Breach of trust, will the doubts ever go away?

Break of trust, will the doubts ever go away ?

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The first questions every single person, but also every person in a relationship, is asked are: “What is most important to you in a relationship?”, “What does your potential partner need to be like so that you can Can you imagine a future together?”

And in both cases the result is usually the same. Everyone craves trust and a partner they can trust.

But what happens when trust is broken? If our partner betrays us and we question everything after the breach of trust?

Does such a relationship even have a chance? Can breaches of trust be forgotten just like that?

We will get to the bottom of these questions together.

We will help you to understand the time during and after Process the abuse of trust as best you can and come to terms with your own feelings.

This path will not be easy.

There will be many stumbling blocks in your way and you will need a strong will if you want to process the loss of trust and look forward to a happier future with your partner.

Not every breach of trust is a betrayal just as bad, but that doesn't mean that you can betray the trust of other people or your partner.

If you break trust on purpose, you have to be prepared for the possible consequences.


Not everyone is willing to offer a second chance, so there is a good chance that your partner will leave you or that you will have an unhappy relationship in the long term.

If you cannot trust each other , it is not such a good idea to continue such a relationship, because every happy relationship is based on trust and it is precisely this trust that gives the whole relationship stability and support.

But what to do when the relationship starts to falter? If you have to hide something from your partner and he finds out?

Is there a way back or do you have to say goodbye right away?


How does abuse of trust come about?


As mentioned before, there are different types of breach of trust, each different from the other and each type has something special about it that sooner or later makes the partner doubt.

Everyone can decide for themselves what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Not everyone has the same ideas about what counts as a breach of trust and what doesn't.

For this very reason, everyone should go within themselves and think about what kind of breach of trust they are you can and can't live with.

But what are the reasons that lead to such a misstep and can it happen to anyone in the world that you don't master every stress test in a relationship can?

There are two important reasons that can lead to breach of trust:

1. The partner does not understand

Very often it happens that you are in a relationship in which you are not allowed to express your own thoughts or wishes out loud .

And it is precisely in such relationships that a breach of trust often occurs.

Because the partner in the relationship is dissatisfied, because they feel cornered and need to scale back their own needs, many partners choose not to tell the truth and betray their partner .

These are often mundane things that shouldn't hurt anyone, but it still makes you feel betrayed when you find out your partner is doing something behind your back.

In such cases, it is often about leisure activities that the partner does not agree with or financial matters, if one partner is more concerned about finances than the other.

If the bills are a little higher than usual for a month, the other person is not allowed to treat themselves or buy anything, you have to save right away so that you have enough in the account by the end of the month.

Overtime is often invented so that you can pursue your hobbies in peace or meet up with friends without your partner.

The money spent just disappeared from the account and no one knows how it happened.

Such behavior can have serious consequences, because if your partner realizes that you are cheating on him and hiding something, he can come up with the worst thoughts very quickly.

Nobody assumes that you fake overtime to be able to have a beer with your friends.

Everyone would think that their partner is cheating on them and since money is always missing from the account, it may well be that you buy your loved one gifts with the shared money.

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For this reason, such situations should be avoided, because they can lead to relationship crises, even though nothing bad has happened.

In this case, the partners must talk openly with each other and express their wishes.

If you want to grow old with someone, you should also be able to talk to them about everything.

Although you don’t have the same interests as your partner, you should give them the space they need to express their needs.

This will also make them happier and your time together better then arrange it according to your wishes and there will also be less arguments.

It's always nice when partners approach each other and do something for the sake of the other that they would normally never want to do.

2. Boredom in the relationship

It is well known that you feel the butterflies in your stomach for the first six months and then you become a victim of reality that rips off our rose-colored glasses.

What happens then, does that mean that you doesn't love you anymore?

No, absolutely not! Right now, you should make every effort to maintain the partnership, because that is a stress test for the relationship. Will you be able to withstand the pressure?

Most couples fail at this point in their relationship. The temptations lurk around every corner and you have to be careful.

