Can a narcissist miss? – Is that true or is he just kidding you?

Can a narcissist miss? - Is that true or is he just kidding you?

Can a narcissist miss?

This is a question many ex-partners of narcissists ask themselves.

You have so much experiencing suffering and pain in their relationship with them that sometimes they wonder if narcissists have feelings at all.

Narcissists are the masters of manipulation and everyone who has been in a relationship with them can confirm this.

But narcissists are not born as such, mostly it develops from childhood.

People who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder did not experience enough love in their childhood or were not loved for their own sake.

Parents sometimes make the mistake of only giving their children their Show love when they have done something well.

So the child thinks that it will only be loved if it does something specific and cannot develop self-love.

< /p>

This then makes them a narcissist in adulthood.

Another possibility is that people with a narcissistic personality disorder were spoiled too much in their childhood and developed these narcissistic traits.

Whatever the background of the respective narcissist, the fact is that these people must have suffered a trauma, which led to the development of strong narcissism. 

There are already many articles and guides on the subject of narcissism, and I have also written a lot on this topic, how to punish a narcissist or what characteristics they all have in common.  

This time I want to address the topic ”Can a narcissist miss”because I keep reading how women are desperately looking for an answer as to whether their narcissistic ex-partner misses them at all. 

What are the characteristics of a narcissist? 

How do I know if my partner has a narcissistic personality disorder?

Some women probably ask themselves this question and here I would like to name a few characteristics that are typical for Narcissists are.

1. He always thinks he knows everything better

Narcissists are real know-it-alls!

They firmly believe that they know everything better and that nobody can hold a candle to them.

It is also very difficult for a narcissist to accept another opinion.

< p>As a result, they tend to be surrounded by people who either agree with them or who can easily persuade them to agree. 

If, despite all of this, you come across people who have a different opinion, then you don't shy away from destroying your opponent with subtle but mean statements.

As the saying goes “Attack is the best defense”.

2. He's Not Listening

If what you're saying isn't something that directly affects or interests the narcissist, then neither will you listen.

He just doesn't care what you have to say. 

At the beginning of your relationship, he still listened well because he collected information about you that he can later use against you.

However, as soon as he has enough in his repertoire, he is anything else you say doesn't matter. 

One should be really careful about what you tell a narcissist because they will use it against you sooner or later .

He's just biding his time to play his games. 

3. He manipulates others 

As mentioned before, narcissists are masters of manipulation.

They do it with such skill and insidiousness that it is only in hindsight that one realizes that you have been manipulated.

Everything about them is pure facade: the self-confidence, the success, the love – everything.

They abuse people to get their goals. 

No price is too high for them, even if it means dying for it.

These psychopaths just know how to get us to do something to their advantage. 

It's no different in the professional world.

And if something does go wrong, then it's not the fault of the narcissists, but we and they won't be afraid to ask us for fü r to blame for their failure.

4. You are in love with yourself

This is arguably one of the most important characteristics of a narcissist: their self-infatuation!

If you go to Google and look up the word narcissism, it is written that narcissism represents a person's self-infatuation and self-admiration.  

He also thinks highly of himself and is convinced of his charm, his intelligence and his magnificence.

As a result, he quickly comes across as arrogant and arrogant. 

The narcissist thinks of himself before he thinks of others.

Everything he does, everything he says, is all in his own interest.

If something is not to his advantage, then he will give it a wide berth.

< p>But all this is only appearance, because behind this mask hides a small child, full of self-doubt because it does not know how to love and be loved. 

5. He is always looking for approval

Always and everywhere the narcissist needs to be told that he is so great.

Most of you will have experienced that in the relationship too.

Thus you can ;Narcissists can also seem quite arrogant.

But at the same time, this also shows his weakness: his self-confidence is not strong enough, so he seeks validation from others all the time.

This constant search for recognition can also quickly become morbid, which is why it can ruin his day if he doesn't get compliments for an action. 

His ego has to be constantly strengthened be fed, so he always seeks out women who can give it to him.

And once he's sucked everything out of them, he leaves them on the floor like an empty bottle lying down and going over to his next victim. 

6. He has a lack of empathy

This is probably one of the greatest characteristics of a narcissist: the lack of empathy.

Narcissists often have no empathy and pity for those around them. 

If he is feeling bad, everyone has to be there immediately to comfort him or to get him out of the to help, but vice versa if his partner is in a bad way, he is nowhere to be found.

Especially in disputes, his lack of empathy is clearly visible. 

When he gets really angry, he knows no bounds and is willing to do anything to really hurt his opponent.

Even later, when the dispute is settled, the narcissist will never make up for it. sorry for what you said.

