Did my ex really graduate? We'll show you the answer!

Did my ex really lock up? We'll show you the answer!

You and your ex-partner broke up. The relationship is over. End of story.

You know it's good for both of you that you broke up. The circumstances were such that breaking up was the best, if not the only solution.

You have realized that there is no point in striving for something that is not so worked well and you just decided it's time to go different ways.

But after a while you realize … Damn, I miss him so much.

You start to doubt your decision and wonder if breaking up was really a good idea and why you broke up.

At that moment it seemed like the only right decision, but now realize it that maybe it wasn't…

Feelings are still at play. At least for you … So you're asking yourself: Did my ex really graduate?

If we still have feelings for our ex, we always secretly hope that the relationship will get another chance.

We hope that everything is not over yet and hope is like a heartache in moments of lovesickness Lifeline for us.

You're racking your brains about trying again and giving the relationship another chance.

Maybe you want him ask about it, see him and talk to him about it but you're not sure if he still has feelings for you.

Did my ex really graduate?

You don't want to just come out with your feelings because what if your ex really graduates?

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It would only get worse for you and you would become even more lovesick. If only there was one way to tell if your ex is really done or still has feelings for you.

I have good news for you! There are certain signs that can indicate that your ex misses you and still has feelings for you.

In this article you will find signs that will give you an answer to the question Did my ex really close, so you can be sure what your next step is: win him back or say goodbye.

Here you can find:< /p>

• Did my ex really break up: 15 signs that speak against it

? Has my ex really broken up: 6 signs that speak for it

Is my ex really broken up: 15 signs that speak against it

1. He's always checking in with you

If he's always checking in with you, that's a clear sign that you're constantly on his mind.

Let's face it, if you get over someone and don't miss them, you'll never be the first to text them, and they'll never reply to the message at all.

If they text you without a special Grund texts just to ask you how you are, to invite you to a party or to tell you some things that are happening in his life, it means he misses you.

< p>In that case you should keep in touch with him to see where this can lead. He may say he misses you by himself.

2. He has initiated a contact ban

While this contradicts the previous one, the no contact can also be a good sign that he hasn't completed yet.

In most cases there are two reasons why someone initiates no contact after the breakup: first, they really want to forget you and second, they just want to get your attention.

Usually, after a breakup, there is still a reason to get back in touch: your ex wants to give you your things back, he wants to say a proper goodbye, etc.

And in most cases , if the separation was normal and peaceful, there is no reason to initiate a ban.

If you happen to notice that he has blocked you on social media, this is a safe one Signs he wants to get your attention and win you back.

3. He's always happy to see you


You can tell by his body language when he meets you. For example, if you meet in passing, he cannot hide his happiness. He's grinning from ear to ear, his eyes are sparkling and he can't take his eyes off you.

Whenever you guys are talking, he's flirting with you and complimenting you.

You realize this since you've been in a relationship for a long time and you surely know him well and know how he acts.

So try to open up at the next meeting if possible pay attention to his body language and look for a sign.

Another sign that your ex isn't really done is that he'll be happy if you get in touch with him first.


Of course you can't see that, but you can tell by the way he texts you and that means he doesn't make you wait long for his reply, he talks about broader ones Topics, remember some of your wonderful memories, etc.

4. It sends you signals via social networks

Since we spend a lot of time on social networks today, this is also reflected in our lives.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become a source of information and communication channel with people, but we also use them to express feelings, show our own lives, etc.

Sometimes we can find the signals we are looking for on these platforms. If he wants to get your attention, he will surely like your pictures, maybe even reply to your story, etc.

Take a close look at what he posts on his profiles.

When he posts pictures of the place you two’ve always been to, songs only you guys heard and the like, it’s obvious that he wants to get your attention. Check out his captions too.

If he misses you and wants to win you back, you're sure to find the verses of your favorite songs there or something that will remind you of your relationship.

5. He's asking friends about you

When you're on lockdown, which is often the case after a breakup, he'll try every way he can to receive information about you.

And one of them is asking your mutual friends about you. In particular, if your ex is inquiring about you with mutual friends, that's a sign that he's not finished yet.

This is especially because he knows that one of them will tell you this and that it will be an opportunity to reconnect with you.

Your mutual friends will be a way to get to you about this if he still has feelings for you.

