Casual relationship – what are the pros and cons?

Loose relationship - what speaks for what against?

Human beings are social creatures and throughout human history we have learned that humans were created to live in groups or in partnerships.

When you compare men and women, everyone assumes that the woman is the one who wants a relationship. It's a stereotype that's hard to break. But is that really true?

Are women really obsessed with solid partnerships or do men also want a safe place where they can feel comfortable and secure? That may have been in the past, but it's completely different now.

A committed relationship is something that today's men and women rarely want. That doesn't mean they don't crave love and security, but they do prefer a casual relationship.

But what is the difference between a committed relationship and a casual relationship? What are the main differences between casual relationships and a Friendship Plus?

These are the questions most people ask themselves when deciding between a real relationship and an open relationship?


This can be very confusing for some people because they want to flirt but don't want to fall in love.

Just having fun without much frills. Is that even possible? Is it possible to have some kind of relationship without all the relationship pressures?

Although it sounds like a dream, it really is possible. You can have a type of relationship, a romance, that won't give you as many headaches as your previous committed relationship did.

What is a casual relationship?

Everyone has a different understanding of casual relationships. Although the name alone suggests that it has to be something casual, some couples still define a few rules that must be followed.

Others, on the other hand, don't want any rules and enjoy their time together as it is , without thinking much about it. They live for the moment and that's why they chose a casual relationship.

While it all sounds nice and good, casual relationships aren't for everyone. Some couples jump into an open relationship and regret their decision after only a few weeks.

Many of us have seen open relationships in movies and in most movies they end up in a committed relationship. But it doesn't have to be that way in real life, or even better, it rarely happens.

Many people know right from the start of the search for a partner that they don't want a permanent relationship and they don't want the topic of a relationship listen.

When they find someone they like and the chemistry is right, it's just a one night stand.

But when you meet a like minded person. If not, it becomes a casual relationship that can satisfy both parties.

A casual relationship is everything that a committed relationship is not. All the rules that you had to follow in previous relationships don't exist in a casual relationship.

All the behavior patterns, declarations of love and all the romantic nonsense are taboo here, so to speak. Reading this, does one think that casual relationships are the perfect kind of partnership?

But there must be a few pitfalls. How can you be sure that a casual relationship is right for you? Should you completely change your approach now and go from a committed relationship to a casual one?

If you stand between two chairs now, we will bring light into the darkness. In the course of the article we will explain to you who is suitable for a casual relationship and who should rather go to safe shores.

Not everyone is suitable for such a relationship, the k&ouml we can tell you now. But it's still useful to find out more.

Who gets involved in a casual relationship?

There is no set pattern by which some people enter into casual relationships.

People vary greatly among themselves, but there are a few groups that tend to be more casual, so to speak.

1. People with bad experiences

It is not uncommon to hear the sentence ”I'll never get into a steady relationship again” after the breakup, many singles are of the opinion that Separation from her great love.

At that moment a world collapses, you can no longer think clearly and trust in the opposite sex disappears.

You think that you will never love so intensely again in your life. With the separation, a part of the soul is also lost that you will never find again.

Especially people who have had a bad separation behind them find it difficult to get back into a stable relationship decide because they have experienced infidelity and lies.

But since people are used to sharing tenderness and love, a casual relationship is the ideal alternative. You don't have high expectations and since you don't expect anything, you can't get hurt.

In a casual relationship you only think with your head, your heart has nothing to do with it. Some people who are in a casual relationship are only guided by their drives and desires.

The focus is on your own needs, you no longer think about the other person, your own wishes play the main role. It is a game of pleasure and nothing concrete is defined. You just let yourself go.

After a long-term relationship that didn't end so well, a casual relationship is the perfect refreshment. You come to terms with your inner self and can finally think clearly again without being duped.

2. Employed people

Unfortunately, people who have a very active working life do not always have the opportunity to have a stable relationship. Since you are always under pressure from the professional side, you want to enjoy your private life to the fullest.

An open relationship offers such a pleasure. You find someone with the same lifestyle and you adapt to each other. Being familiar with the pressure and the limitations of time means that you have a lot more understanding for your partner.