In this phase of the relationship there are often arguments, the partners annoy each other and everyone feels neglected.

One no longer understands the world. How could that happen when everything was perfect?

And precisely because you have such thoughts and because you go through life unsatisfied, it often happens that you decide to cheat.

Your partner is learning someone know new things. It seems that the person knows him better and has a lot more understanding for him than you.

Once again the lost tingle is felt and your partner is tempted.

If he has a weak character, he will not hesitate to make a serious mistake and cheat on you.

He is putting his own feelings and needs ahead of the good of your relationship and at the moment he is unaware of the eventual consequences.

He is only thinking about the gratification of the moment. He only realizes his actions the next day and he starts to panic because he doesn’t want you to know.

In the first few days he will try extremely hard to to be courteous to you.

In this way he tries to clear his guilty conscience. You won't notice anything at first and will enjoy his attention to the fullest.

But what if it wasn't a one-time thing? What happens when a fling turns into an affair?

Tips on how to tell when your partner is cheating:

< p>You can see that very easily from his behavior. When he's out, he never calls you.

If you call him, he just pushes your call away and then tells you later that he was in a meeting and couldn't talk.

More and more often he works overtime and when you ask him about it, he's kind of nervous and very often avoids eye contact with you.

Your love life has changed completely.

He doesn't feel like it more to do anything with you, even if you suggest something he loves, he doesn't feel like it and just wants to lie down.

He’s always tired and crawls into bed first.

If you walk past the bedroom, you can see him twitch nervously and slide his smartphone under the covers so you don’t see what he does.

More and more often you catch him grinning when he gets a text and when you ask him about it he just says it's someone from work.

When he goes out, he gets extremely dressed up and puts on quite a lot of perfume, which he rarely did before.

Now you have every reason to be suspicious and take a closer look at your partner.

You should confront your partner because there is no point in chasing and snooping on them .

You could only put yourself in danger that way and you certainly don't want to.

If he’s really having an affair, he won’t be able to hide it from you for long, because you’ve already found out about him, so to speak.

He will feel persecuted and that makes him feel additional stress.

Talk openly to your partner and tell them that you sense something is wrong and that you think they are cheating on you.

If If he has developed feelings for the other person, he will also admit it and you will look for a solution together. There are two options -; stay together or separate.

But can you live with such a breach of trust, do you want to be the cheated woman?

How do you overcome a breach of trust?

You can overcome a breach of trust. The path to healing will not be easy, but it can still be achieved with a lot of patience.

Couples therapy helps many people to establish new trust and give love a new chance.

< p>These clues will guide you on the right path to spiritual healing so you can find your inner peace and no longer be the betrayed partner.

1. Revenge is not a solution

The first thing that comes to mind after a betrayal is revenge.

But is revenge really what you want need? Will it really make you feel any better?

Revenge is just an intense reaction to the pain you've endured yourself.

You have been betrayed, hurt and betrayed in the worst way by your beloved partner.

Now of course you want them to go through the same hell too.

Why should he be better off when he was so heartless to you, you think.

But after an act of revenge, you may feel better at the moment, but by the evening you will the mental pain is remembered and the disappointment eats you away.

It very often happens that the act of revenge does not bother the deceiver at all, because in the end he doesn't get it at all or he laughs at the person who has been deceived, because this conveys to him that you are hurting a lot is.

Every act of revenge is prompted by strong emotions and you don't want to serve your vulnerability on a silver platter.

Although the temptation is great; be, don't let your hurt emotions guide you.

Sooner or later you would regret your act of revenge and when you look back on it after a while you will just be glad you didn't do anything.

The best revenge is no revenge!

2. Take your time

If a loved one has betrayed you and betrayed your trust, you should give yourself enough time to come to terms with the whole situation.

You have to collect your thoughts first and think about everything. The best thing you can do is completely stop contact.

If you stop contact, you will feel faint for the first few days and you will be looking for answers.