You will never get a ”Sorry, I’ didn’t mean it like that”, instead he just carries on as if nothing ever happened.

Can a narcissist miss?

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are tossed back and forth by emotional chaos.

Sometimes you are his lover's great love, his dream woman, a short time later you are the bad person who destroys his life. 

This constant back and forth has destroyed you inside, the relationship with your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband has changed you completely.

You are not the person you were before you experienced this narcissistic abuse from this man.

But you didn't give up.

You feel an emptiness inside, but he couldn’t break you.

In the end you gathered all your courage and strength and broke up with him. 

You were free now, could be happy for the first time in a long time, start a new life…or so you thought.

Until he started contacting you and the terror took its course. 

As mentioned before, one of the main characteristics of a narcissist is the need for attention.

And if you take that away from him, ie break up with him as well, it will drive him insane, because he can't handle it. 

So he will do everything in his power to win you back.

He always uses the same tactics.< /p>

I would like to introduce them here and explain why he is doing this and how you can ignore him. 

In principle, his tactics are quite simple – he just keeps checking back with you until you answer him. A narcissist keeps coming back.

After you break up with them, they will still text you, call you, or maybe even show up at your doorstep and start the conversation with you search. 

He will protest that he is very sorry and that he misses you so much.

He will try to make you feel guilty.

He does this quite cleverly too:

Sentences will fall like ”Has our love done you means nothing?”, ”You said you will never let me down” or ”I can't live without you, I miss you so much, I'm nothing without you!”.

The biggest mistake you can make is to answer it.

Even if you just want to say it's over, that he had his chance or that he shouldn't bother you anymore – once you answer him, you've fallen for him and he'll manipulate you again.

Once he reconnects with you, your narcissistic ex-partner will pull out all the stops to win you back .

He likes to use the gaslighting method:

He manipulates your perception: he tells you that things didn't go the way you imagined.

It was all very different, you got it the wrong way, he did I didn't mean it that way and actually you were the first to start it, he just resisted.

The list is endless.

After a short time you actually start ;sneaks at you to have doubts and asks you whether perhaps you have misunderstood something.

Your guilty conscience is getting bigger and bigger and you fell for this psychopath again. 

And that's exactly where he wanted you: you became weak and gave in.

Once you make up, the terror will start all over again and you will be left even more hurt.

So the most important thing is to cut contact!

If you once you have made the decision to break up with him, it must be permanent and total. 

Block him on all social media, block his number on your phone if you have to, change your number – don't let him lure you back into his clutches.

He'll be persistent, it'll be a long time before he lets go of you, but you have to stay strong!

When he sees that he really doesn't have a chance, he will let you go. 

It's also possible that he quickly finds another woman and you become uninteresting to him anyway and believe me, that's the best thing that can happen to you!

However, if he doesn't find a new girlfriend , he will keep trying to get in touch with you and if he notices that you are completely ignoring him, he will also try dirty ways to get your attention.

He wants to achieve this by lü bad things about you.

Be it with mutual friends, your family or at work.

Nothing is sacred to him in his anger. 

But you have to keep in mind that this person is sick and you have to be the one who is reasonable and doesn't let it get you down. sst.

Your family and friends know you, they know who you are, so your ex can't convince them otherwise anyway.

You can't give up, because when he sees that he doesn't stand a chance, he will stop on his own and that's the only way to get rid of a narcissist.

In an extreme emergency one must also be prepared to take legal action and to issue a contact ban. 

So to answer the question ”Can a narcissist miss?” : No, he can't.

A narcissist will never miss you as a person, they just miss the attention and love you gave them.

Once you realize that, it's also easier for you to let go of them and not fall for their scam. 

Once narcissists have found someone else who can give them everything they need ;tender, they don't need you anymore and let you go.

He basically uses people to suck all the energy out of them and use it on himself.

Because narcissists lack self-love and are plagued by self-doubt, they need people around them who will build their confidence, who will make them feel empowered. 

By the way, and that they wear a mask all the time, narcissists can seem very charming at first, until you get to know them better and they take off their mask and show their true colors. 

If you have fallen into the hands of a narcissist and possibly fallen in love with one, it seems difficult to break up with them.

It is best to go with your gut feeling; because often we ignore this and keep going back to this toxic relationship.

At the first sign something is wrong, it's best to take a step back and try to see things rationally .

It often helps to talk to someone you trust, because women often do not dare to talk about their relationship with a narcissistic person because they are ashamed of blaming themselves give. 

Talk to others about your problems or things that are bothering you!

Most of the time they can look at the situation from a different perspective and also help you if you decide to leave your narcissistic partner. 

The important thing is that you make yourself aware that it is not your fault that he manipulated you and hurt you – not the other way around!

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