Balm for the soul: end of relationship sayings that ease your pain

Balm for the Soul: End of Relationship Quotes to Ease Your Pain

Do you know that feeling when you think your heart is about to break in pain?

When everything before your eyes is blurred by tears and when memories twist your head and you think you're going to faint any second?

If all you want to do is sleep and cry, because you don’t have the strength for anything?

This is exactly what causes the pain of separation. Separating from a loved one feels like a part of our body and soul has been ripped off and gone with the loved one.

Nothing is the same.

A story is over.

Only traces of time remain and the hope that the pain will pass and the sun will shine through the dark clouds again.

Lovesickness and heartbreak have always been the inspiration for the most beautiful verses of songs, for new sayings about love and disappointment and the most beautiful love stories.

Thanks to that we have great quotes and proverbs that express our pain and give us a kind of comfort by showing us that we are not alone.

That it there are many people in the world going through the same thing and that love is just a wheel of fortune: someone laughs, someone cries, one love begins while another fades.

Unfortunately, that's the way life is.

That's why I've put together the most beautiful heartbreaking mourning sayings and wisdom about lovesickness for you that will help you to express your pain and to understand that love is like this: sometimes it gives, sometimes it takes.

In addition, you will find beautiful sayings and inspirational quotes that will make it easier for you to piece together the pieces of your heart and move on.

Because where one chapter ends, our life opens another and writes new stories.

So read on and find the most beautiful sayings about heartbreak. You can use them as WhatsApp or Facebook statuses, or share them on different platforms in the form of the best images.

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End of relationship sayings: wisdom and heartbreaking sayings

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When our love ends, all we have left is a great emptiness in our hearts.

1. Sometimes you meet true love at the wrong time.

2. I miss your breath I listen to at night; your hand that gently touches me. I miss your soul that makes me stagger.

3. I won't stop loving you until a painter can paint the sound of a falling rose.

4. As soon as love feels its chain, it realizes
that it must end.

5. Sometimes the heart needs more time to accept what the head already knows.

6. Being alone is nice when you want it, but not when you have to.

7. The sorrow that does not speak gnaws at the heart until it breaks.

8. Love and suffering are two different things. But somehow they belong together. Because he who loves suffers and he who suffers loves!

9. The memories of us are hot water bottles for my heart.

10. If you really love something, let it go. When it comes back, it's yours. If not, it was never yours.

11. It's like you took my breath away when you left.

12. When you're in love and you get hurt, it's like a cut. It will heal, but there will always be a scar.

13. Memories of love are tattoos on the heart.

14. They say time heals wounds, but you only get used to the pain.

15. Separation always means letting go. And letting go is a difficult thing.

16. Sometimes things break that were meant to last forever.

17. I miss you. Not as you are now, but as you were.

18. Your kisses were more than a poem! I got lost in them like hope in the light! It was our love that held it all together! Now we're alone… Cupid lost his arrow!

19. Most of the time, when two people divorce, one suffers a little more.

20. You never realize how much you love someone until you lose them.

21. The worst thing the universe can do to you is meet the right person at the wrong time.

22. Some may hurt you more than you deserve because you love them more than they deserve.

23. Memories of paradise accompany me through the dark night that never seems to end.

24. One does not cry because one is weak, but because one has had to be strong for too long.

25. Sometimes you have to let go of someone in order for them to be happy. Even if you break yourself.

26. Even if we part ways now, I have no regrets. Perhaps there will be a time when we will meet again – under better conditions. You will always be in my heart.

27. It's hard waiting for something you know will probably never happen – but it's even harder to give up what was really all you ever wanted.

28. Tears dry, the heart keeps crying.

29. Life has countless ways to break your heart, that's for sure.

30. After I got to know the dark side of your words, that's when I turned my back on you.

31. Sometimes you wish love had never existed, then you would have been spared the pain.

32. There are two kinds of farewells: one is experienced, the other is suffered.

33. Love lingers so short, forgetting so long.

34. At the beginning of love, lovers speak of the future. At your end from the past.

35. People step on your footß and apologize. Others step into your heart and don't even realize it.

36. Because, despite all the time and all the renewed pain and hope, I wish not to forget anything. I think we were good and our time together was good and our parting ways was good.

37. It hurts when you have to forbid your heart what it longs for.

38. Do not set your heart on the goods,
that adorn life ephemerally.
Whoever possesses, learn to lose,
whoever is in happiness, learn to suffer.

