Don't date her if you can't give in to her

Don't date her if you can't commit to her

Don't date her if you can't be faithful to her. And I'm not just talking about it, not with me sleeping with other girls.

I'm telling you that if you're planning on living the bachelor's life, if you're planning on dating your ex or with, you shouldn't be with her talking to other girls about all these dating apps.

Don't date her if you plan to text or flirt with other girls.

Be don't go with her if you're looking for a meaningless, casual fling or a no strings attached relationship because she won't settle for that.

Don't do it if you're not willing to make the effort. If you don't plan to compromise and work at it.

Don't do it if you don't aware of the fact that no healthy relationship is a one-way street.

When you expect her to be the only one making the effort and making all the sacrifices. Because being in a one-sided relationship is the last thing this girl will do.

Don't date her if you're going to make promises you can't keep. If you plan on lying to her or deceiving her.

Don't do it if you will promise a future together just so you can get to her lingerie.

Don't date her if you take her for granted. If you will cherish them and not see their true value.

Don't do it if you will take every opportunity to demean or insult her in any way. If you're going to use her as an ego booster to heal your insecurities.

Don't date her if you plan to play games with her. If you plan to meet a tough guy to play, which is hard to come by. No, she will not ask for your love and attention.

And she definitely won't be after you. Trust me – she will see through you. She will see what you try and she will beat you at your own game.

Don't step into her life if you plan to leave and come back whenever you feel like it is.

Because you should reconsider if you really think she'll be patiently waiting for you to come back.

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Don't waste her time if you expect to get countless second chances from her.

Remember – You only have one chance not to screw up with this girl. You only have one try and if you fail she will walk away from you and never look back.

Don't tell her you love her if you only give her half of your heart. Don't let her believe in your love if she's only half-hearted.

Because you'll lose her the moment she sees what you're doing. And you will regret it more than anything.

Don't stall her if you don't plan on putting her first and if she's going to be at the bottom of your priority list.

Because she's not the type of girl who will sit at home and wait for you to remember that she exists.

She is not a girl you can go to when everyone else is letting you down or when your schedule empties.

She's not a girl who will settle for being someone's second choice.

Don't date her if you're going to break her heart. Because she's a lot tougher than she really is.

Yes, it's true that she's badass. But trust me – she has a soft heart. Although she doesn't show it, she is actually a vulnerable and sensitive girl who has been through a lot.

So if you don't think you can give her your heart or her that If you can give the love she deserves, don't even try to enter her life.

If you think a serious, loyal relationship isn't your thing, don't even try this girl.< /p>

Don't give her hopes just to be able to destroy her later. Don't make her fall in love with you just so you can rip her heart apart once she sees the real you.

Just leave before it's too late.< /p>

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