were always stronger than yours Mind.

But if you think about it, and if you look at your life from that point of view, you'll see that you made some wrong decisions.

There were times when your heart led you to wrong ones decisions and the wrong men.

Most of these men were emotionally immature and didn't know what they wanted out of life.

Yes, in the beginning they were attractive and interesting. It's fun made to be around her and made you feel good. They made you feel like there was no tomorrow and that you shouldn't worry about it.

But none of these guys had what it really took. None of them were real friends and none of them were ready to build a life with you. Most of them just lived in the moment without thinking about the future.

And even though it was fun back thenß made living life day by day because you didn’t burden yourself with future plans, this guy rarely did you any good in the long run.

Clearly, that all of these guys were boys instead of men.

They weren't willing to commit and they were seldom willing to take responsibility for their words and actions.

Yes, you would fall in love with them, but when those initial butterflies faded, you would see immediately that these guys cannot offer you what you are looking for.
You saw that you more merit. And I'm here to tell you that you were right.

After all, you are not an immature girl who doesn't know what she wants. Instead, you are a grown, independent woman who has a clear vision of the future and needs a real man to guide her through life.

You don't need a boy to be yours to be saved and guided through life.

You don't need a mama's boy who wants you to be his parent, a man who feels intimidated and threatened to be with you.

Need instead you a man who will let you be independent and give you a life of your own. Someone who does not feel the need to complete you, but who wants, that you both have equal rights in your relationship.

You need a man who can count on you, but also a man you can count on– a man who will be your equal partner in life and someone who will be your rock, your home and will be your safe haven. I'm not saying you need to find someone to support you financially, but you don't need a lazy boy who never thinks about the future and doesn't know what he wants to achieve in life.

You definitely need an ambitious man who has goals in life and can support you in your achievements. You need someone who knows what he wants and is not afraid to get it.

You don't need a guy who is afraid of commitment and real relationships. You don't need someone who pulls away when things get serious or someone who runs away in a second , when things get tough and you need him most.

Instead you need a man who is willing to share his life with someone and who knows when it's time to take responsibility for some things. You need a grown man who is not afraid of everything life throws at you.

Most of all, you need a man who wouldn't be intimidated by your strength and power. You don't need someone holding you back to make him feel better and look like a bigger man because that's exactly what boys do. You don't need someone to use you for their own insecurities and to feed their fragile ego.

Instead, you need someone who is always pushing you without trying to change you. You need someone who will accept you for your greatness and inspire you to be bigger and better, because that's what a real man will do.

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