Be with someone who is scared to death of losing you

Be with someone who is scared to death of losing you

Thanatophobia (n.) the fear of losing someone you love.

In a world of 7 billion people, finding your soulmate is virtually impossible.

There's no way you can be with everyone and know who's the best match for you. But you can find someone who is worthy of your time and attention.

You can be with whoever you want, but it's about finding someone who stays. Why would you go through the whole rapprochement process only to end up heartbroken again?

The only catch is that you have to let it into your heart wholeheartedly.You must be willing to reveal your soul to him.

Show him your scars, show him your wounds and let him kiss them to heal them. You can have fun with any have, but can you also show everyone your true self? I don't think so.

Someone who is afraid of losing you will never be able to stay mad at you for very long. They can get upset about something , but his fear of losing you will always outweigh his anger.

Be with someone who is afraid to see you next to someone else.

Be with someone who can't stand not talking to you or not knowing what's in is going on in your life.

Be with a man who would do anything not to lose you, who is proud of you and your achievements; with someone who will appreciate you even on your worst days.

Stick with someone who knows your demons but isn't afraid of them.

Be with a man who respects you more than anyone else in this world and who values ​​your opinion.< /p>

Stay with the man who can't get enough of you and who will keep seducing you even when you're old and wrinkled.

Be with that man who can't tell you enough how beautiful you are or how much he loves you. Encourage him and let him fight for you – you deserve it.

You deserve someone who would go to war just to have you by their side. Many kings have fought wars to be with their loved ones.

Be with someone who will kiss you wholeheartedly – your body and soul; be with someone who is proud to have you in their life and who thinks you are the greatest blessing in the world.

When they are scared to lose you he will be a fighter and will do anything to keep you.

You will be his number 1 and his eyes will sparkle when he looks at you.

Because life is all about the best ;nity. And only the one who is scared of losing you is “right”.

The man who is scared to death of losing you will stay, for you, for him. You can be sure of that.

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