A casual relationship is ideal because you have the little free time that one has, concretely uses. The partner who lives at the same pace doesn't ask unnecessary questions, there's no discussion, instead every free minute is used.

Casual relationships with successful workers tend to work less frequently with people who aren't that great themselves lead life.

When two worlds collide, misunderstandings that you want to avoid at all costs can very quickly arise.

In most cases, successful people only have the opportunity to end their love life at the weekend that's why finding a real partner is so difficult for them.

A casual relationship offers everything they long for, but without much fuss.

3. Curious people

As with everything in life, there are just curious people who want to try everything in casual relationships.

Your life has always been boring up until now, everything went smoothly You have a plan and a pattern, but now you want to try something completely new.

You've been single for a while now and just can't find the right partner. All the time you're pondering what would be right for you and then it hits you like a bolt of lightning – a casual relationship.

You dress up, meet up with your friends and go exploring, let's see what's in store for you.

Before, you wouldn't have a one-night stand even in your wildest Dream can dream and now you're looking for something like that.

The evening was just great, you came home with a smile and still have to think about the person from the club.

You know she's not serious relationship material and the last thing you want right now is a committed relationship.

But if you think about him like that, you have to all the time grin. You start thinking about a casual relationship, one you just enjoy. will prepare. For once in your life you want to do something without thinking about tomorrow.

4. One awakens the spirit of life

It often happens that one simply sinks into a low without knowing the true background behind it.

You don't feel comfortable in your own skin, you avoid friends and family and you haven't had a real relationship for a long time.

During a phase like this, everyone starts to doubt yourself. Confidence dwindles, you stop thinking about self-love and everything around you makes no sense.

In such a dark period of life, it's rare that you can really fall in love with someone, but you can still have fun. have.

In such cases, a casual relationship offers exactly the variety that you need. A casual relationship in itself does not require deep feelings, you enjoy the moment and you forget all your worries.

You use the casual relationship to get out of the low, you want to explore life anew and breathe again with full force.

At that moment you know you might realize that the person you're starting a casual relationship with isn't what you'd be looking for yourself. You just don't have anything in common and your perspectives are completely different.

And that's exactly what gives the whole thing that certain something, the spice that we have been looking for for a long time.

You're sure it's just a temporary thing, something you won't get heartbroken about, just something temporary.

You know you can't fall in love because there's nothing about him that would arouse your desires for a committed relationship, he's just like a beautiful painting, beautiful to look at , but you don't want it at home.

Just the perfect combination.

What are the disadvantages of a casual relationship?

While it all sounds so wonderful, casual relationships aren't perfect either. They also have their flaws to deal with.

The biggest problem with casual relationships is not being honest. From the beginning you have to define the relationship precisely, not that someone gets false hopes.

Often it happens that the people are not on the same wavelength.

Someone hopes to get into a committed relationship through the casual relationship while the other person is just having fun. want.

Such a situation can lead to unwanted lovesickness and in the end you didn't enjoy the flirt, you just have a guilty conscience.

It is very important to formulate your wishes openly and honestly and to talk about his feelings. If it's something purely physical, the other person needs to know too, so there won't be any misunderstandings later.

It also often happens that both of them didn't want anything permanent at the beginning of the casual relationship, but over time certain feelings have developed that you can't just switch off. You have to admit that to the other person too.

Because if you keep it to yourself, it can lead to emotional chaos that will only give you a headache.

If you don't set firm rules, such a casual relationship can quickly become hell on earth. One thinks that flirting and dating is allowed, while the other thinks that you have to be faithful to each other.

You have to define something like this right at the beginning, what loyalty is like, whether you meet regularly or only when you feel like it.

You have to be reachable for the other person and do you have to let the other person know when you've fallen in love again?

To avoid major problems, it's best to write down the rules so that it so that there can be no misunderstandings later.

Casual relationships can be a wonderful change from the 0815 life, but whether it is something permanent is something everyone should decide for themselves. The problem only arises when unwanted feelings develop that are not reciprocated.

It's always best to be open and honest, no matter how things turn out in the end. It's called a casual relationship, precisely so that you can free yourself from unnecessary pressure and enjoy your free time together the way you want.

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