Bucket list for couples: 50 ideas to break the monotony

Bucket list for couples: 50 ideas to break the monotony

Doing everyday tasks is sometimes very boring.

You go to work , after work you hurry to pick up the kids from kindergarten or school, to take them to different courses, to pick up the mail, to go to Ikea, because again you need something for the apartment, you leave home, eat and that's it…

You're always in a hurry and before you know it it's time to go to bed …

The monotony and boredom of the Everyday life can really affect couples and their relationship.

You become too devoted to other things and often forget how important it really is to nurture a relationship and add a touch of fresh air every now and then to make it happy and lasting.

Therefore it's a good idea to keep trying new activities with your partner to break this monotony and a bucket list for couples with romantic ideas and crazy activities can help us.

Each of us has our personal bucket list. Activities to try, places to visit, people to meet, etc.

But all of this is doubly good if you have the will to go. opportunity to do it as a couple.

The time you spend together with your loved one is priceless and every new day can be a new adventure.

A good relationship should be filled with memorable experiences that create wonderful memories, deepen your relationship, make you laugh, grow as a couple, and strengthen your feelings for each other.

< p>I have therefore compiled a list of such experiences for you here.

No matter whether you are just starting out in a relationship and are looking for date ideas or you are in a long-term relationship, this one ultimate bucket list for couples can serve as inspiration for you to bring something new to your relationship and spice it up a bit.

Here you will find wacky and crazy ideas as well as romantic ideas, no matter whether it is a trip around the world or a love letter: there is something for everyone.

Have funß leafing through it!

The bucket list for couples: 50 activities for lovers

1. Go on a spontaneous road trip

The best experiences and the craziest adventures start without planning!

Go to the train station and get on the first bus or train that arrives or buy a ticket for the first next flight.

Take a card, close your eyes and choose one Place and drive there.

Or just get in the car and drive towards unknown.

Together you can discover new places and things and face the challenges of the unknown, yours Relationship only strengthens and creates great memories.

2. Attend a class

It can be a cooking class, dance class or painting class. Whatever suits you.

For example, in the cooking class, you can learn new recipes and then prepare different dishes for each other and enjoy different treats, while in the dance class, you can have a great girlö opportunity is to balance your energies and connect in the moment.

3. Stargazing

The starry sky represents romance and together you can experience magical nights under the starry sky.

It can be a very romantic picnic in the park, on the roof of your building and the like.

If the stars are not visible in your city, then you can always visit a planetarium and enjoy the romantic simulation of the starry sky there.

4. Enjoy sunset or sunrise

Watching the sunrise or sunset goes hand in hand with gazing at the starry sky when it comes to romance.

Watching the stunning perfect shades of color and the day with your loved one is priceless starting people next to you.

5. Do something for a good cause

Nothing brings two people together more than common goals, especially when they are for a good cause.

You and your partner can volunteer and volunteer at, for example, an orphanage, nursing home, soup kitchen, environmental or animal society – the opportunities for good deeds are countless.

You will learn something new, do a good deed, feel a lot better and thus strengthen your relationship many times over.< /p>

6. Telling jokes

Isn't it great when you share the same sense of humor with your partner and can laugh through tears?

And we need laughter to recharge our batteries and forget problems and bad times, at least for a moment.

Well you can tell jokes, especially the bad ones.

< p>Or funny childhood stories and make each other laugh and bond more.

7. Read each other's favorite book

Read each other's favorite book and then talk about it.

Why exactly this book, how this book affected the partner, what he would change, can he identify with the main character, etc.

In this way you learn something new from each other, exchange opinions out and get closer.

8. Going on a movie marathon

Netflix and snuggling on the couch with a loved one is sometimes all we need to feel good.

Make a film – or series marathon that you love the most.

Or, for example, have a worst movie day, a horror movie day, a comedy day and the like and relax in front of the screen with popcorn and drinks.

9. Buy concert tickets for a band you don't know

It's nice to go with a partner to a concert of a band or singer that you know love both of them, but how about a concert by someone you don't even know?

It can be an unforgettable experience as it may turn out to be the worst thing you have ever heard or you may discover your new favorite band or singer.

By all means give it a try ! 😀

10. Plant a tree

Plant a tree somewhere and let it be your special place.

You can watch the tree grow over the years grows and develops and strengthens, just like your relationship.

11. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a wonderful surprise that you can prepare for your partner, you but you can also enjoy both.

Let it be your little tradition to prepare a wonderful meal for each other from time to time and enjoy the togetherness.

12. Overcoming fears together

You're afraid of spiders and he's afraid of heights?

Perhaps you can overcome these fears together, or at least alleviate them through mutual support and encouragement.

