Couple Sayings – The 80+ most beautiful love sayings for lovers

Couple Sayings - The 80+ most beautiful love sayings for lovers

Love is something incredibly beautiful! But we often don’t have the right words to describe our feelings.

For couples who have been in a relationship for a long time and have passed the infatuation phase, everyday routine returns and tokens of love belong to the rarity.

A small declaration of love like this will spice up your relationship and remind you how much you love each other.

Be it by SMS, WhatsApp, call or letter – Love sayings and compliments to your partner are sure to make their eyes sparkle and their hearts melt!

You don't have to wait for a specific occasion, such as Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary or birthday – it's probably even more of a surprise when the news comes in the middle of the day at work and cheers us up.

So don't wait for one specific time to say to your partner the three big words I love you, I love you and in many other languages!

I have put together a number of different couple sayings for you here. There is something for everyone: beautiful sayings, romantic sayings, short sayings, I love you sayings. 

To get away from romance too I also have a list of funny sayings for you.

For those who may be heartbroken because their loved one is far away, I have also made a special list for long distance relationships.

Have fun; while browsing!

Romantic couple sayings

Finding beautiful words to express your love for your partner show is sometimes a bit difficult, especially when you struggle with love sayings.

I think’ we don’t need poets à la Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or William Shakespeare to show someone that they mean a lot.

Here you will find a series of romantic love sayings to show your partner that he is your great love and you are lucky to have him in your life!

1. You + I = For life

2. I want to hold you in my arms and whisper softly in your ear: ”I love you”!

3. You are my favorite thought <3

4. You were the most beautiful coincidence in my life.

5. You are my little perfect world.

6.  Forever yours, forever mine – forever us

7. You are not one of many, you are the only one of them all.

8. I don’t want a perfect life, I want a happy one with you!

9. I'd rather have a hard time with you than easy with someone else.

10. Ever since I met you, I can't get you out of my head!

11. You have what others don't have, my heart!

12. I love you not just because you are who you are, but because I am who I am when I am with you!

13. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, but let's start with everything!

14. You changed my life without even trying. I can't even put into words how grateful I am to you for that. And I don't even want to imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't met you. Thanks!

15. Being someone's first love is awesome. But being someone's last love is priceless.

16. The secret of a good relationship: laughing together, talking, having fun, trust, honesty and always wild and horny sex.

17. The perfect man will have you laughing, sweating, insane and home.

18. And eventually someone comes into your life who makes you feel at home. No matter where you are. 

19. Let me be your gummy bear so sticky sweet and cute little, then you can bite me, that's supposed to mean something, to infinity! 

20. Love you today more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow! 

21. Love is a great disease – two people always have to go to bed. 

22. On Valentine's Day, lovers give each other thousands of roses, kilos of chocolate and fragrant gifts – but I give you my heart!

23. You give me warmth and energy, you are the sun in my galaxy. 

24. I would wander any desert, I would swim any sea, I would fall in love with you instantly if I didn't already.

25 . Beauty does not decide who we love, but love decides who we find beautiful. 

26. Some things can be measured in order to be valued, others have to be experienced. You have to be experienced to realize that you are priceless. 

27. Nothing and nobody can resist you. The best example of this is me. 

28. Everyone has a definition of happiness. You are mine! 

29. Loving doesn't mean looking each other in the eye – but to look together in the same direction! 

30. Like a Nike without Air, like a rubber without a bear, like a shower without Das, like a contra without bass, like the sun without a sting, that's how my life would be without YOU! 

31. True love doesn't have a happy ending because true love never ends.

32. You are my happiness, you are my star, even if you are crazy, I like you. 

33. Take you and multiply it by infinity. Add eternity and you have a glimpse of how sweet you are.

34. First we saw each other, then we wanted each other, now we love each other! 

35. Here comes a saying. He is alone for you. But it's also about me. It's called: I love you. 

36. Everyone sees a little bit of the world, together we see the whole world. 

37. And all of a sudden you were the main character in my life. You are my great love!

38. The kiss is a cleverly invented technique to stop talking when words are superfluous. 

39. The beginning of a love is like opening a book whose pages are still white; and are empty. It's waiting to be filled with stories that will last forever. 

40. Lovers close their eyes when kissing because they want to see with their hearts. 

41. Where it rains love, no one wants an umbrella.

42. I want to walk through life with you hand in hand! 

43. Car starts with A, Tree starts with B, Caesar starts with C, Fragrance starts with D, Duck starts with E, Fox starts with F, but love starts with you.