39. It takes a second to say hello and a lifetime to say goodbye.

40. When you left, I needed you the most.

41. One of the hardest battles is between what you feel and what you know.

42. Man is unhappy because he does not know that he is happy.

43. There is never a lack of reasons for divorce if there is only good will.

44. Getting hurt is a part of life. We can't change that.

45. The more love you can feel, the more pain you can feel.

46. The source of my tears does not dry up, it leads to the ocean of memories.

47. Who do you turn to when the only person who can comfort you is the one you are crying about?

48. Why didn't we manage to hold on?

49. Publishers and record companies love broken hearts.

50. If you miss something, then you know that it was important to you.

51. The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that they will never be yours again.

52. Tears purify the heart.

53. The most power in a relationship always belongs to those who don't care about it.

54. It's rare to part on good terms. Because when you're on good terms, you don't fall apart.

55. My heart was broken and it was awful. But I'd rather have my heart broken than someone else's heart broken.

56. If one cries it was love, if no one cries it was never love, if both cry it is love.

57. Great love is often followed by great suffering.

58. Some pain is so great that the eye cannot weep tears, but only that the heart, quietly and quietly, weeps blood.

59. Always amazing how long people can be unhappy before they do something about it.

60. You can tell a person's true character by how they treat you when they no longer need you.

61. I can't wait for the day when I look at you and feel absolutely nothing.

62. A mouth can laugh even when the heart cries.

63. Love usually dies from the little mistakes you find so adorable in the beginning.

64. It's not the truth that hurts, but the lies before it.

65. Those who leave do not feel the pain of parting. The one left behind suffers.

66. Never say you lost true love, true love would never leave you.

67. There's nothing left to say if no one is listening.

68. I loved you and still love you!
And if the world fell,
from its ruins the flames of my love would rise

69. Sometimes a retreat is needed to protect heart and soul.

70. It's hard to forget someone you wanted in your future.

71. A relationship that doesn't grow can never last.

72. We break what we love.

73. One knows that acute grief will pass after such a loss, but one will remain unconsoled, never finding a replacement.

Anything that takes its place, and if it does should also fill out completely, something else remains. And actually that's right. It's the only way to continue love.

74. Love is like the moon: if it doesn't increase, it decreases.

75. It's hard when you have to accept something you can't and won't.

76. Loving you is an honor. Getting you is a struggle. Kissing you is indescribable. Losing you is the end of the world. Forgetting you is impossible.

77. The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it.

78. We give those we love the right to hurt us.

79. Time doesn't heal wounds, it only makes you forget the pain.

80. Know that nothing can be taken from you that is truly yours.

81. Now White me that I didn't know what love is. And what even a hint of a broken heart feels like.

To stand in front of the person who means everything to you and be told you're not enough. Finding out that he doesn't choose you. That you are a shadow to the one who is your sun.

82. It is sad when two who belong together break up. But it's even sadder when they stay together even though they don't belong together anymore.

83. It's sad when you start to realize that you don't mean as much to a person as you thought you did.

84. The greatest love is always the one that remains unfulfilled – the dream.

85. The moment you have to convince someone to stay with you is the moment you should go.

86. Saying goodbye always hurts, even if you've been looking forward to it for a long time.

87. A heavy heart, like heavy clouds, is best relieved by squeezing some water.

88. You'll never know how much I loved you because nobody asks a healed wound if it ever hurt.

89. Love that can turn into hate
was never real love
because it only wanted to possess.

90. Losing love means losing your mind.

91. We often destroy what we love and then love even more what we have destroyed.

92. In adversity one sees the truth more clearly.

93. When things break, it's not the break itself that prevents them from coming together again. A small part is lost – the two ends no longer match, even if they want to. Her whole form has changed.

94. Harry, your suffering proves you're still human! This pain is part of being human.

95. Love doesn't stop when a person is gone.

96. Pretending it doesn't hurt hurts the most.

97. Wanting to forget someone means thinking about them.

98. You were my dream, but eventually everyone wakes up.

99. Do not separate yourself from your illusions. When they are gone, you will continue to exist but have ceased to live.

100. We humans are constantly coming and going. Today we get to know and love someone, tomorrow it may be that we have to part with them again.

101. It hurts when you have someone in your heart but not in your arms.

102. It's the little bossies that wear down a great love.

103. The shards of love can never be put back together.

104. Love is the only fairy tale that doesn't start with “Once upon a time…” begins but ends with it.

105. My soul has more hubs than my body.

106. It is difficult to forget someone who is not in the head but in the heart.

107. Man is born in a single day and dies in a single day. But spending three quarters of your life with a broken heart is like dying every morning.

108. Numbing the pain for a while only means it's worse when you do eventually feel it.

109. The most human of weaknesses is racking our brains over what broke our hearts.

110. Never steal a heart as a joke or it will hurt someone.

111. Sometimes you hate the person you love the most because they're the only one who can really hurt you.

112. Fight for what you love or you will regret not fighting!

113. Sometimes silence is the only way to show how hurt you are.

114. Unfortunately, losing is one of the risks in the greatest game in the world: love.

115. It is not the broken heart that afflicts us, it is wounded pride.

116. That's why we call people ex-partners, I suppose – – because the paths of the X cross, but eventually diverge.

117. You end up remembering exactly what you tried to forget.

118. If you have to convince someone that they are right for you, then they are not right for you.

119. Breaking up with a loved one feels like a part of your personality is dying. It will never come again. A breakup will change you.

120. “It was a mistake,” you said. But the cruel thing was that it felt like my mistake – to trust you.

