Ask me how I'm doing, if you dare

Ask me how I'm doing if you dare

Despite everything we meant to each other, despite all our love, despite all the moments we shared , despite all the time that's between us now, I honestly don't want you anymore.

I'm finally ready to say ”No” to say to you I'm finally ready to move on. But it still hurts.

I loved you and you loved me. And I know that what we had was real. I hoped it would be forever.

I was so lucky to have found my soul mate. I was lucky to have someone like you in my life. I felt so blessed that you love me.

But no matter how I felt, it didn't work out. Sometimes love alone isn't enough.

Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we let our pride take over.

Sometimes we value ego over love. And sometimes we lose the ones we love when we don't want to.

I know what we had was real thanks to the pain I felt after it was over.

I always knew that if our love ever ended, I would be devastated. And that's exactly what happened.

We loved each other unconditionally, and then suddenly I wasn't good enough for you anymore. Everything you felt for me was suddenly gone and you gave up on me.

You gave up on me so easily. And there was nothing I could do. You just broke my heart and instead of blood, pain and love flowed from the wounds.

One moment you loved me, and the next you were gone from my life. One moment you cared about me and the next you left without looking back.

You ripped apart everything that held us together and moved on.

One moment my apartment was full of your stuff, and the next you're gone with all your stuff in a single suitcase.

I know we're over, and it has nothing to do with me wanting you back. I know there is no ”we” there are more but what gets me down the most is your coldness.

It's killing me to know that you didn't even call you to see how I was doing. You just gave up.

We were friends before we became a couple. You promised to always take care of me. Why didn't you?

You don't have to tell me why you never checked on me after you left. I know you too well.

You never asked how I was because you never had the courage to see the mess you left behind.

You never asked me how I was because you couldn't look me in the eye after you broke me.

And you never asked me how I was because you're scared to hear if I'm done with it.

But, honestly, I'm glad we haven't had this conversation yet. I'm glad you never called and I'm glad you never had the chance to see me devastated.

I've never been such a wreck in my life as I was when we broke up. And I promise I never will be again.

I pulled myself together. After so long, after you were gone, after being on my own and beating myself up for not being able to stop you, I've learned to let go.

I've learned that you can never keep those who are out of your life in your life, no matter how much you loved them.

I've learned that the people you love don't necessarily stay in your life.

And I've learned that those who promise you their love won't necessarily love you forever.

So I grabbed my broken heart and got on with my life. And now I'm ready.

Now ask me how I'm doing. Ask me how I was without you, if you dare.

I'll tell you how painful it was, but you won't see it. I'll tell you how much I missed you, but you won't be able to understand it properly.

I'll tell you that it still hurts, but that I'm fine. And that's gonna piss you off.

Because I'm fine. I'm finally fine without you. I finally got on with my life.

I finally let go of my love for you. I let go of you and I let myself fall because I knew I would find the strength to get up and keep going.

I don't want you anymore. I don't need your love anymore I won't wait for your call anymore.

But come on, call me now. Listen what a good life I have now.

Look into the eyes of the woman you destroyed and see that I don't destroy stayed ;rt. Do you dare?

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