Before you date a woman who has experienced domestic violence, here's what you need to know

Before you date a woman who has experienced domestic violence, here's what you need to know

This woman has been through so much in her life that and all the things that happened to her will always be a part of her.

That means she needs a man who will be there for her. She needs someone who will fight for her and not with her.

She needs a man who will finally be her safe haven to retreat to whenever she feels depressed. And above all, she needs someone who can show her his love and affection.

So if you want to be with a woman who has experienced domestic violence, there are a few things you need to know to make your relationship work.

1. She can't run away from her past

Even if she wants to forget her past, she can't.

There are some horrible things that happen to her with her ex are, but all of these things have made her who she is today – to the strong and independent woman who finally loves herself.

Her past is just a lesson she had to learn the hard way, but at least she knows it. now that she will never settle for less than she deserves.

So if you really care about her and want to write a beautiful story with her, try all of hers Accept imperfections.

And remember that what happened to her wasn't her fault. She's been through hell and back so you should show her what true love is.

2. Physical contact is not easy for her

You need to understand that she left an abusive relationship where her partner was physically violent and where she suffered greatly.

That's why she won't feel very comfortable when you touch her at first, and you need to earn her trust so she can really relax and make the first move.

She has trauma from her past, so it will mean a lot to her if you understand how she feels and accept her decision to take things slowly.

Don't think that she doesn't want to, that you hug or touch her – because she wants it – but only when the time comes.

3. She feels empty and lost

Even though she has escaped her abusive relationship, she still lacks confidence.

She's still pretty empty and lost, and she knows; not knowing which is the right path for her.

That's why she needs a man as a leader who knows what's best for her.

Her needs someone to confide in all the terrible things that happened to her, hoping that such a man will help her to overcome her problems.

4. You have to be patient with her

Every man wants to know what happened to his partner in the relationship before him, especially if it was an abusive relationship.

She knows you want all the details, but she needs them also some time to open up to you.

You've never been in her shoes and you don't know how it feels when the man you love the most hits or humiliates you.

If she's willing to tell you all about her experience, she'll open up to you, but until then just be patient and don't force her.

5. She needs your support

When she finally has the courage to sit down and talk to you about anything, you can't bring her down any more with your pity.

She doesn't need that. She doesn't want you to look at her like a victim. She wants to hear from you how strong she is.

She wants to hear from you that you are proud of her and everything she has done to get rid of her abusive partner.

Tell her anything she wants to hear and whatever you do, don't forget to tell her you love her – because that's what counts the most.

6. She deserves better, and knows that. so has she

This woman has been through more shit in her life than you can even imagine.

She knows how it feels, kudos; to be happy, but she knows; also how it feels to be emotionally crushed.

Now that she's out of this, she realizes that she deserves a lot better circumstances than she's had before, and that she willing to do anything to finally feel content and happy.

I hope you show her what true love feels like and I hope you are the soul mate , which she has longed for!

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