Do we fit together? 8 signs that you have searched and found each other

Are we a match? 8 signs you found each other

When we fall in love, we look at the world through rose-tinted glasses and everything seems perfect. We feel as if we could fly and nothing can spoil our mood.

For us there is only one person who seems perfect to us and around whom our world revolves currently spinning.

When we fall in love, we close our eyes to reality. Sometimes we may notice something we don't like or disagree with about our partner, but we keep our mouths shut because we're heart and soul in love.

We accept all good and bad sides of this person and think so what? We don’t have to agree on everything.

Over time, people in a relationship get to know each other better and discover new things about each other. With the end of the infatuation phase comes a new, more realistic and better relationship phase. The phase of love.

The butterflies in your stomach are still there and love is growing, but there are situations where you sometimes ask yourself: Are we compatible?

< p>Somehow we have the feeling that this person understands us better. We can share experiences and thoughts about common interests with her, for example if our partner listens to the same kind of music as we do, then we always have someone to go to a concert with.< /p>

But is that important for a happy partnership? Can a relationship survive if two people have nothing in common?

Is the saying opposites attract a myth or a reality? Can opposites spice up a relationship or do they still cause trouble in the relationship?

Sometimes the strong feelings that two people have for each other are not enough because they disagree on other things and then there are many disagreements and frequent arguments.

Especially when both are not willing to make certain compromises.

Do you sometimes ask yourself, even though you love your partner and are happy in your relationship: Are we a good match?

How can this even be found out? Is there such a thing as a partnership test?

Luckily you've come to the right place, because here you will find the answers to all these questions and 8 signs that will show you whether you and your partner are a good match.

Let's go together: opposites attract on?

Are they really? Being different is interesting in itself.

When we spend time with someone who has different preferences than we do, we can learn a lot and try a lot of new things and maybe even discover for ourselves that we love something we weren't even aware of.

With different preferences in terms of hobbies, taste in music, travel, etc., there can always be compromises and everything can be coordinated in such a way that both partners are satisfied and can have a happy relationship.

For example, if one partner prefers to go to the mountains and the other loves to go to the sea, they can spend one holiday in the mountains and the other on the beach.

Or if one listens to rock music and the other listens to pop music, they can go to a rock concert one time and a pop concert another time.

For example, you can discover new musical genres, new hobbies, or new Discover travel places and maybe even develop a love for one of them because of the partner.

Problems arise when we talk about differences between two people in a relationship, when it comes to different personalities, views on life, future plans and the like.

On more serious issues like this it's difficult to compromise as it's still a bit harder to change some things about yourself, although sometimes we want to do it for the partner.

I say not that you can't find anything in this area that would make you both happy. If love is strong enough, you can find a way to make the relationship successful and happy despite the differences.

But when it comes to more serious plans, such as having children or not, you should agree on that.

Because sooner or later someone has to give up their wishes and then secretly hopes that the other person will change their mind.

This happens more often in people who love their partner more than they love themselves. A person who gives up their desires for their partner will feel like they are missing something and themselves cheating.

The problem also occurs in different types of relationships. For example, one wants an open relationship and the other wants fidelity in the relationship and won't settle for less.

Such relationships cannot go well because their ideas about the relationship are just too different and something like that can never succeed.

As far as character traits go, it doesn't always have to be a positive thing if both partners have the same or similar character traits.

Of course it seems easier when two people are the same, but when you go to For example, if you have two people in a relationship who are both persistent and both react impulsively to something they don't like, then there will always be arguments in such relationships.

This can then be a problem in the relationship because both of them stick to their point of view and do not want to agree to compromises.

On the other hand, if an impulsive person and a person with a calmer character who very rarely gets angry are in In a relationship, chances are this impulsive person is controlling their temper and accepting that there are some things that they can't control.

In this case, the calmness of the other partner works on them , whereupon this impulsive person changes their behavior and becomes much calmer.

Being with someone who is different from us in many ways is challenging but also fun. The challenge is that sometimes these differences can be annoying.

Sometimes you just get tired of making compromises and knowing that you can't and won't change your partner, but it is just to think humanly: ”I wish you would agree with me for once.”

On the other hand maybe this diversity of partners is exactly what attracts us because we are looking for someone to complete what we don't have.

For example I am a person who has one has a strong sense of order, who likes to organize everything in advance and plan the entire day so I always know what to expect.

Maybe that's why I need a man who's spontaneous. A man who can teach me how to enjoy life without focusing too much on the little things that sometimes I can't control anyway.

Are we a good match? Like equals?

However, research has shown that couples who have more things in common and similar ideas about life have happier and more harmonious relationships and stay together longer.

It's not like there has to be absolute alignment, but when it comes to fundamental issues, it's better if you're on the same wavelength.

Sometimes these things can't even be spotted right away because a person changes over time and with it their wishes and needs.

It can happen that someone changes after 10 years of relationship and decides for a career, for example decides, even though that wasn't his priority until then.

You can't really influence things like that, you can either accept them or end them, there is no third option.

If the question Do we fit together is still on your mind , don't move from the spot! Below I bring you the signs that show that you and your partner are made for each other.

1. Good communication

Good communication is essential in dating and in the relationship. How can two people find out if they're a good match if they don't know anything about each other?

If you can communicate about anything, you know each other well. If you know each other well, you will know how to meet your needs and how to arrange things so that you are both happy and content.

It is also important how how much you understand each other and how much tolerance you have for each other.

Two people who can talk about anything and everything sure make a match and will surely always find a way to resolve whatever disagreements they have.