6. He's talking about you

He still can't get you out of his head and you're still interesting to him and that's why he's talking about you. He will talk about you with his friends or acquaintances.

He may find the breakup difficult and will share his feelings with his friends to help him, but he may do it also with hidden intentions.

He knows you'll find out and it might pique your interest.

You can also ask mutual friends if he mentions you from time to time. If this happens more often, make sure your ex hasn't graduated yet.

7. He seems unhappy after the breakup

You heard he was unhappy after the breakup. In this case, too, your mutual friends play an important role.

When you're not communicating, your friends are there to bring you closer.

This time it's your turn. Ask your friends about him and how he's doing after the breakup.

If they tell you that he seems unhappy and sad and has withdrawn, it's probably because he misses you and finds it difficult to process the breakup.

In that case you might want to write him a WhatsApp message and see if he's happy to hear from you or not based on his reaction.

8. He wants to make you jealous

If you're still following each other on social media, you can surely expect to see pictures of him with other women.

If you still have feelings for your ex and want to provoke a reaction, jealousy is the best way to do it.

If you notice pictures of him with wives, girlfriends or work colleagues on his Facebook or Instagram profile, it does not necessarily mean that he has a new girlfriend.

He may just be jealous of you. want to do to get your attention. And even if you unfollow each other on social media, I'm sure he'll find a way for these pictures to get to you.

Of course, a friend can always tell you if it really is a new girlfriend or if he just wants to get your attention.

9. Common habits are maintained

If you've been in a relationship for a long time, you develop many common habits over time, such as hobbies, going to the gym, going for a run, going to the cinema walking, etc.

After the breakup, people usually avoid going to places where they might meet their ex-partner.

For example, you go to a different gym, you avoid cafes where you drank coffee, etc. because you try to forget everything that reminds you of your ex.

If your ex still everything you've done together, he might be looking for a reason to ”accidentally” to meet.

If you often meet him in the places where you spent time together and especially at the time you were there, he may not think about you got away and is looking for a way to see you and get closer to you.

10. He keeps your memories together

Is he still wearing the t-shirt you bought him? Does he keep your joint photos on his Facebook or Instagram profile? If so, then it may be that he has not yet completed.

After a breakup, it's common to give things back to your ex or throw them away so you can get rid of anything that reminds you of that person. Pictures taken together, gifts, things left in his apartment, etc.

If he still hasn't returned your things and continues to leave your photos together on Facebook or Instagram, maybe he's hoping that you might make up again after all.

11. He throws himself into superficial comforting relationships

After a breakup, you feel lonely and look for every opportunity to take your mind off your ex-partner. One of those ways is to start a new relationship.

If your ex has had several relationships after the breakup that didn't last long, then you may still have some feelings at play .

Especially if you've been together for a long time, you must have left an impact on him, consciously or unconsciously.

If he still has feelings for you, he tries to find you in every new partner and when that doesn't work, his relationships collapse.

If he doesn't have long, serious relationships after you more, maybe it's time your relationship got a second chance.

12. He Shows Helpfulness

If your breakup was without a lot of arguments and drama and you've remained on good, friendly terms and in touch, it's normal to help each other out when one or the other really needs it.

For example, he heard that you are moving to a new apartment and asks if you need help. He also offers to assemble your bed, your closet or your nightstand.

This behavior is similar to the introductory behavior when a man wants to be like a knight and show a woman how that she can always count on him.

If your ex is always willing to help you, be sure that he still has feelings for you because why should he else do?

13. He texts you when he's drunk

They say the drunk says what the sober thinks. And that's true in most cases.

If you get texts or calls from your ex when he's drunk, make sure he still has feelings for you.


Especially when he professes his love for you on the news and says he misses you. Drunk people are honest people and you should know that whatever he is telling you in that moment is really true.

Although he will apologize and try to justify himself by saying he is been drunk, you know the truth. Maybe he’s sober not brave enough to admit how he feels about you?

In any case, you can openly ask him what he really feels and somehow try to get an answer from him, who knows, maybe he even soberly admits that he wants to try you again ?

14. He wants to meet you

If you’ve been in contact for a while and exchange messages all the time, this is already progress.

But if he tells you during the conversation that he wants to meet you and invites you on a date, then that's a very good sign that your ex isn't really done.