13. Going through something embarrassing

We've all had an extremely embarrassing situation where we got red in the face and wanted to sink to the ground.

Whether it's ordering a drink in a café to bury or drive one in public – it can happen to anyone.

Confess the most embarrassing situation you've ever been in to get to know each other even better.

I'm sure you'll laugh out loud.

14. Either-Or play

The games you can also play are Truth or Dare or I've Never Ever.

You can make it all more interesting with a few drops of alcohol, of course. 😉

15. Do something adrenaline pumping

When you are both adrenaline junkies, there is no better way to refresh your relationship than crazy and wacky adrenaline filled activities.

It can be skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting or a roller coaster ride .

Of course, photographic evidence should not be missing to keep this unforgettable moment forever.

16. Fulfilling each other’s childhood dreams

Ever since you were a child you were fascinated by the lights and beauty of New York and your partner always wanted to swim with dolphins?

If you have the time and money, you can make each other's wishes that you had since you were a child.

There is nothing better than sharing your desires with your sweetheart and creating the most beautiful memories out of them.

< h2>17. Go camping

Camping is a special kind of vacation and an ideal opportunity for crazy adventures, but also for enjoying and relaxing in the beautiful natural landscapes.

Sleep under the starry sky, in the green go for a walk or enjoy adventurous discoveries in the wilderness – you can get closer, gain experience and really recharge your batteries.

18. Climbing a mountain

Mountaineering and hiking are activities that you as a sports and nature lover will enjoy.

Climbing is certainly easier with a partner and the view at the top of the mountain is definitely worth the effort and energy.

19. Go Hot Air Balloon Ride

If this opportunity is available near you, it's time to get this activity on your bucket ASAP -Check list for couples.

A hot air balloon ride is wonderful.

You should definitely experience the breathtaking view from above and that magical feeling when you soar above the city with your partner.

20. Doing a jigsaw puzzle

Putting together jigsaw puzzles is great for evenings when you're not in the mood to go out and hang out.

< p>Buy a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and get to work! Just try not to get your hair out. 😄

21. Having a snowball fight

Back to childhood! Is there anything nicer than being able to show your childish side in front of your partner without fear of being judged?

And even better when they join you in the process.< /p>

If there is snow in winter, have a snowball fight and make a bet: the loser will have to wash the dishes for a month.

22. Have a water balloon fight

And on summer days, a little refreshment, laughter and lots of fun! 😄

23. Spend a day without technology

Today we spend so much time on our smartphones and are somehow tech savvy without even realizing it.

< p>Pointless scrolling through social networks is good to kill boredom, but if we think about it a little better, we can use this time for something else.

You and your partner can try spending a day without smartphones and technology.

That means no social media, no calls, no texts, no one bothering you. Just the two of you, talks, rides, kisses, hugs – pure luck! And if you have some time left, you can play card games.

24. Mimicking the First Date

Just think about the excitement you felt when you went on your first date with your sweetheart.

It wouldn't be bad to relive it, so you can recreate your first date.

Dress the same, go to the same place, eat the same food, drink the same drink ;nk, kissing in the same place etc.

This way you will both relive that wonderful experience and remind each other why you fell in love.

25. sing karaoke

Can you sing? If so and if no, you can always try karaoke.

Even if you're not a talented singer, there's nothing quite like being silly with your partner and cracking jokes at your own expense.

So off to the nearest karaoke bar! Singing in a duet will certainly be a lot of funß make.

26. Matching outfits

How many times have you seen pictures of couples in matching outfits on social media using the hashtag #couplegoals?

Too cheesy for some, too romantic for others.

In any case, it looks very cute. at least on the photos.

And a partner look is also very suitable for carnival or Halloween parties, where you can have a lot of fun. and briefly dive into the world of other characters.

27. Spice up your love life

In long relationships almost everything becomes routine and so does your love life.

If this area is monotonous, maybe it's time to try something new and spice things up a bit.

28. Send each other ugly selfies

There are many apps with different funny effects that you can use to take and exchange selfies to make each other laugh.< /p>

But also different grimaces will surely put a smile on your faces and you will surely have fun. have.

29. Giving each other gifts

For anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas and the like, we always try to buy the best gift to make our loved ones happy.

For these occasions, but also for everyday life, can you give each other gifts.

It's a great opportunity to show each other how well you know each other and how creative you are.

Don't worry if the gift doesn't turn out how you imagined, the gesture is what counts.

30. Make a Why I Love You List

A great gift and reminder of everything you do for each other, what you are thankful for and why you love each other.

Get inspired by: 365 reasons why I love you.

31. Choosing clothes for each other

Fun and interesting!

