Activities for two: double the fun

Enterprises for two: double the fun

Things to do for two may sound unspectacular at first, but when you're with the right person, you don't need other people to have fun. to have.

For many couples, especially those who have been together for a long time, it is often a problem to find a pastime activity that will both enjoy.

In order to enjoy togetherness, you don't have to wait for a special occasion, such as: Valentine's Day, an anniversary or your partner's birthday.

Every weekend or day off can be a new experience, that you can enjoy with your chosen one.

Embark on an adventure. Spice up your love life.

You can also use this advice if you've met someone new and want to plan a great date.

So that we don't keep you in suspense, here are a few interesting suggestions; ge for activities for two. Let's Go!

Romantic Things to Do for Two

We've all known the classics when it comes to romantic outings, but we're going to fix something, and you too Present something new and unusual.

Candle Light Dinner

A candlelight dinner is something you can always organize on the fly if you want to make your partner happy. A nice meal for two prepared with love.

Only the finest delicacies that your chosen one loves will make every heart beat faster.

As is well known, the way to the heart is through the stomach and if you light a few candles during the meal, the candlelight will conjure up a special, romantic atmosphere.

Open-air cinema< /strong>

Open-air cinema, or as it is more commonly called, drive-in cinema, is not just for teenagers, but also for grown-ups who are in love People who want to get their love life going again.

An undertaking like this will take you back to your youth. You will think of your first kiss, the first beginnings of your relationship.

This will make you realize how lucky you were to have found each other.

Mountain Hut Trip

If you both love nature, then a trip like this is just right for you.

You can spend quality time with your partner in a mountain hut.

You can get to know each other better and talk about anything.

In most cases there is no internet connection in the mountains, so you can leave your smartphone at home. Just the two of you and the great outdoors.

Sleeping under the stars

It's very romantic, but you should think about the whole thing carefully.

An overnight stay in the open air is not suitable for everyone. You have to be sure that your partner likes it too.

You should never surprise him with this if you are not sure that he would be happy about it.

But if you plan it well, it can become an experience of a lifetime.

Writing love letters for each other

When was the last time you wrote or received a love letter? I know that must have been a long time ago. But now you have the ideal opportunity to catch up.

You and your partner write letters to each other, but find a secret place to hide the letters.

There is no fixed date when you have to write each other a letter, you follow your heart.

When someone feels the need, they write something and give to the other Notice. The letter will be picked up and a reply will be written.

The place you choose should have a certain meaning for your relationship, for example, the place you go to kissed for the first time.


When the weather is nice and you don't have a specific plan of what to do, a picnic is an ideal choice.

You pack a picnic basket with your favorite treats, it shouldn't be be a lot.

A blanket so you can sit or lie down and of course your favorite drink.

If you on your smartphone If you still have good music, this can be a magical afternoon.

But don't forget to pack sunscreen, the spring sun can be deceiving.

The Game of Fear

< p>The game of fears is something you can't play with everyone, for that you have to build a certain trust and be able to talk openly with the person about everything.

It's not about fear, like mice or spiders, but about emotional fear, like fear of loss.

You have to be able to open up mentally and speak from your heart.

Your partner will show you that he will always be there for you and that you can rely on him.


This game strengthens the relationship enormously. In most cases, tears flow as well.


This is a cute photo booth. A way to show someone you're in love with them.

Go into a photo box with your partner and take some fun pictures. Of course, there can also be romantic pictures of you kissing.

The most important thing is that they are spontaneous. This will give both of you a reminder of the beautiful day.

A spa weekend

After a busy week the best thing to do, a spa weekend.

There you can recharge your batteries for the next week. After the sauna, a massage or the pool, you will feel the crackling. 😉

Dance class

What can bring a couple closer than a dance class? I can't think of anything better.

Through the dance class you will meet new people, make better use of your time together and learn some new dance moves.

After that you will open be an eye-catcher at every party. So hit the dance floor.

Surprise visit at work

It rarely happens that you visit your partner at work. Why don't we change that?

You can pay your partner a visit when they are not so busy or when they are on their lunch break.

You can have breakfast together in a cafe and enjoy the lunch break together.

Of course, this is only possible if your workplace is nearby.

Dance in the summer rain

Dancing in the rain is a common sight in movies, but does anyone really do it? Of course! But only the ones that are spontaneous.

The next time you see that it's really pouring outside, the first summer rain, you should take your partner by the hand and throw him around ask for a dance Let's hope he will say yes. 🙂

Visit a playground

I think it's been a long time since you last Have been to a playground.

But imagine how romantic, fun and unique it will be when you visit with your partner.

You can swing together or he can nudge you. That will definitely bring you closer.

A love lock

You see it more and more often that you love locks ;put it on bridges.

This is a romantic idea that will serve as a symbol of your eternal love.

You can also have your name engraved on the lock to make it last forever.

Don't forget to throw the key in the water so that love can last forever always holds. 🙂

Extreme activities for two

It doesn't always have to be romantic just because you do it for two.

There is a large number of activities that only the bravest of you can complete. Let's see if you dare.

Climbing hall

If you are sporty types, then a visit to a climbing hall will be a lot of fun for you. do.

You can also do this if you can't. So you learn something new together.

Bungee Jumping

This is something for the bravest among you. I'm sure if you decide to do this, you'll never forget it.

This will be an experience that you will also tell your grandchildren.

So if you have a strong heart, dare.

Visit the shooting range

A visit to the shooting range will definitely be an interesting date. Only very few people go shooting with their partner.

Your relationship will blossom again, because most claim that the act of shooting is very turning on is. Let's see if you can keep your hands off each other afterwards.