Maybe he’s been thinking about the breakup and wants you to start talking again to find out what went wrong in your relationship.

If he also apologizes and takes the blame for you breakup, you can be sure that he will want to try you again.

I don't mean to be pessimistic, but be careful! He may just want to put you to bed and you don't have to, trust me. You don't just want to be his one night stand.

In any case, you can judge for yourself what exactly he wants from you and how things will develop when you start dating.

15. Your gut tells you

You just can't shake the feeling that something is still going on between you even though you broke up.

Whenever you meet him, there's that inexplicable tension in the air that suggests you still love each other and that you haven't gotten over each other.

Female intuition is rarely deceptive, trust me.

So you can count on that and talk to him about a reconciliation. After all, you have nothing to lose. It's always better to try than to spend your whole life wondering: what if…?

The more signs that apply, the more likely it is that he misses you and wants to win you back. But what if we are talking about the opposite? What if your ex really broke up?

These are the most common signs that this is the case.

Is my ex really broke up? ? 6 signs that speak for it

1. He avoids all communication with you

As already mentioned, the contact ban can be initiated precisely because you want to forget your ex-partner. But if he misses you, eventually he will interrupt and get back to you because he can't take it anymore…

It doesn't matter how long it takes, a month or a year, but be you sure he will break the lockdown.

2. He returned all your belongings to you

While this sounds painful, it is a sign that he is done with you and has decided to move on.

He doesn't want anything that reminds him of you. Although he might still have feelings for you, he has definitely decided to go the other way.

First of all, the thing is clear when he tells you your things about someone else returned, for example through a mutual friend and not in person because he didn't want to meet you.

3. He is friendly to you

When you meet him he is always very friendly to you but there is no sign of flirting.

He doesn't compliment you or try to approach you to let you know through his body language that he's still into you.

If so, that means he's into you got over you and has come to terms with the breakup.

It means that he has put all the things associated with your relationship breakup behind him and now sees you as nothing more than a friend .

You were a part of his life, you have shared memories and he respects you, but there are no more romantic feelings on his part.

4. He's Not Jealous

If you're still interested in your ex, you must have tried to get his attention by making him jealous.< /p>

Whether you were posting a picture with a friend or flirting with another man at a club while he was around.

But he didn't respond. If he still had feelings for you, it would immediately awaken his hunting instinct.

He would get jealous and fight for you, but like this – nothing, no reaction.

Unfortunately, this is a sign that he's really done with and that he doesn't care if you have a new partner or not.

5. He never tried to win you back

After every breakup there are still a few unspoken things and somehow at least one side gets in touch after the breakup.

At least for a final explanation or a last attempt at reconciliation .

If in your case after the breakup there was no final attempt at reconciliation, no explanation, no news, etc., then the breakup was the right decision for him and for unfortunately your relationship is already a part of the past.

6. He has a new girlfriend

I think this is the most painful part of any breakup. You see the person you still love with someone else. Ouch!

If he's found a new girlfriend and gotten into a serious relationship, that means he's really moved on and you should too. He obviously wasn't the right one for you.

There is a reason you broke up and you should accept the situation, no matter how painful it may be.

What should you do?

Now that you can consider the status of your ex-boyfriend, you should also start thinking about what you want for yourself.

First, I want you to ask yourself the following questions put:

• Do I really still love my ex?

• Am I ready to try him again?

You have to decide if it's worth trying again. Maybe your feelings for him are long gone, but you miss him because it's just a matter of habit.

When we're in a relationship with someone for a long time, we learn when to function as a couple and then loneliness hits us hard, so we think about our ex-partner and the possible reconciliation.

That's why it's important to be 100 percent sure that you want your ex back in your life before you determine if they are engaging in the above behavior.

After all, this situation has two possible outcomes: your ex has really closed or your ex hasn't really closed and still has feelings for you.

If you find that If he has feelings for you, the best option is to fight for him. You can read more about getting your ex back here.

Together you can work on your relationship and fix what went wrong the last time.

On the other hand, when you realize that your ex is truly done with, there's no point in fighting because it's not worth it. He's moving on and so should you. After all, he was just your lesson.

In that case, you have no choice but to focus on yourself and your life. Here's how to get through the breakup.

Good luck!

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