Do you sleep with your soulmate? 12 ways to find out

Schl&auml ;do you hang out with your soulmate? 12 ways to find out

1. Love is present before, after and during sex

His love for you is unchanging and everlasting whether you are having sex or not.

Sex will make you feel loved, closer and more connected.

Sometimes you might call it ”making love”. Even if it sounds cheesy, it is the right expression for what you are experiencing.

2. Being naked is not embarrassing

You are so comfortable with each other that you don't mind lying in bed or walking around the apartment naked.

< p>He never makes you insecure and you know he admires your body just the way it is.

There are many benefits of sleeping naked too, so you can joke about the fact that you only do it because it's healthy.

3. Soft and hard at the same time

When it comes to deciding between soft sex and a little harder sex, you choose both.

It depends on your mood and the mood of the two of you during foreplay.

Most people think that the only way to express love is to take it slow , is gentle and looks deep into each other's eyes. But that's not always the case.

There's nothing wrong with upping the intensity and exploring your animalistic urges.

Your sexual desires at every turn Exploring levels will only increase your desire for each other.

4. Cuddling after sex

Cuddles are the best. When it comes to soulmates, post-sex cuddles are inevitable.

They can last for a very long time or just a few minutes, but that's beside the point. The most important thing is that they feel great.

Cuddling after sex is more important than intercourse itself. It bonds couples.

It makes them feel safe; hl and they tell each other ”I love you” without having to say a word.

5. You think about him while you masturbate

Until now, when you masturbate, you immersed yourself in an imaginary world. Now the reality is better and he is all you can think about.

If you just think about all the kisses he has imprinted on your body, you will sharp.

All the intimate moments you share, all the curves and edges of his naked body, all the grabbing, pulling and kissing are just enough to make you cum.

6. Sex happens spontaneously

You don't have to overthink, plan ahead or force anything. Sex just happens.

Most of the time you don’t need to ask or say anything, you will be guided by your feelings.

You start hugging, kissing or teasing, or sometimes just a deep look into each other's eyes is enough and before you know it you'll be screaming with pleasure.

7. You rarely skip foreplay

Just as cuddling is obligatory after sex, foreplay comes before it.

It is an integral part of intercourse, because it increases arousal and makes sex even more amazing.

Kissing, touching and masturbating is required for both of you to climax and enjoy it; en could.

8. Talking openly about what turns you on and off

Communication is key to a successful relationship, and the same goes for a sexual one Relationship.

If you don't like something, feel free to say it.

If you like something, let him know. You also suggest new moves or places to have sex without fear of being misunderstood. You know he understands you.

9. You laugh at awkward moments

Some awkward, awkward moments are bound to happen.

We're only human, and whatever happens is nothing to be ashamed of.

At least not for too long. You'll laugh together at your clumsiness, strange noises, and anything unpleasant that might happen. It's really no big deal.

10. The chemistry is still there, even after a long time

You've been together a long time now, but the chemistry is still there.

You still want to jump on each other very often. Time has no effect on your mutual desire.

You still find each other extremely hot; and attractive, and always finds something new about the other to fall in love with. The sex only gets better over time and your bond only gets stronger.

11. Not wanting to have sex is not a problem

You can spend your days and nights talking, cuddling, watching movies, going out or other activities without having sex.

If either of you is not in the mood for any reason, don't worry.

There's no need to force things . While sex is important, it doesn't define your relationship.

So what does it matter if you skip it multiple times? You know you'll be back when you feel like it.

12. The thought that he's the only one you're going to sleep with for the rest of your life doesn't scare you

You know that you're him, and only want him and you know he feels the same way about you.

You're not worried or scared. It just feels right.

You just know that this is something real and something you can never experience with anyone else.

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