Although sometimes arguments like in every relationship, you both have a culture of argument that enables you to act constructively and problem-solving. This is a sign of good communication.

For example, if several hours can go by while you're sitting in the same room and not speaking at all, this can indicate a problem.

This also applies if your partner makes the wrong or ü doesn't understand what you're trying to say at all.

Two people who get along very well can sometimes only communicate with their eyes to know what the other is thinking.

< h2>2. Mutual trust

If there is trust in your relationship and words like jealousy and control are foreign words to you, then count yourself among the lucky ones and have a stable, happy relationship.

That Problem arises when one partner wants to restrict the other partner’s space.

When one wants enough space to go out with friends, engage in a hobby and the like and the other person always complains about it, then the relationship is not healthy.

In this case, there are major differences.

If you want to go out with your girlfriends and he prefers to watch a soccer game and you're both okay with that, it's a sign of a healthy, stable relationship.

If you're related to If you are on the same wavelength in trust, there will rarely be a problem in your relationship and you two are definitely a match.

3. Same idea of ​​relationship

The way a person views a relationship can tell us a lot about whether that person is a good match for us or not.

For example, if one thinks an open relationship is a good idea and behaves accordingly, while the other prefers a monogamous relationship, there can be no long-term partnership.

The differences in this case are just too big.

Also, if one partner takes marriage seriously and wants to get married while the other thinks marriage is just a piece of paper, problems can arise.

The Ideas and desires in a relationship are just different.

When you both have the same ideas about your relationship, when you like the same things, when you have the same opinion about infidelity and the like , then you are made for each other and a happy future together beckons.

4. Similar social environment

We know that in fairy tales and romantic movies the prince always falls in love with a poor girl.

She is always the good one who has gone through a difficult period in life and then he is there to make things right and her to show how beautiful life is.

Unfortunately, the reality is a little different.

I'm not saying that people from different backgrounds and from different social environments can't go well together.

Unfortunately, sometimes these differences just come to the fore and affect the relationship.

There is much more harmony in a relationship when you both come from a similar social background. Do you both have siblings?

Did you live in the city or in the country? Did you both go to college or do you prefer crafting?

While it's not that important, it can connect you more closely on several levels if you've been through the same things in your life.

It can also connect you if you grew up in the same place, if you work in the same place or if you know the same people.

Then you have a lot in common and the connection between you grows and strengthens your relationship.

5. Same lifestyle

Your partner is a vegetarian and goes to the gym, while you enjoy burgers and last went to the gym a few years ago.

Your partner likes to go out with people while you are a reclusive guy who likes to stay home with a cup of tea, a good movie or a book or vice versa.

In such cases is It's a bit harder to keep a relationship going as these are different lifestyles and it takes a lot of energy and compromise to pull it all together.

It is unrealistic to expect someone who likes meat to become a vegetarian overnight for love of a partner.

There may be a small compromise, e.g. B. preparing different meals to enjoy with your partner.

If both work really hard, the relationship can be successful, but a combination of equal lifestyles contributes to better harmony in the relationship partnership.

If you both lead the same lifestyle, e.g. B. Eating healthy, going to the gym, same interests, the answer to the question is, Do we match, ”Yes” and you can be sure that you are in a harmonious partnership.

6. The same values ​​and morals

Similar worldviews, similar political attitudes, similar considerations about what is good and what is bad are one of the Key factors in deciding whether or not you're a match.

These are very serious things to agree on in order to avoid relationship problems.

Let's take religion as an example. Interfaith couples can have problems with this because they may have completely different opinions on this area.

Although they agree and love each other on other levels, this can still be fun. ter can have a negative impact on the relationship.

Everyone lives their religion and that's fine as long as two people love and respect each other.

Beauty lies in diversity and it is up to us how much we can tolerate and what is an ideal partnership for us.

Love, communication and trust are the basic requirements for a healthy relationship, but the same outlook on life, the same worldview and the same values ​​undoubtedly contribute to the sense of unity and strengthening of the relationship.

7. The same sense of humor

It's nice when we're in tune with our partner and when we can talk to them about anything, but when we laugh about the same things that's a special level of connection.

Normally we're more attracted to people with whom we share the same sense of humor and who understand us, but when that's also our partner then it's like we've hit the jackpot.' /p>

Humor is the icing on the cake in a relationship.

Is there anything nicer than being able to laugh with our partner until the tears come? Humor connects people and it is very important that you understand each other in this area as well.

If this is the case in your relationship, know that he is a great catch and don't give him up anymore , as you two are definitely compatible.

8. Joint plans for the future

The last, if not the deciding factor, compatible or not, is future plans together.

Future plans together keep the relationship alive. They are something that inspires optimism and restores hope to the phrase ”and they lived happily ever after”.

If one partner wants to work on their career, travel and gain new experiences, while the other dreams of a small house with a big garden and three children, then something like this will not work in the long run.< /p>

Things like this should be discussed and you should try to find a common denominator that is good for both of you.

You should be honest and open with your partner even if it means the end of the relationship.

You shouldn't lie and agree to each other's wishes, but secretly want something completely different.

When you and your partner have the same desires, the same plans, and the same goals, you can be sure that you are a good match and that your relationship will last a long time.

Conclusion: The more of these factors come together in your relationship, the more evidence you have that you two are a dream couple.

Even if you are really different, you are still loves, this should not be an obstacle on your way to a happy relationship.

Listen to your heart! what does it tell you If you love and respect each other, these are the greatest things you can have in common and everything else matters less.

You will surely find a compromise in everything when you really try.

The most important thing is that you are happy with your partner, everything else can be changed. 🙂

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