Defining relationship status: friends or more?

Define relationship status: friends or maybe more ?

On social media platforms like Facebook, among other information about us that we can share with friends but also with strangers, there is also our relationship status.

< p>Among the options that Facebook offers us, such as taken, single, divorced and the like, is the ”It's complicated” option.

A relationship status such as single or forgiveness is more or less self-explanatory and of course you go from one end to the other: either you're single or you're in a relationship.

But what if you're in between? What if you don't know where you stand? What if the relationship status says It's complicated.

What does that actually mean?

Does complicated mean something like the love story of Romeo and Juliet or something else entirely?

Love and relationships are inherently complicated, so this Facebook relationship status can easily be extended to the entire world of love and dating.

However, a question arises: Why is it necessary to define relationship status and what other types of relationship status are there? Is it really necessary to give everything a name and assign rules for it?

Some people just let time decide whether or not they are a couple, but most still want to know exactly what they are about.

This leads to us having different definitions of relationship status obtained under the term "it is complicated" fall.

But when is a relationship a real relationship?

Every relationship has to go through several stages to become a real relationship. It all starts with the infatuation phase, butterflies in your tummy and on cloud nine while wearing rose-colored glasses.

Then over time it evolves into something more, provided both sides agree ;eat the same and want the same thing. Two people begin to trust each other, to help each other and to support each other.

This is mostly the case in monogamous relationships, but of course it is not excluded in other types of romantic relationships.

In response to the question of when a relationship becomes a relationship many people gave the answer that they can tell by their gut feeling.

You just feel like you've found your soul mate and that you're in a true relationship.

On the other hand, there are also cases where two people openly talk about where they are and where their relationship is going and then mutually agree on what to do and how.

So the answer to the question of when a relationship is a relationship is either to feel it or to decide it together.

However, let's discover together what other types of love relationships there are.< /p>

Make yourself comfortable and take a look into the relationship chaos, because below you will learn about the different definitions of a relationship status.

Relationship status: Undefined

You chat via WhatsApp, Facebook, go to the cinema several times, go to a restaurant or have a drink together, but nothing develops in the direction that normally leads to a relationship leads.

Because after a few dates you can roughly guess whether you want to enter into a relationship with a person or not.

It obviously crackles between two people, but still not strong enough to declare that you are officially a couple.

And the relationship status then remains undefined. They're not even friends because there's a certain chemistry between them, but they're also not a couple because their relationship is way too friendly.

In such cases, the best solution is to have a to start an honest conversation about how things are with those around them and whether they are on the same wavelength.

Unless such a relationship suits both of you, then you don't necessarily have to engage in the conversation.

Relationship status: holding off

The relationships that cause us the most lovesickness are always the ones where we fall head over heels in love with someone but never get there.

For example, your crush gives you roses, gives you the loveliest compliments, takes you to different places and tells you that he is having a great time with you, but he is not ready for anything serious right now.< /p>

And of course, hoping that something will change, you accept the situation, adapt and wait for something to come of you, but it never happens.

< p>Such a delaying tactic can have various causes, such as fear of commitment, another woman in his life, insufficient interest in you, etc.

In this case, this relationship status is rarely desirable, so that such an almost-relationship is unfortunately doomed to failure.

Relationship status: on-off relationship

People who have relationship problems and are constantly fighting, breaking up and making up can say that their relationship status is complicated. The phases of the relationship are constantly changing: sometimes together, sometimes apart.

Their relationship goes through a crisis and they then resort to various methods to save it, including taking a break from the relationship or moving away.

Such relationships are usually full of pressure, turmoil and uncertainty, because the relationship is always on shaky ground and it's only a matter of time before your partner packs his things and leaves.

Relationship status: Open relationship

< p>What do you think about this: You are in a relationship with a person but have every right to see and sleep with other people?

Today many people choose the concept of a open relationship because they believe that being faithful for the rest of their lives is a long-dead value.

They like the concept of sleeping with other people next to a partner. This includes one night stands, swinging, partner swapping, etc.

Two people who choose an open relationship decide and set the rules to keep both of them happy. It can also be an open marriage if the couple so desires.

Relationship Status: Mingles

The term Mingles, made up of the words mixed and Single means a relationship between two people that has the characteristics of a classic relationship, but only to a certain extent.

The couple behaves like in a classic relationship, so they go on dates, have a balanced love life, help each other out, etc., but either of them can say they want to stop at any time if he's had enough of it.

Such relationships are entered into by people who still don't know exactly what they want in life, and mostly young people.

These include; I also recommend people who are unable to form relationships or who are afraid of commitment. They also enter into such a relationship and thus avoid a real partnership.

Relationship Status: Long Distance

Okay, a long distance relationship can be like a classic relationship, but we understand why it can be said to be complicated.

Although While it contains all the elements of a classic relationship, some people still find it difficult to be in a romantic relationship when they are miles apart from their partner.

In this type of relationship, both partners need to be prepared for any obstacles that come with it, but with love, a little effort, and will, a long-distance relationship can work well.

Relationship Status: Platonic Love

The love between two people who connect only on an emotional level without being physically attracted to each other is called platonic love.

Because of this, a relationship between two people who love each other and who fully understand and get along well with each other, but there is no physical contact between them, is also called a platonic relationship.

Yes, such a relationship is possible ;possible.

It is possible to connect and be in a relationship with a person on a deep emotional level without having sexual intercourse with them.

Of course, over time such a relationship can develop into another type of relationship, but this depends on the situation and circumstances.

Relationship Status: Friendship Plus

The opposite of a platonic relationship is friendship with benefits. There is no place for emotions in a relationship like this.

It's all about pure lust, passion and intimacy.

Two people who don’t want to have one-night stands with strangers, or who are just not ready for a long-term partnership, occasionally jump into the sack together, mutually agreeing that nothing will come of it will.

The mutual trust they have as friends allows them to create intimacy in such a relationship.

However, such relationships are dangerous, as there is a possibility that one of the two will develop deeper feelings and get hurt. In this case you should end the friendship plus relationship.

Relationship status: polyamory

The opposite of monogamy and similar to an open relationship is polyamory. In such relationships, the partners are allowed to have several other relationships and partnerships in addition to the existing relationship.

The difference between polyamory and an open relationship is that there is only one relationship in an open relationship and the partners can pursue their lust with others.

However, polyamory means that two or more relationships are conducted in parallel and that everyone involved is mutually aware of it.

Relationship status: relationship on paper

A married couple who have decided to divorce and are going through the year of separation to sort out everything related to the divorce is still a married couple, but only on paper.

They've fallen out ;fear separated and even live separately, but according to the registry office they are still officially married.

This "problem" comes to the fore when one of them finds a girlfriend or boyfriend and says: I'm in the divorce phase, it's complicated.

Relationship status: affair

Relationships that hurt most people are mostly affairs.

It could be the case, for example, that you are with a man going out who only sees you as an affair and doesn't want anything serious with you.

It may also be that you are in an affair with a taken man or even that you are the one who is taken.

However, many people hope that the affair will turn into a serious relationship , but in many cases this doesn't happen.

In the end, someone always gets hurt and such relationships are better ended or avoided for your own well-being.

Conclusion: The love world is much more complicated than the relationship status on Facebook. There are many descriptions and types of relationships between single and taken, but you don't necessarily have to put a label on every relationship.

However, it's much easier when you know that you're on the same wavelength with your partner ;nge is.

In any case, the most important thing is to choose what suits you and to talk to your partner about the nature of the relationship so that you don't break your neck. Fell head over heels into something that doesn't suit you.

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