But anything the scammer says at the moment will only stress you out further because you still haven't processed it.

If your partner does put pressure on you, you should tell them openly that you need some time to yourself, that you need to come to terms with the situation and clear your head.

Only then you will try to talk to him.

I know you will be interested in how he is doing at the time, but you don’t have to contact have him, you can check everything through his social media accounts.

And if he's smart enough, he'll also send you little messages through his profile.


If you notice that you have let yourself down, that you no longer have any desire for revenge and want an open discussion with your partner, you should get in touch.

You should question everything very carefully and at all your questions demand an answer.

At first you may think you don't want to hear this, but sooner or later you will have to face the truth.

3. What is gone is gone

If you have decided to give your partner another chance to put the betrayal behind you and start a future together, you should put the past behind you.

You have over everything talked, you have spoken out and you are aware of his mistakes, you also know that he regrets it and is happy about a new chance.

For that reason it would be for’l It wouldn't be healthy for your relationship if you kept blaming him about it.

Sometimes you will be tempted to accuse him of betraying his trust and to use your generosity against him, but such a relationship cannot work in the long term.

Behaviour like this only shows that you are with the topic and that you cannot focus on a future together because you are too focused on the past.

Your partner will certainly tolerate this for a while, but after a while he will distance himself from you and a breakup may also occur.

4. Don't control everything

This point can be traced back to the third point. You should put the past behind you.

If you doubt everything and question everything your partner tells you, you show that you cannot rebuild trust.

Controlling your partner's every move and scouring their smartphone for evidence will only mislead you.

You won't be able to sleep at night, during the day you'll be stalking them over and over again Do some research.

If you've already decided to give your relationship another chance, you just have to trust him.

That's the way love works. You must trust your partner blindly and hope that they will not betray your trust.

You will find this difficult because your partner has betrayed you before.

But you have to think positively, maybe they have learned from their mistake and they will never hurt you in this way again.

< p>If you still feel that you cannot lead the relationship relaxed, it would be best to end the relationship.

5. Look for the reason

It doesn't always have to be about an affair or cheating, a breach of trust also occurs when you lie to your partner.

You should get to the bottom of his motivations.

Try to put yourself in his shoes so you might see how that would have made you feel, or how you would have felt in that situation would have reacted.

Sometimes people just lie so they can get off the hook and get on with their daily lives.

There is usually less to it than you think. You also have to approach your partner and together you can solve your problems.

6. It's not your fault

If you really want to put a betrayal behind you, you have to forgive yourself. Many people imagine that they are to blame for the breach of trust.

Self-doubt and feelings of guilt often develop, but you alone could not have done anything about it. It's not you.

It's entirely your partner who betrayed your trust.

You couldn’t have stopped him even if you tried.

So don’t think that you’re a bad partner or that you deserve the abuse of trust.


Nobody deserves that and when you give your partner a second chance it is a sign of greatness because only the strongest and bravest of souls give a second chance.

Any breach of trust is the scammer's sole decision, you have no control over it!

7. Couples Therapy

If you've made the decision to continue your relationship but don't know how to rebuild trust, you should consult a psychologist .

Through couples therapy, you can leave all your doubts behind and look forward to your future together with satisfaction.

During therapy you can talk openly about anything without fear that you will say something wrong.

Your couples therapist will help you look inside yourself and the to process past experiences in a positive way.

It often happens that such couple therapy welds the partners together even more and that the relationship becomes even more intimate.

< /p>

Any breach of trust can have dire consequences, but it is up to you to decide who you want to give another chance to and whether it's worth giving someone another chance.

No one can guarantee you that ;r ensure that your trust will never be betrayed again, but you must not lose faith in the good in people.

Especially when it comes to trust, one hopes and believes that one can made the right decision.

If you give your partner a second chance, you should first be at peace with yourself, because this is the only way the doubts will disappear from your relationship.

Looks forward and believe that your partner has learned their lesson and that this time they will appreciate your newfound trust more.

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