44. Love means finding yourself in the other and then growing together. 

45. love is… when your kiss touches not only the skin but also the heart.

46. In love, opposites pull out. 

47. The difference between a shooting star and you? If I see a shooting star, I can make a wish. If I see dI, then my wish has already come true. 

48. Nobody has your voice, nobody laughs like you, nobody is like you, nobody because you are unique.

49. How can Paris be the city of love when you're here? 

50. Your corners match my edges well. 

51. Loving someone means agreeing to grow old with them. Let's grow old together.

52. Honestly now … Together we're just better.  

53. I like you a little more than I originally planned.

54. Destiny is when two people find each other who never looked for each other. 

55. Happy with you means loving and laughing and doing something crazy every now and then. 

56. The heart has its reasons that the mind does not know. 

57. They say love robs the minds of those who have them and gives them to those who don't. 

58. There are people with whom you can let your legs and soul dangle. You can just be yourself, with no facade, no doubt, sometimes even no words. These people are rare, once you find one you have to hold on to it. I'm glad I have you.

59. Every day a little more. Every day I love you a little more. Every day I miss you a little bit more and every day I get more sure that you are the dream girl I was looking for. 

60. The more love you give, the more you own. 

61. When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life together, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. 

62. Why were we given only one heart? We have two feet to walk, two hands to touch, two ears to hear and two eyes to see! But why only one heart? – Because the other half is with someone we have to find first. I found that person in you. I love you. 

63. I feelL me wIE a winner BEi you. Now a suggestion: DInner for two, with me. If you read the message between the lines, you know for sure: I never want to share you again. 

64. The next girl I will love will be our daughter. 

65. You are my haven of peace and my rock. With you I feel protected like no one else. You give me security and I love you for that. 

66. I don't want a prince with all the riches in the world. I want a fighter who sees me as his greatest asset. And I found that in you!

If that wasn't enough romance for you, here's a list of 365 reasons why I love you!

< h2>Couple Sayings for Long Distance Relationships

Thanks to today's technology, it is much easier for such couples, because video telephony can reduce the feeling of lovesickness.

Nevertheless, you miss your partner very much and wish to be with him . It is therefore particularly important that you communicate a lot with each other and tell your loved one your feelings. 

If you want to say something special to your partner and show them how much you love them and how much you miss them, here is a series of love poems. 

1. When someone is in your heart, it doesn't matter how many miles away they are, they are always there. Very close. In your heart.

2. You are my first thought when I wake up and my last before I fall asleep.

3. I would like to kiss you every day and never have to be without you again. Touch you and also seduce you. You are far from me, but yet so close. I just love you, it's true. 

4. One night, quietly and quietly, a little kiss sets off on its journey. It flies to you secretly and you know what? It's coming from me. 

5. I am here…you are there…one is in the wrong place!

6. If you think I'm thinking of you, then you're not thinking wrong. 

7. No way is too far to arrive where the heart is at home. With you.

8. I miss your closeness, your kisses and touches. I wish you were here now.

9. Sometimes you need to be apart from someone you love, but that doesn't mean you love that person any less. Sometimes that makes you love them even more. 

10. Love is… never wanting to be without the other. Even though there are days when we don't see each other, I'm incredibly lucky to have you by my side. I can't imagine life without you. 

Funny couple sayings 

Some couples don't get up like that Romance but still want to show their partner that they love them. How about something funny? 

Laughing together strengthens your relationship and brings you closer to each other. You can also challenge each other to write the funniest line!

1. Love is when someone smiles at you early in the morning even though you look like a drugged raccoon.

2. I don't snore at night, I just try to drive away bad dreams. 

3. I have a stomach ache, I think the butterflies are very active in me again. 

4. Besides nonsense, I only have one thing on my mind … YOU! 

5. Love is simply turning off the toothpaste with a smile instead of throwing it after him. 

6. I once tried not to think about you, not to talk about you… That was the longest second of my life! 

7. For a lip kiss you need 12 muscles, for a tongue kiss even 17 muscles. So darling, let's work out! 

8. I talk to the couch, flirt with the TV, eat breakfast with the toaster. Before I start an affair with the vacuum cleaner: get in touch!

9. The most important things in life should always be carried with you: I'm just wondering how to stuff you in my purse? 

10. I resigned. Become an astronaut so I can take the stars out of the sky for you! 

11. I can't eat anything in the morning because I love you! At noon I can not eat because I love you! I can't eat anything at night because I love you! I can't sleep at night BECAUSE I'M HUNGRY! 

12. For you I would barefoot; Walk over Lego bricks.

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