Cheating is a choice, not a mistake

Fraud is a decision, not an error

All of you who have been betrayed in one way or another by someone you loved with all your heart understand the pain of being broken into pieces and not breathing properly because your world is suddenly falling apart.

You understand what it feels like to be a second choice for someone who has been your priority from the start was.

But there is also one thing you need to understand:

You chose him, but he chose to cheat on you .

Don't you dare think or let him convince you that cheating on you was just a mistake and that he now realizes that he should never have done it.

Cheating is a cowardly act, and has nothing to do with accidental mistakes.

It's a choice of greed – not appreciating what you have but not willing to let go of the person.

You choose to commit that sin because it makes you feel happy.

The one and only reason you did it is because it gave you complacency.

Cheating is an act of intentional destruction of another human being for your selfish needs to satisfy.

Every action you do is approved by your brain, which means that YOU have made a decision to make another human miserable feel while enjoying your moment of happiness.

But was it so hard to admit that you are not happy with the way things are going?

Was it so hard to tell her how you feel? Would you like to fix the problem or go and save her the pain?

I bet it wasn't. Then why didn't you do it? You didn't do it because you wanted to try something new.

You were bored with what you had. You got bored of her love and you wanted to try another to satisfy your appetite.

Cheating is a decision driven by your urge to make a change that you can't make yourself.

When you decided to cheat, you decided to do something to do in secret; hiding your shameful act from your loved one because you knew what you were doing wasn't right.

You wanted something new, but you didn't want to lose what you already have and that makes you an asshole.

When you truly love someone, you make choices that protect them, make them smile, and make them feel loved.

When you truly love someone, you make choices that improve the relationship – don't destroy them.

But, you made a decision to mess up and destroy everything, so don't you dare tell anyone you're sorry because you're not sorry.

You deliberately, voluntarily and consciously chose to destroy everything you had simply because you were unable to love your partner like a real man does.

You intentionally destroyed her hope just because you didn't have it.

You intentionally broke her heart just because you didn't have it.

And on top of that, you probably expect her to forgive you for making ONE MISTAKE.

I'm sorry to tell you that love doesn't tolerate mistakes.

You're either determined or you're not. You're either here or you're not. There is no gray area here.

Everything you do in a relationship is a matter of your own choice.

You make her laugh because you like her smile.

You make her feel special because you love her.

You protect her because you love yourself really care about her.

You hurt her because you don't give a damn how she's going to feel.

It's that simple. You could have chosen differently, but you didn't because you didn't feel the burden of your own decisions.

You decided to waste a lot of time just to enjoy a second. You did it because you didn't give a damn about her.

You didn't give a damn who loved you and who would give their life for you.

You hurt her because your own wants and needs were your only priorities, and you need to know that people are not fools who will think it was just a mistake.

You know, she could have loved you with all her heart and maybe she still does, but the moment you decided to hurt her, she also decided to NEVER forgive you .

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