According to psychologists: 6 sad reasons why men cheat

According to psychologists: 6 sad reasons why men cheat

Cheating sucks. Period.

It's never nice to hear that your partner has cheated on you, even though you give him all your love, the best years of your life, your unconditional support and understanding given.

But the fact of the matter is that cheating is so common these days it seems like the most normal thing in the world.

Men cheat on women and women cheat on men. It seems they are competing to see who cheats more.

There is no longer an old-fashioned love where you commit to one partner for the rest of your life.

There is no longer an eternal love that lasts forever and is told about in stories.

Unfortunately nowadays you can only get love based on attractiveness while true love is slowly fading away.

But in this whole mess I always wanted to know why a man cheats on a woman , to whom he swears his love.

Why? What is the scientific or psychological reason behind this?

And you know what? I found out all about the possible reasons behind every single fling men indulge in.

If you want to know what's going on inside their heads and when they reach breaking point, read on and find out why men really cheat in relationships.

Table of ContentsShow 1 1. They want to know if you still find them attractive 2 2. They want to try something new 3 3. They are insecure 4 4. They cheat because all their friends do too 5 5. They cheat because they want to seize the opportunity 6 6. They are looking for what they cannot get at home

1. They want to know if you still find them attractive

When a man is in a long-term relationship, he may think that other women no longer find him attractive, and he does will do everything in his power to prove himself wrong.

Then he will start chasing after other women and having affairs.

At this stage, he will begin to care more about his appearance than usual and he will neglect his partner.

He will likely lose interest in her and other women on various dating sites Search sites.

The adrenaline will make him feel desirable again and he won't want to lose that feeling.

The problem is that he imagined it all and because of his changed behavior towards other women and their feedback he will be happy to continue this chase.

2. They want to try something new

Men find themselves in a phase of their lives where they notice things that they have never noticed before.

They then notice that some of their friends have better jobs, nicer women or more money.

And when they can't brag about the same things, they are both disappointed and disappointed frustrated.

It is well known that many men behave like little children and if they don't get what they want right away they act like spoiled little rascals.

When life If you don't give them everything they want, they will seek comfort somewhere else.

And what could be better than finding a new woman, a soul who can understand you and with whom you can be completely without commitments fun can have.

So they start cheating, and they continue, and some of them even fall in love with their lovers.

As a result, many happy marriages break up and children live in dysfunctional families.

3. You are insecure

When a man is insecure, he is trying to prove to himself that he can do better and that he can seduce any woman he wants.

Maybe it takes him a little more time, but when he achieves his goal he will be so proud of himself.

This new feeling will fill him with joy and happiness and he won't be able to resist his addiction.

He will even wonder why he didn't do it sooner. because it feels so good.

When he realizes that he has found the medicine for his grief, he will just move on with it with no regrets.

< p>There are guys out there who will even go so far as to leave their families to be with their lovers.

It all comes from the insecurity that is ultimately the only reason why their relationships fall apart.

4. They cheat because all their friends do too

Peer pressure is a complicated thing, that's for sure.

When a man sees that all his Friends have someone on the side, and when they tell them how great it is, they'll at least want to try it.

When his friends tell him how great it feels to chill out with a woman who doesn't ask for explanations, who always looks great and makes you feel comfortable, he will soon ;try sooner or later.

He will be curious because he will want to know if he will feel the same way.

So he will explore with other women walk, learn new things that excite them, and behave like never before.

The problem is that it all starts out so innocuous, but the further it progresses, the more visible the consequences become.

5. They cheat because they want the opportunity

Most men admit that they only cheated on their partner because they had the opportunity.

If there's alcohol involved, he's bound to end up in a hotel room with another woman.

Some men may even be happily married and living the life they've always dreamed of, but they just feel like there's something missing.

So they go strangers to their partners because they think they'll feel better.

What they don't know, however, is that this joy and happiness will be short-lived because it's hard is living with two women at the same time.

You have to lie, make excuses and sleep with one eye open if you want them both to be comfortable.

Every man will eventually get sick of it and realize that it is Cheating on your partner and living such a life was far from a good decision.

So next time you want to cheat, just don't because it really isn't worth it .

6. They are looking for what they cannot find at home

There are men who are so selfish that if they don't get what they want at home they will look elsewhere.

Some even go so far as to give it to their wives because they think they will stick with them after hearing how they feel.

What these men don't know is that these women, their wives , sometimes tired of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and going to work.

Men behave like hotel guests and then blame their wives for being so tired and not having sex with them.

And that sucks. That really sucks.

It hurts so much to hear something like this from someone you spend your life with, who you gave the best years of your life to, and who you will always cherish comes first.

Guys who do this really think they haven't done anything wrong, and in most cases they blame their partners.

< p>They are just blind to all the bad things they have done and they do nothing to improve their relationships.

P.S. If you have the feeling that he is cheating on you, this is how you will find out.

Katharina Hansen

She is a trained psychologist and a talented author. For her, every person matters and every life story is unique. That's why her advice comes not only from her knowledge, but also from her heart.

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