Rent the dream car

Each of us has our dream car and why shouldn't you fulfill your dream with your partner?

Your rent your dream car and take a tour of the city or the countryside. There are many offers that also allow you to do certain races.

Of course you can't drive yourself, but you can sit in your dream car and take part in the race. After that, the adrenaline level will definitely increase.

Tandem parachute jump

If you are a wild couple and all this is not extreme enough for you, then we have the ideal solution for you you, a tandem parachute jump.

This is a unique experience, so it would be special if you did it with your partner.

A canoe tour

With a canoe tour, the trust between the partners grows. You have to stick together as a team and drive through the wilderness together.

Never know&rszlig; man, what can happen next, that's why it's so interesting.

Horse riding

If you are an animal lover, you will definitely enjoy this ; do.

A trip to the country while still riding horses through the forest.

It's wild, unusual and a challenge for anyone who has never ridden before .

High ropes course

High ropes courses are something for sporty couples. It's an ideal pastime if you want to be physically active but still have fun. want to have with you.

And of course you shouldn't be afraid of heights.

Interesting things to do for two

Things to do together second can also be instructive, funny and interesting.

But if I'm to be honest, everything you do together is twice as much fun.

Language Course

Pick a language that both of you are interested or you can choose the language according to the next travel destination.

After the language course, the trip will be like a reward that you will learn a new language have.

You will be able to help each other and communicate at home.

Cooking class

Cooking is a very interesting pastime, especially if you also play with spices.

In a cooking class you will learn the secret magic tricks of the well-known chef and you will be able to prepare delicacies for each other.

Swimming pool

A visit to the swimming pool is great refreshment and a fun pastime, especially on summer days.

You can get close to your partner by putting lotion on each other.

Sun, water and being in love, the perfect combination.

Short trip

If you don’t have that much time or you can’t spend the holiday together, then such a short trip is an ideal solution.

You choose a nice destination that is not so far away and simply switch off.

City trip< /p>

There are so many beautiful cities near you that you have probably never visited.

Now you have the opportunity. Each of you chooses a city that you would like to visit.

You need to find out the most interesting information about the city and then take a little city tour. A new city every week and don't forget to take photos.

Bike tour

Bike tours can be very exciting, and fun ;ig, especially if you do them with your partner.

It can be a bike ride through the city, or you can ride through the forest or along the river. Don't forget to take drinks and food with you.

City Tour

You could pretend to be tourists in your hometown and join a city tour .

To make it even more fun, you should think up really stupid questions that you can then ask again and again.

Shopping< /p>

The men among you won't be very enthusiastic about that, but shopping can also be interesting. You choose two shops, one for women and one for men.

Each of you must choose an outfit for the other. Then you have to go to dinner dressed like this.

Mix cocktails together

Not only can you cook for two, you can also mix cocktails. You can put anything in there, whatever comes to your mind.

It doesn't have to be by recipe, it can be your own creation, a love potion.

Visit a flea market

Visiting a flea market is great in itself Interesting. As a couple you can make it even more interesting.

You make a budget, for example 20 euros per person and then you go your separate ways.

The goal is to buy as many good things as possible with the 20 euros.

You also need to set a time limit. The loser then buys coffee and cake.

A photo shoot for two

We all take photos every day, but have you ever been to a real one? Photo shooting? If not, you should definitely do it.

You and your partner choose the motto and if you have a favorite spot, it can serve as a backdrop.

Such a photo shoot will bring you closer and you will also have great photos together, which you can then print out.

Christmas market

In winter hat there aren't that many things to do if you're not a skier.

So the Christmas market can be a great change of pace. You stroll through the crowds together and enjoy the togetherness.

You rummage through the market, try all the sweets and of course the mulled wine we must not forget.

You snuggle up to your partner and the evening couldn't be nicer.


Almost everyone goes jogging alone. But if you already live together, then you can also do it together.

Especially if someone doesn't like sports, the joint activity can serve as an incentive.

It's automatically easier together and you can cheer each other on.

Game night

A game night can be anything from a card game to a board game or something as simple as who am I.

If you just want a quiet, relaxing evening without the hustle and bustle, then this is the right thing for you.

There are many card and board games that can be played in pairs.

So that it is something more interesting and fun, it can also be drinking games.

Amusement Park

Everyone automatically thinks that amusement parks are only for kids.

That's not true. Any adult can also have a lot of fun. in an amusement park.

Maybe it will also take you back to childhood when you buy cotton candy or when your loved one wins a toy for you.

Another good tip is it to avoid the amusement parks on weekends.

It's always better to go during the week when there aren't as many people there.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt can become a tradition. Every year, one of you makes a treasure map and hides the other’s birthday present somewhere in the house or garden.

The treasure map should also contain certain riddles related to your relationship. Let's see if your partner will solve all the puzzles.

Cookbook night

When you complete the cooking class together then it will be child's play for you.

If there are some of you who haven't attended a cooking class, we can help.

You take a cookbook and you have to cook the first dish you open together.

< p>It's always exciting and you always try something new.

New cafes

If you're already l¨ If you are closer together, then you must have a regular cafe where you always drink coffee.

Every Sunday you should go to a new cafe you've never been to.

This will add some spice to the routine. Let's see, maybe you'll discover some cool places.

Play Playstation together

Most couples always fight about it because the partner is constantly gambling.

Now you have the opportunity to play together. So you have fun together, no one is neglected and the house blessing is no longer crooked.

Things for two can be anything, the most important thing is that you choose something , which both funß will do.

The togetherness should bring you even closer and chase away the everyday routine.

We have a large selection of interesting, fun, romantic and extreme activities.

Now it's up to you to make the right choice. Give yourself a little effort and turn a boring day into a new experience.

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