You must choose clothes for each other and the other must wear them no matter what clothes your partner chooses.

Just be fair! 😉

32. Doing each other's makeup or hair

Sounds even funnier, doesn't it? Can you imagine what it would look like if your partner did your makeup?

Eye shadow, lipstick and everything else? And going out in public like that?

How about you cut his hair? To scream! Try anyway and have fun.

33. Doing a photoshoot

Capturing photos of true love is also a great idea on couples' bucket lists.

Have yourselves a professional photographer and create memories for you that you will keep for the rest of your life.

34. Realize a DIY project in the apartment

Assembling closets, beds or painting an apartment can be a lot of fun. make.

Take matters into your own hands and redecorate the apartment.

By refreshing the look of the apartment, you also bring freshness to your relationship and your life.

35. Go pick strawberries

The sun, fields full of delicious strawberries, a basket and a loved one next to you – wonderful!

After that you can dive into making cakes, jams and other delicious treats.

36. Capture experiences in a personal journal for couples

One thing that keeps a relationship stable and healthy is keeping a personal one Relationship Journal.

With each new page that includes new experiences, things you've learned, etc., you'll have a glimpse of how much you're growing as a couple and how your relationship is doing. rkt.

37. Think about pet names for each other

You probably already have some cute pet names for each other, but maybe it's time to come up with new ones. Be creative!

38. Planning a day full of surprises for each other

Take a whole day and plan it from dawn to dusk and your partner has to do whatever and go where you say. Make him do the same for you.

Try to guess where you are going next to see how well you know each other.

In any case, beautiful memories, a good experience and fun are guaranteed.

39. Stay in bed all day

If you want to completely get rid of stress, commitments and everyday life, leave all your worries behind and spend the whole day in bed.

Switches Turn off your phones and don't let anything disturb you while you enjoy your time together.

40. Organize a board game night

Man, don't fret, Monopoly, Risk, Twister, Jenga, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, there is always a risk that you will argue, but therein lies the risk attraction of board games. 😄

Of course, you can also play various games without materials, which is even easier to organize. 

41. Going on a double date

There are many things you can do when going on a double date:

Soccer games, concerts, bowling, golf, hiking, camping, etc.

A great opportunity to connect with your friends, but also with each other!

42. Create a playlist of your favorite songs

Do you know that feeling when a song that reminds you of a wonderful experience or person starts?

< p>In a moment you're swimming in a sea of ​​memories and emotions and stepping back into another time.

You both can have this too by making a list of your favorite songs.

For example, one that was playing on your first date, one of your favorite singers, etc.

Your you can listen to them at home while you drive and remember everything you've been through together.

43. Go-karting

If you are fans of fast driving, you will both surely enjoy go-karting.

You will have a real adrenaline rush and first-class funß experience.

44. Stay up all night chatting

In the beginning of a relationship, when we are still in the infatuation phase, we want to spend as much time as possible with our partner and find out as much as you can about him.

So sometimes we stay up late at night just chatting.

This eventually ends in a long relationship due to various commitments and everything else.

But it's good to remember those moments and renew your relationship by sacrificing a few hours of sleep to spend time talking about deep topics and reconnecting.

45. Take a Food Tour

How about a tour of different restaurants and fast food places near you?

You can take one day and visit all the pastry shops and then all the fast food restaurants on another.

Or for example in one restaurant a starter, in another the main course and finally in eat dessert with a third party.

Don't worry about calories, just enjoy each other's good food and company.

46. Visit each other's birthplace

If you're not from the same place, it's a good idea to visit each other's birthplace.

You can show each other what school you went to, where you spent your free time, which places are of particular importance to you, etc.

You can learn a lot about each other this way.

47. Go on a bike tour

Bike, backpack on your back, good mood and let's go!

Pedaling is certainly a lot easier when you're in good company and you don't realize how many miles you've already covered.

There's definitely always something new to discover along the way.

48. Write a love letter

A love letter is a wonderful token of love, but also a wonderful memory to keep.

Write love letters to each other and remind yourself how great &szz; your love is.

49. Cooking together

They say the way to love is through the stomach.

Create your own menu with specific dishes for the day.

For example Italian, Mexican, Chinese etc. and cook together.

You will find new recipes, try new dishes and each other's company enjoy.

You can also play your favorite songs while you cook to create a good atmosphere.

50. Create your own bucket list

Finally, you can create your own bucket list of activities that you do once a week, month, or year or how to do it.

The most important thing is to find something that you both love and can both enjoy.

The common goals from the Bucket lists that you want to fulfill will motivate you and strengthen your relationship significantly.

So grab your crush and embark on crazy and unforgettable adventures! 😄

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