Before you start an informal relationship, you should know these 5 things

Before you start an informal relationship, you should know these 5 things

When you first think about it, a no-commitment relationship sounds perfect.< /p>

You see it as an opportunity to enrich your life with just the right amount of passion and butterflies to help you get through the day.

You have someone who you can call when you are lonely without having any responsibilities that could turn your life upside down.

You don't have to change or compromise for the sake of the other and you can keep rocking your single life while having someone to give you a little affection and tenderness when you need it.< /p>

Sounds like a great deal, doesn't it? Because what can go wrong?

Well, I had the exact same thoughts that were going through my mind before I started my almost-relationship. And then life proved me wrong.

So I'm going to give you a first-hand look at what this type of relationship is actually like.

You are about to read 5 things that will change your mind about everything you thought you knew about unofficial relationships.

1. It's not a real relationship

Modern dating has taught us that an unofficial relationship is almost exactly the same as a real one.

You spend time with your Partners, you communicate regularly, you are physically intimate and basically you do all the things that a normal couple does.

However, the emphasis here is on the word almost. This relationship isn't a real relationship, even if it's like one, and that's something you need to be aware of before you embark on it.

You can have an affair, an affair Call it a situation or some kind of connection, but if it was a real romantic relationship, you would call it that, wouldn't you?

2. But it will bring you all the real relationship problems

Your almost-boyfriend isn't someone you can always count on.

He's not someone who promised to be by your side in good times and bad, and he's not the man , who has chosen to be your best friend and life partner.

Nevertheless, he will be the cause of your sleepless nights and your tears.

He will be someone you give your precious time and effort to, just like in a real relationship.

Although this unofficial situation isn't a relationship, it will bring you all the real relationship troubles.

The ending will bring you the same amount of emotional pain that a real breakup would cause.

< p>Just because you've never been with a man doesn't mean he can't break your heart.

Don't get me wrong -; I'm not saying that being in an official relationship guarantees you a stress-free life.

I'm not saying official couples don't have issues and disagreements because they most certainly do.

But they also have the perks of a real relationship that make any difficulties worthwhile. And that's something you don't have.

If you find yourself in that kind of situation, you have no right to demand anything.

You don't have the right to ask Loyalit&auml ;t to demand fidelity, commitment, effort or determination.

Whenever you think about complaining, remember that you made the choice to do so.

3. It's probably never going to get serious

If you're planning on getting into this type of relationship with the hope that one day it'll turn into something serious – don't do it.

A person who has no doubts about you and a person who is sure of their feelings for you will behave accordingly from the start.

Please don't lie to yourself that your love will change this man and that he will eventually understand that you deserve his girlfriend's title.

Don't fall for his false excuses, that he just needs time to do his shitß to fix.

Don't believe his empty promises that this arrangement is only temporary and that things will be sorted out between you in no time.

The bitter truth is , that probably nothing will ever change.

You will only end up wasting years of your life with someone who thinks you are practical while you continue to wait for a miracle that will never come.

4 . You have no right to be jealous

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to going into a no-label relationship is that you probably you are not the only girl in this man’s life.

After all, he has never promised you fidelity or exclusivity, which means you have no right to be jealous.

Nevertheless, I guarantee you'll be more than – you'll just know you can't show it.

You'll spend numerous nights crying yourself to sleep wondering what your almost boyfriend is up to.

< p>You will do your best to find out everything about other women in his life, secretly hoping that you are the only one while not saying a word and knowing that he never gave you the right to ask any questions.

5. You Deserve More

Before you commit to an off-label relationship, you need to know that it's not what you deserve and definitely not what you'll settle for should give.

Instead, you deserve a man who will be more than proud to hold your hand in public, show you his affection in front of everyone, and call you his girlfriend.


You deserve more than being hidden from the world, more than being handy to a man who can't make up his mind while he's actually waiting for someone better to come along.< /p>

You deserve a man who will never make you question your worth and who believes you are important enough to put a label on your relationship.

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