Breaking contact without discussion – Can it end worse?

Contact termination without pronunciation - Can it end worse?

When a relationship breaks up, it's always painful. In the most common cases, one side always suffers more than the other, only rarely are both sides equally hurt.

Unrequited love is what most people fear, because what can it do worse than unrequited love?

There is one thing or rather situation that is becoming more and more common these days – a sudden loss of contact without saying a word about it.

You get up one morning, last night you were with your boyfriend and now nothing, no good morning text, nothing. Well, you're still thinking, maybe he's asleep, maybe I should call first.

And you do, because that's the way it is, the one who's first out of the bed comes, reports. As always, you write a short message with a few hearts, kisses and smileys.

A few hours pass and still nothing. You're starting to worry, like any soul in love, you're about to think the worst. You write another message.

But then it hits you like a slap in the face, you see he was online a few minutes ago. Apparently he's fine and just didn't reply to your message.

Rage and sadness mix at the moment. Why is he doing something like that? I'll wait and see when he gets in touch. The evening is falling and still no sign of life from your lover.

You get nervous because you see that he uses social networks normally, even on WhatsApp he is always online. You're starting to think, could it be that he's doing it on purpose?

Yesterday everything was OK, you didn't even argue with each other, everything was fine, you even have a good night – Getting a kiss, like always.

And now he's doing something like this. Maybe it's just one of his silly games, because he's always trying to upset you.

But up until now it has never happened that he has not contacted me for a long time. You start a second attempt and report back. “Hey you, can you give me a sign of life? I'm worried.”

It doesn’t take long for him to open the message. You're happy, because you notice that he has read the message, but then, again nothing, just a small “seen”.

When you noticed that he didn't even answer the second Message replies, that will get your heart rate up to two hundred. Is that supposed to be the end of a relationship, without discussion, without a clarifying conversation?

You're not toddlers ending a relationship that way. You can't believe it. You are angry, hurt and disappointed at the same time, a typical emotional chaos that you suddenly found yourself in.

You just can't believe that your ex-husband or still friend ( you don't know yourself) would do something like that. Is that really how a grown man behaves? Radio silence, ghosting without saying anything.

You start to wonder what could be the reason, you may have overlooked his signals, but you can't be so love-blind that you don't notice when someone wants to break up with you.< /p>

You know that falling into contact was never his forte, but you're not just one of those acquaintances, you're his girlfriend and then he does something like that.

You go to the bed, because you realize that lovesickness is overcoming you and you really don't need it.

You roll around in bed for a long time until your eyes finally close. The next day you grab your smartphone. And as expected, nothing. He was online again, but doesn't give a damn that he just ignores your attempts to contact you.

Days pass and nothing changes. You are completely unaware of the whole situation because it doesn't make sense that it would end like this. How can he break the heart of his true love without saying a word?

Well, at least he said you were his true love, but apparently he's having your time together forget everything you swore to each other.

After a few days he sees your best friend and of course she asks him about you. And he says, just so cold as ice, without batting an eyelid, that you're not together anymore.

When you heard that, you started realizing that it really is the end of a relationship, an end without saying a word.

If he didn't want to tell you in person, handsome ;if he could call you, write a WhatsApp, because he's online all the time, but he's opted for total radio silence.

But why? How can you be the abandoned one without being told, without being abandoned?

Some people are just like that and the quicker you come to terms with it, the quicker you'll be able to move on with your life. I know, at first you will feel bad because you will put all the blame on yourself.

When you are the abandoned one, you always think that you have done something wrong yourself, because what would make someone just ignore you like that, end a relationship without saying anything.

The topic of breaking contact is very complicated, because there can be many reasons for it. We've researched the phenomenon extensively so we can shed some light on it.

Because we don't want you to have panic attacks because you're blaming yourself that you have done something wrong, that you are unlovable.

Through the clues that we are going to present you here, you will realize that you need to strengthen your self-love and that you learn to let go.

Sometimes it's better to let go than hold onto it and hurt yourself. Such mental pain can trigger psychological problems that can cause greater damage over time.

You have to be aware that it will take you more than a few weeks to get over the whole thing, whether it was your love of one's life or just flirting, being left out like that does always hurts.

Why is contact broken off without discussion?

The reasons can vary from person to person. It can also have to do with how you went about the relationship, whether you were open about everything or kept it to yourself.

No matter how your relationship went, it There is no valid reason to just end a relationship without notice.

You don't even have to love your partner to give them an explanation. This is just a normal human way of showing respect for the other person.

When you have been with someone for a certain period of time, have been through a lot, you should also pull yourself together and he Look a person in the eye and explain everything.

But since every person is different, he decides for himself and some choose to remain silent.

1 . Self Protection

If you're reading this now, you think we made a mistake. What does self-defense have to do with it? It doesn't make sense at first, but if you dig deeper, you realize it makes more sense than you think.

When someone leaves you just like that, without a word about it he wants to protect himself.

Some people have a problem talking openly about their feelings, they are afraid of discussions and want to avoid any conflict.

If you want to end a relationship, you have to be yourself prepare for the discussion with the abandoned person. Some people take the easier route and opt for radio silence.

You don’t have to explain anything and are off the hook pretty quickly.

2. It was just a pastime

As painful as it sounds, there's a good chance your relationship was just a pastime for him. No deeper feelings developed over time and now he has better things to do and doesn't want to be in that kind of relationship any longer.

Of course he doesn't want to be so brutally honest and tell you right away that he doesn’t love you and has never loved you, that’s why he chooses radio silence as a rescuer in need.

