Dating a forever single girl is like hitting the jackpot

Dating a forever single girl is like hitting the jackpot

Dating anyone these days requires a degree of risk. You throw yourself into something and hope for the best.

That's why, if you ask me, you should expect a “single forever” Girls sat.

A girl who has been single for a long time is truly admirable.

Whether she's been alone for a long time against her will or by choice, she decides to make art out of it.< /em>

Most girls fear being single. It scares them and is their worst nightmare.

But not her – she has accepted her single life with all its pros and cons, something else scares her. 

She has realized that being single is so much better than a cra***** relationship.

She learned that the only way you can really learn anything by making mistakes, by letting her heart fall into the wrong hands.

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Life and love crises are the best teachers.

They smack you in the face so hard you have no choice but to learn your lesson, no matter how hard it is.

The first and most important lesson they learned is that she needs to get to know herself properly.

That she needs to work on and develop the most important relationship in her life – the relationship with herself.

She has learned that self-loveand self esteem have nothing to do with selfishness but with everything that is important for a better life.

You can only live your life once and it is worthless if you are not happy is.

She knows; that she holds in her hands the keys to her own happiness, and to the happiness of whoever is dating her.

A man who is a ”single forever” Dating girls will feel like he hit the jackpot.

Like his bad luck has ended and he's finally found a girl who's everything he ever wanted and more.

She's better than anything he ever imagined.

He's gotten used to girls who drop everything the moment he expresses a desire to spend time with them.

He also got used to taking these girls for granted. But there's absolutely no chance the same thing will happen to her.

She built her life with her own two hands, without anyone's help, and she won't let anyone ruin it.

That's why she doesn't settle for mediocre relationships. She is ready to wait for the real thing.

She will not start a relationship just because she feels lonely. She knows the feeling will pass.

When she is ready for that, she will be in a relationship again. Then when being with someone feels right.

She would never trade her inner peace for anyone's late-night calls, or lack of commitment .

She doesn't waste time on someone who is playing games, and always with one foot; out the door.

It's all or nothing with her and the man who dates her will be the one who gives her everything – all his heart, mind and body, and soul. She won't need anything else.

She needs things that have nothing to do with material goods. She is more than capable of fending for herself.

She doesn't need him. She can stand on her own two feet no matter what.

But she wants him to be a part of her life and that makes all the difference.

Things that ”buy” can be hugs for no apparent reason, a shoulder to cry on when she's down, ears to listen and a helping hand.

No more, no less.

She loves the kind of love you give connection and freedom at the same time.

She lives her own life, pursues her own dreams and strives for her own goals.

She has her own life which he regards with admiration.

A life of hard work, adventure, passion and her unique smile.

A man of a “for always single” Dating girls will always want to bring her happiness, joy and strength.

He will do anything to be a part of your life and stay that way forever.

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