Don't fear losing him, fear losing yourself

Don't be afraid to lose him, fear to lose yourself

You love this man – there's no doubt about that.

And when you love someone that much, you definitely don't want to live without them.

No wonder you don't like this man lose.

On the contrary, you are willing to do whatever it takes to stay with him.

I'm not kidding you – for true love you have to fight. It requires many sacrifices and compromises.

However, you should never sacrifice your true self just to please your partner.

A successful relationship should never cost you your personal happiness.

After all, sometimes you have no control over whether you losing the man you love.

No matter how hard you try to stay with him, and no matter what you do to talk him out of the breakup, sooner or later he will ;ter if he really wants to.

This is one of those situations.

You have come to a crossroads and you can either let go of it or be the woman you are.

I know; beautiful; you're scared of losing him. 

You're scared of having to go through life alone.

Fear of surviving without this man, without your better half.

You don't think you can do this. After all, this man was your only source of happiness, the reason for your smile and your greatest ally.

Without him you feel you incomplete and incompetent.

In him you see the source of your strength, a reason for living and a driving force for your existence.

You hold the end this relationship, of course, also for the end of the world.

You firmly believe that you will never fall in love with another man again and that you will never get better after this loss.

Well, then’ I'll tell you something: Even if he leaves you, your broken heart will heal.

Time will heal all wounds and before you know it you'll be better.

Know but you, after which you would never get better? If you were to lose yourself. 

Actually, that's what you should be afraid of the most.

You should be afraid of letting this worthless man destroy you spiritually.

Afraid of being broken from lovesickness .

Fear of being swallowed up by the earth.

No, I don't mean that you will literally die.

If however, if you continue like this, you won't really live anymore.

You will only exist and survive each day, and I am sure you will agree that there is a huge difference.

I beg you, do not let this man destroy your soul ;rt.

Don't let him destroy your optimism or good mood.

Don't let him destroy the woman you were before he got into your Life rushed in.

Yes, it will hurt to lose him. However, when you look back in a few years and see that he has ruled your entire life, it will hurt even more. 

Most importantly that you don’t let this breakup change the core of your being.

Don’t let it turn you into a bitter, negative or hateful woman, because that is what you were never.

Don't let separation from him turn you into a heartless woman who hides her soul behind high and thick walls.

Don’t think you’re not meant to be in love just because he didn’t really want to love you.

Don’t let this man destroy your trust in people.< /p>

Believe me – not all people are the same, whether you want to admit it or not.

So please, don't compromise just to keep someone in your life.

Don't shut yourself up out just to keep him with you.

Never lose your individuality and don't let him change you, even if that's the only option, lest he leave you. sst.

Don't let him mold you into his ideas or do anything that doesn't make you happy just to please him.

Trust me -; you will survive the end of every love relationship, including this one.

However, should you allow your relationship with yourself to fall apart, you will never complete yourself recover from it.

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