He wants to spare himself your tears, emotional outbursts, etc., and just pick up his life where he left off when he started dating you.

You might be thinking that you would have known if he hadn't loved you.

But believe me, sometimes you don't realize it because you're head over heels in love yourself. We are blinded by our infatuation and we ignore all alarm signals.

3. He has a new

Before that, most abandoned people are afraid that their great love will have another one at the start. But in such cases, when contact is broken without getting an explanation, it is a new one.

Your ex-partner wants to spare himself the swear words and ends the whole story without greetings.

During the course of the relationship he had already met a new girl and until he was sure that a relationship could develop from it, he was with you.< /p>

Now he's definitely gotten the yes word and is happy with the new girl while you're still lying in bed at home worrying about what you did wrong.

If he really has started a new relationship, he may well block you so you can't text him anymore – there is a total lockdown.

He probably doesn't want you to see his new photos with the new woman on Instagram and Facebook.

4. He knows not what he wants

You've been together for a long time and now the question arises, is the relationship something for life or was it just a failed attempt.

Some people like it hard to make such a vital decision and so they choose this painful path of radio silence.

If he cuts off contact completely without saying anything, he may be trying to come to terms with his feelings. This is a self-experiment of how he will feel without you.

This will allow him to test if he can live his life normally and happily without you, or if it will be hell will be on earth. But there's one thing he's forgetting about the whole thing. In this way, he risks losing you completely.

After such a departure, it is no longer up to him whether you will continue the relationship. You can be so hurt you can't forgive him.

If he gets back in touch later, you should talk openly about everything right away. Don't block him right away, give him the opportunity to explain everything, sometimes it's worth it.

5. He Loves Himself More Than You

It often happens that you are in a relationship and don't realize that you are having a negative impact on your partner. Your partner doesn’t have the opportunity to develop because you are preventing him.

He may have gotten a great job opportunity, a promotion that requires him to move to another city, but you stopped him from doing so. You didn’t support him, you just threatened him with ending the relationship.

He slowly realized that you keep asking him to change, that he does whatever you set your mind to and his dreams fall by the wayside.

He just realized that he loves himself and his future aspirations more than you. In that case, breaking contact is the best thing he can do.

That way he won't be tempted again to make up with you and start over.

< p>In the end you would fall back into the same behavior pattern as before, nothing would change in your relationship because you were always the guiding hand.

6. You are more successful

It may seem like a childish reason to leave someone, but this problem is common in relationships.

Ideally, your partner should be supportive, have your back and be proud of yourself when you achieve something you set out to do.

But not all people are like that. Some are not only jealous of their work colleagues, but also of their own partner.

Maybe you're even in the same industry and you're taking all the credit and he's always following you. This can hit his stomach and ego badly.

Because he doesn’t want to admit it and doesn’t want to have a discussion about it, he chooses ghosting.

He just get out of your life and pretend you never knew each other. This will make it easier for him to deal with his personal downfall and stop him from pretending to be happy for you.

7. He is looking for attention

You probably didn't realize it, but your partner needs a lot more attention than other adults.

He was quite clingy at times and you always thought that was pretty cute, even him was always jealous when you talked to others.

But you never saw that as a problem because you never neglected him. You knew he needed you, wanted you around, and you always gave him that.

Apparently that wasn't enough for him and now he hits with harder bandages. He wants the whole program. He wants you to beg for his attention, to text him one after the other to make him feel better.

He may well have suffered from a lack of attention from a young age suffered from the parents and never really got over it.

In such a case, it would be helpful if he would seek professional help. Over time, if you realize that's why he's withdrawn, offer to help him.

He needs to realize that someone cares about him and cares about his well-being.

8. He wants to show his power

In a relationship it sometimes happens that one person is more dominant than the other. One person always tries a little harder, loves more, and tries harder to keep the whole relationship going.

When your partner is dominant, they also need constant reassurance that you are so grateful that they are in a relationship with you at all and that they make your life better.

< p>If he doesn’t get this confirmation, then he will show you that a withdrawal of love can also occur. He wants to show you his power so you can see he has the upper hand.

In an instant he can destroy everything you have built together without saying a word. He can draw a line and simply banish you from his life.

In that case, he doesn't care if you will mourn or if lovesickness will eat you up. He thinks only of himself and his own good.

9. Unprocessed Issues

After a painful experience, such as cheating or a prolonged affair, the couples reconcile. They think they are over the cheating and can make a fresh start with their partner.

But over time you realize that nothing is the same as it used to be. You can no longer rely on your partner, you question everything he says or does. The uncertainty of whether it will happen again eats you up inside.

Only very few people can live with that and that's exactly why contact can be broken off without discussion.

Your partner doesn't have the strength to talk about it all again, to reveal his feelings again and to wait until you hurt him again.

He can't handle this and is looking for it a way out that will be the most painless for him.

10. Pressure

Your partner just felt pressured in the relationship. You wanted everything in a hurry, start a family, children, a home together and he couldn't say anything about it.

Because you put so much pressure on him, he decided to escape and start over without you. Even though he loves you, the whole thing was just too much for him and you didn't want to comply with his wishes.

You didn't even let him finish, you wanted the decisions for both of you meet and you didn't give him a choice. He had to break free.

Simply cutting off contact without notifying the other person is just plain wrong. It's a way of inflicting emotional pain on the other person that they don't deserve.

If you're having a hard time ending a face-to-face relationship, you can always text write it up and explain everything in detail.

That way you make it clear to the other person that it's the end and you don't want to discuss it. You'll save yourself emotional text messages and countless missed calls.

The truth is always better, although it's painful at first.


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