An open letter to my ex: Thank you for cheating on me

An open letter to my ex: thank you for cheating on me

Although cheating has sadly become commonplace in modern dating, it's still one of the most devastating things that someone might experience being cheated on by their loved one.

I know; it because I felt it on my own skin.

When you, who I thought was the love of my life, betrayed me, I felt betrayed, humiliated and disappointed after my heart was broken.

I forü felt like the person I trusted the most had betrayed me in the most horrible way.

Also, I couldn't help but wonder why I hadn't seen it before have.

How come I was so stupid as to let this happen over and over again right in front of my eyes without me realizing it?

Just like that, my self-esteem vanished overnight.< /p>

I was wondering what was missing in our relationship that you had to look to someone else. What did this girl have that I didn't have?

Every single one of those thoughts and questions went through my mind when I found out you weren't faithful to me.< /p>

And while staying with you was never an option, leaving you didn't ease my pain.

I felt like I wanted to die and like nothing and no one could help me. could make me feel better.

Like it's the end of the world and like I'll never recover from everything you've done to me.

I wondered how I could waste so many years of my life living in a lie.

Obviously you've never loved or respected me like you should because you don't do that with someone you love.

I would understand if you're honest enough would have been to tell me that you are no longer in love with me.

But what I could never understand and forgive you for was betraying my trust and keeping me as your backup plan , while you have an affair and convince me that you love me more than anything.

After spending some time grieving, I've decided it's time to pull myself together one way or another.

After all, you were out there somewhere; en and lived your life as if nothing happened and there I was, holding on to this pain and letting my heartbreak define me.

I have decided that I am not responsible for everything that happened and that you are the only person responsible for your cheating.

I knew I was doing my best did to make our relationship work, and if there was something that was bothering you, you should have come clean instead of fumbling behind my back.

I decided there was no point in hating the girl you were having an affair with either.

Yes, my first instinct was to blame her for everything, but then I realized – she wasn't the one who promised me commitment.

She wasn't the one who lay in bed next to me every night like everything was fine, the one who who kept making future plans for me, knew what was happening and the one who kept swearing that she loved me, even when the truth was completely different.

Nonetheless, I've learned that I shouldn't hate you either. I realized that resentment and bitterness only affected me negatively.

My desire for revenge only made me a prisoner of my own pain, and it didn't affect you in any way. hrt.

Well, I'm not cussing you or wishing you all the worst.

I'm not blaming you or swearing I'll never forgive you what you've done.

No thanks. Yes, you heard it right: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheating on me.

Because if you hadn't, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

I don’t know what a strong woman I am and I don’t know how much I can take.

I wouldn't know that a simple heartbreak can't break me completely.

That time really does heal all wounds and that all pain, no matter how devastating it feels, is temporary.

I wouldn't know how I could have done it without you or anyone else who thinks so hand holds, could create. If you hadn't betrayed me, I wouldn't have become my own hero and savior.

I wouldn't have learned some revealing truths about love and people in general understand.

I wouldn't know that there are some insensitive and toxic people like you who don't give a damn about hurting others and that my love can't change those people, much as I would like to.

Most importantly, if you hadn't betrayed me, I wouldn't love and respect myself the way I do now.

I don't know how much I earn, what love is not, or what I can expect from a healthy relationship.

I wouldn't be so proud of my strength and my ability to endure any adversity.

I wouldn't know any better , than to let people who don't deserve me into my life and I would continue to think there's nothing wrong with settling for less.

So thank you for cheating on me because if you hadn't I would never have learned a valuable lesson.

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