Be brave enough to leave a man who doesn't want to commit

Be brave enough to leave a man who doesn't want to commit

For a woman like you who believes in true love like in a fairy tale is the worst thing about modern dating is the fact that people have sort of normalized casual relationships.

It's like taking the word commitment out of the dictionary and like a healthy, serious relationship has become something of a jackpot instead of something completely normal.

No, you have nothing against people who consciously and consensually engage in affairs.

It's one thing if neither party is interested in a committed relationship and if both are just having fun want to have.

But it's quite a different thing when you long for a real relationship with someone who has never heard of loyalty and fidelity – and that is your problem.

For as long as you can remember, you've always dealt with guys who don't want anything long-term. Guys who are perfectly content with temporary affairs and don't want anything else.

But let me remind you, don't settle for less to settle for more than you wish and than you deserve.

I would like to remind you not to get into an informal relationship where you never know where you stand.

< p>Forget social standards. Forget the new normal and focus on what's normal for you.

No matter what you're told, it's not okay for a man to flatter you, to totally win you over, only to end up telling you that he's emotionally unavailable when things get serious.

It's not okay to settle for casual relationships, if you want more.

It's not okay to settle for morsels of his love and attention when you know you deserve more.

I'm begging you to stop doing this to yourself . I beg you: have a little more self-respect and be brave enough to get whatever you want. Stop saying everything is okay.

Don't be afraid to be labeled old-fashioned just because you want something official.

Don't be afraid to come off as possessive jealous just because you demand exclusivity and fidelity.

Don't be afraid to come off clingy just because you want someone's undivided Want attention.

Don't be afraid to come across as prudish just because you don't want to give your body to someone who doesn't want your heart, mind and soul.< /p>

Believe me: You're not crazy because you want full engagement.

You are not too picky just because you want a man who is willing to put in some effort for your relationship.

Your standards are not outrageously high just because you have basic Expect things like love, respect and appreciation.

You are not asking too much just because you want loyalty and unconditional love.

To be precise, you're just braver than the rest of the world and I'm asking you to stick with it.

I would like to ask you to leave immediately if a man tells you that he cannot give you what you want.

When he begins to justify his alleged emotional unavailability, and when you see that he cannot make up his mind.

I ask you to leave any man who is not mature enough to pursue only one relationship.

< p>I ask you to leave any man who does not have the decency to choose you or who does not treat you as his first and only choice.

Be brave enough to face the truth and realize that such a man will never change.

Be brave enough to understand that you cannot save him and his heart of love can open.

I ask you to always be more important to yourself than any half-hearted love. Be more important to yourself than any potential almost-relationship and than someone's potential.

Be brave enough to break your own heart and leave someone you love, simply because you know they don't deserve you.

Be brave enough hurt yourself now instead of allowing him to hurt you for months or even years.

Most importantly, be brave enough to stay single in this cruel world until a man comes into your life who loves you can give the commitment you are looking for.

Be patient enough to wait for him instead of wasting your time with the wrong guys.

Be brave enough, never under pressure giving up on others who tell you that you are waiting for someone who will never come.

Be brave enough to never lose faith that there are real men who only want one woman give.

I beg you, be brave enough not to let anyone devalue you.

Be brave enough to always remember how precious you really are and never settle for morsels of half-hearted love and fake attention.

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