does he still love me – 10 signs that your relationship is in danger

Does he still love me? - 10 signs your relationship is in trouble

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but only the strong relationships survive tough times .

It is important to recognize the signs in good time that there are relationship problems so that you can prevent a breakup.

Here you can find out whether your relationship is lovesick and if so Eventually you'll be able to answer the question "Does he still love me?" to be able to answer.

Every time you have stress with your partner, you probably ask yourself whether he still loves you like he used to, whether you really are his dream woman, whether you are a good friend at all, but a clear one Unfortunately there is no answer.

There are some signs that can help you see if he still loves you and if your relationship is in jeopardy. Here I have listed some signs for you that can serve as a test to find out how your relationship is doing.

What are relationship problems?

It is often said that true love is only known in bad times.

Every crisis is therefore a kind of love test in which you can see how much your partner values ​​you .

Even strong and long-standing relationships experience stress from time to time, but they overcome such problems.

Relationship problems arise as soon as the ratio in the relationship changes.

The question one often asks is ”Does my partner still love me?”

You can see this best when you think about the whole change in your relationship.

If you don't want your partner to become your ex-partner any time soon , you must act quickly.

However, if the relationship has changed in a negative way, perhaps your best bet is to get rid of that burden in your life.

The question “Loves he still me?” you can answer yourself by reading the characters below.

These characters relate to some of the most important elements in any relationship, so try to find your own relationship in these examples.

10 signs your relationship is struggling

1. You can't trust him anymore

Trust is one of the most important things in any relationship. Try to remember what your relationship has been like lately. Do you feel like he's hiding something from you?

Does he spend too much time on his phone without telling you what he's doing?

Maybe it's something harmless, but maybe he's on WhatsApp texting his ex-girlfriend, who knows?

How often does he meet his buddies to go out with them? Can you really stay calm and be absolutely sure that he would never let you down?

Finally, just think about it if he ever gave you a reason not to trust him? Try to determine when your partner has lied to you.

It is very important to know in which situations he is lying to you and why he is having trouble being open and honest about it to be with you.

If you don't trust your partner, you can't build a future together.

Trust takes years to build but only breaks in a second, so make sure your partner is trustworthy first.

2. You always fight.

To be clear, fighting is not necessarily a sign that the relationship is bad.

Too much fighting is however, a clear sign that your relationship is coming to an end.

If you spend your time together like this, yelling at each other and blaming each other, the relationship is in great danger.

Fighting slowly erases the infatuation in the relationship, compliments become replaced with insults and you start to realize that the relationship is draining you rather than making you happy.

If that's the case, you have two options: You can either have a long and frank conversation with your partner to see where the relationship is going or you can break up.

Whatever you choose, it will be better than endless arguments.

3. You have distanced yourself

Being distanced can be understood in two ways: you can distance yourself physically or emotionally.

Physical love is just as important as emotional love.  A sign of an unstable relationship is avoiding or blocking physical contact.  A healthy relationship needs physical closeness.

Emotional coldness is also a big problem for the relationship because in a romantic connection with a person you need to feel the Safety and warmth instead of cold and disinterest.

You deserve attention and tokens of love, and the opportunity to talk about anything.


You should not only be able to talk about your feelings with your best friend, your partner should be the first person with whom you want to share your thoughts and feelings.

If you don't feel comfortable and valued in your relationship, you only have one clear sign that your partner is probably not right for you.

4. He neglects your feelings

A good partner would never intentionally hurt your feelings. But what happens when your partner does something knowing it will hurt you?

Perhaps the most heartbreak is a partner who no longer cares for your feelings. hle interested.

The examples of bad partners are numerous: Does he give up your time together to go out with his friends?

Did he &uuml ; absolutely no guilty conscience when it comes to flirting with other women? Is he still interested in you and your wishes?

Such behavior leads to a toxic relationship in which you will feel constantly hurt.

So be strong and escape from this emotional prison as fast as possible!< /p>

5. You have different plans for the future

You imagine an ideal future, but your partner doesn't take it seriously.

Your plans for the future do not match. So what? In a serious relationship you need to be sure that your partner thinks like you and that they have the same goals.

Imagine you want to have children in the future but your partner doesn't. Difficult situation?

This is a perfect example why you need to talk about your future plans and why at least some big plans need to match.

A future together with a partner who has a completely different idea of ​​the future is virtually impossible.

If you're not on the same wavelength, there's no point in even imagining a future.

