Be ashamed of making her feel unworthy of love

Be ashamed of making her feel unworthy of being loved

We all make it difficult for others to love us at times. We all have good days and bad days and that's okay. But it's not ok if you make her feel like she's not worth loving. It wasn't ok of you to make her feel like she wasn't worth loving.

You didn't know how to love her, so you blamed her. You couldn't take her, which is why you played the victim and she ended up being the one was injured. But the secret is that she's more than lovable—you were just the wrong person.

You say she had the wrong attitude. Didn't.She just didn't want to lower her voice just because you wanted to. She didn't want to be quiet just because you wanted her to be quiet. If you were wrong, then you should know that you were wrong.

You say that out of nowhere she created problems.Didn't do it. She gave you trouble when you were an asshole. She didn't tolerate your games and she didn't let you fool her. It's ok for you to go out with your friends but it's not ok to ignore their calls or texts for hours.

You say she was always busy.She wasn't. She just wanted her dreams to come true. She always had time for you. She answered your calls, she always answered you if you texted her first and she had time to listen to your problems. She just put a lot of time into her career and that bothered you. You wanted her to be dependent on you so that you could control her life. That's why you had to make her feel guilty because she was so damn good at what she did.

You say that she didn't pay enough attention to you. Did she.She was the one who organized your dinners. She was the one who picked out the movies and she was the one who made you leave the house. She knew what you like and don't like. She got on well with your friends and she had a solution for each of your problems. And if not, she was always there to listen to you and take care of you.

You say that it was impossible to love her. Maybe for you. Maybe it's because you didn't try hard enough in the relationship with her. She wasn't worth loving because you didn't know how to deal with her.

But loving her was possible. It was so easy to love her. She wanted your attention and understanding. She wanted you to try harder and she wanted you to accept her for who she is. You didn't have to change them. She was just fine the way she was. You wanted to remodel her to your liking. But that would have been a shame.

Because she will be loved by someone who knows how to love her . Someday she will meet someone who doesn't think the whole world revolves around them. She will find someone who will make her feel like she is the whole world to him. Unfortunately, you are not that person.


Because between us, you were the one who wasn't worth loving.< /p>

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