121. I would love to love, but my heart is screaming, ‘To forget things, need’ I have more time’

122. Blessed are the hearts that can bend, for they will never break.

123. Sometimes you have to accept that some people always have a place in your heart but never in your life.

124. Love without love in return is a question without an answer.

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Ending Relationship Sayings: Inspirational Quotes To Cheer Up

And in order not only to write sad love sayings and lovesickness quotes, we also dive into the world of inspirational quotes. While ending any relationship is difficult, it's not necessarily bad for you and your life.

Through these best sayings and aphorisms you will find out why every end of a relationship can be both a new beginning and a new opportunity.

In addition, you will find some funny end of relationship sayings that will surely make you laugh.

You can use these sayings as quote images or visual statements to find the inspiration to keep going every day.

Get inspired and ü overcome your love pain!

• Sometimes you gain more from a breakup than you lose.

? The more beautiful and fuller the memory, the more difficult the separation. But gratitude turns the memory into a quiet joy.

• Life breaks us all at some point, but only some of us are stronger at the breaks afterwards.

• If you don't let the past die, the past won't let you live.

• Not every person you lose is a loss!

? Everything gets better when you decide you don't care.

• Only when you stumble do you pay attention to the path.

• When it comes to “separation” the motto is: “Better an end with horror than horror without end.

• Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

• Between "miss you" and "fuck off" there is only one letter.

? All failed relationships hurt, but losing someone who doesn't value and respect you is more of a gain than a loss.

• Better to part in unity than to be always together in strife and strife.

• And if you feel like everything is falling apart, stay calm. It just reorders.

• In the oceans there is no wave that stands alone.

• A strong woman is able to smile in the morning even though she cried at night.

•Don't think about the past, live the present.

• The only person who will always stay by your side is yourself. So, show yourself the necessary respect, because you have to get along with yourself longer.

• Whoever wants to drown an unhappy love in alcohol is foolish. Because alcohol preserves.

? In every breakup lies an opportunity. The opportunity to mature and grow on it instead of breaking on it.

• Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

• Don't prioritize someone for whom you are only an option.

• to meet me is destiny To love me is courage. Getting me is patience. To have me, a dream. Pissing on me, your downfall.

? Hopes and expectations are two different things. Don't settle for the former.

• Shake off everything that hinders you in your development and even if it were a person who loves you, because what destroys you cannot promote anyone else.

• Losing a loved one is like a bad haircut, eventually it grows over.

• Better a lost love than never being loved.

? There comes a time when you grow out of being attracted to the flame that burns you over and over again.

• Anyone who's been through a breakup can tell how big a breakup is. is the gap left by the partner when they leave. But after some time of mourning, a new door opens.

• Luckily there is no elevator. You have to take the stairs.

? Yes, and I'm sad too. But at the same time I am happy that something like this can cause me sadness. And that's why I feel alive. I feel human.

And the reason I'm so sad now can only be because I experienced something beautiful before. That's why for me the bad goes with the good. I feel something like a glorious sadness.

• It's not you, I just deserve better.

• Why is there so much suffering,
such short-lived happiness?
Why always divorce,
when we loved so much?
So many an eye’ broken
and many a mouth is now mute,
which first spoke sweetly;
you poor heart, why?

• Sometimes it's better to be alone than with someone who makes you feel alone.

• If you are not feeling well, take the time to grieve. But forget the sadness afterwards and think about what makes you happy.

? Don't be afraid to let go because you never know what great things will replace what you've lost.

• The only person that prevents us from succeeding is the one we see in the mirror.

• The real art is finding the wonderful in the everyday and not making it dependent on a single person.

• Each dried tear is a step forward to a better time.

? Love usually dies from the little mistakes that you find so adorable in the beginning.

• A second chance is only useful if you understand why it didn't work the first time.

• Don't cry because it's over, smile because it was beautiful.

• Despite loving a person one recognizes his bad qualities, despite hating a person one recognizes his good qualities.
(Chinese proverb)

? It's sad when two people can't be together because one of them is a complete idiot.

• Change comes from ordinary people doing unusual things.

• You can't change the world, but you can look at it with different eyes.

• Some doors just have to be closed. Not because of pride or arrogance, but simply because they lead nowhere.

? Man has three ways of acting wisely.
First, by reflection: This is the noblest.
Second, by imitation: This is the easiest.
Third, by experience: This is the most bitter.

• Emotions are like alcohol. Eventually the body will break them down.

• Sometimes you have to be unhappy in life, otherwise you know; you can't appreciate it!

• If you don't love anymore and don't make mistakes anymore, let yourself be buried.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

• Freedom is the ability to forego opportunities. Use the freedom, renounce it and live in the here and now.

• Every life has a measureß of sorrow, sometimes that is what causes awakening.

• Whoever moves collects; whoever stands still dries up.

• I wish I could go back in time, slap myself and come back.

? I love you. But I love myself more.

• Let out the sadness and don't worry about shedding too many tears: the human body is made up of half water.

• You can't really count on the weather or on love.

• Change your mind and stop complaining.

• What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.

• Don't run after the one who is happy without you, find someone who can't live without you.

• I'd rather have a broken arm than a broken heart.

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