Then why would you want to stay with a partner like that?

6. You feel lonely

Being alone and being lonely are two different things. Being alone is not necessarily a bad thing, but loneliness hurts the human psyche.

Is there a worse feeling than feeling lonely in a relationship?

You try everything to be a good friend, but the feedback you get is cold as ice.< /p>

If you still feel lonely in the presence of another person, that person is not radiating a positive vibration.

You need to get out of a relationship like this immediately, lest you end up hurting yourself for no reason feel hurt.

A good partner will do everything to keep you from feeling lonely and abandoned, so make sure you're still comfortable around your partner.

The cold , which he emits is a clear sign that he no longer loves you, because in contrast to love there is not only hate, but also indifference.

7. You cry more than you laugh

Not all tears are tears of joy. It's not natural to feel sad all the time in a romantic relationship, so think about how many times you've been hurt in your relationship.

There will always be bad times give, but your partner must be the reason for your laughter and not the reason for your pain.

No one is worthy of your tears, so you should make sure that you are in a relationship will never bring you to despair.

Your emotional state tells you best if the relationship is right for you.

Listen to your heart and you will see clearly if you are loved and valued.

If you have the impression that your relationship is only draining you emotionally, then you clearly have relationship problems, to work on.

8. He compares you to other women

A partner who pays attention to your feelings will never compare you to other women.

Just the fact that he's looking at other women might be unsettling, but comparisons are a step too far as it shows he's not happy with the way you look and it only hurts you.

< p>If he compares you to other women, it could also mean that he might be cheating.

This is by no means a trait of a loyal partner, so be careful when he compared to other women.

9. He doesn't bother

You can also tell true love by how much effort your partner puts into it.

If he doesn't even try to prove his love to you from time to time, it might be through a nice meal, a You can have doubts about his love a bit, whether it's a gift or just a little something that shows that he's thinking of you and loves you.

As soon as your partner is no longer motivated for the relationship , problems in the relationship are inevitable.

If he shows through his behavior and attitude that he doesn't care, he's giving you an indirect sign that he's no longer interested.

Apart from that, relationship problems also arise as soon as your partner prefers other things to spending time with you.

In this case, your partner doesn't even try to make you jealous, instead they show that they no longer value the whole relationship.< /p>

10. You are too different

Sometimes there is no precise explanation as to why there are problems in the relationship.

It could simply be that two different people have met who cannot function together.

Everyone knows that two similar people are more likely to attract than two different ones.

So don't be so disappointed if it doesn't work out , because you might just not be made for each other.

Relationships between partners with different personalities aren't necessarily doomed to fail, but be aware that many relationships don't work out because differences don't always match perfectly.

How do I resolve relationship problems?

There is no one secret recipe that will solve relationship problems.

As we are all unique as human beings, every relationship is special and that means that everyone has a different way of solving their problems.

The first and clear solution was w’ Re an open and serious conversation in which you express your feelings clearly.

To actually save a relationship, you have to work together with your partner, because it takes two to make a relationship.

It takes a lot longer than a few days to get a twisted relationship back on track.

If you've decided to give the relationship a second chance, you need to be able to count on your partner’s 100% cooperation.

This means that all of the above signs need to be worked on in order for the relationship problems are eliminated.

Sometimes it's just a misunderstanding between two partners, but even if that's the case, if you really want to save the relationship, you have to try everything.

Try this:< /p>

•  You explain why you can't trust him anymore and let him know how to make up for his mistakes. Regaining trust is not an easy thing and therefore it will take a lot of time.

•  Tries to solve problems constructively. This means that fighting is not an option because you need to have a serious conversation about your problems.

••  After certain problems have been settled, try to establish contact again. Your partner needs to know that emotional detachment feels very bad. After that, you must be ready to reconnect.

•  Be open about your feelings and make sure you never emotionally neglect each other again.

•  Discuss your future together. In order for the relationship to have the slightest chance for the future, you have to be at least somewhat on the same wavelength.

••  Talk to someone who can help you. A relationship coach or couples therapy would be a good solution, for example. A neutral person can always help to objectively analyze your relationship problems.

•  If you can agree on a mutual compromise, you are able to give your relationship another chance.

Conclusion: Every time there are relationship problems, the same question is asked – does he still love me But this question isn't always easy to answer.

There are always some indicators that indicate that your relationship is struggling and you may not be being treated as you deserve.


These characters here will get you a little closer to your answer.


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