A woman could love you to death and still never speak to you again

A woman could love you to death and still never talk to you again

We're just as perfect as the man who fills the other half of our hearts.

Women are often underestimated. They are delicate yet strong.

Their strength is not as noticeable and visible as in men, but it is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Sometimes that strength is put to the test just so you can see how strong you really are.

When you chose to ignore his message, that was the moment you chose yourself, the moment you decided to be strong.

The moment you showed yourself respect.

You said no to something that wasn't good for is you, although you will love him to death.

Yes, you love him, but you cannot change him.

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Deep down you know he's not the right one, but that doesn't change your grief.

Despite everything he's done to you, you wish still the best for him.

Not the best he could have had though – you.

You are done with the man who plays with your feelings, who neglects you and treats you with disrespect.

You're done with the man who doesn't see your worth and doesn't bother to show you his love.

Love isn't about apologizing, love is about making yourself for the better changed.

No more lame excuses, no more waiting for his answer. Now you're the one who's silent. Forever.

You loved, forgave, tried again, let go and then left. It takes tremendous power to love and then let go.

Unfortunately, it also hurts a lot. Feeling pain is inevitable, but letting it destroy you is not.

Being both gentle and strong is therefore a rare combination that few possess .

Women hurt get hard. Tough women know no obstacles; Obstacles are there to show them what they're capable of, not to bring them down.

If a man doesn't treat you right when he abuses you, he doesn't deserve your attention or your love.

It sounds simple, but it is difficult and it does hurts like hell.

You can't just turn people on or off, no matter how much you sometimes wish it were that easy to turn off your feelings.< /p>

However, if you keep falling for the same thing, it won't do you any good in the long run.

The longer you put off the breakup, the more painful it will be for you in the end.

You have a chaos of feelings inside you, but you know what you have to do.

Don't let his sudden outbursts of love fool you, he just wants to regain his power over you so he can do the same again as before.

Everything that brought you here. I know you're thinking about all the good times you had together.

The sound of his voice when he was in a good mood, all the things he promised you, the life you envisioned.

I'm sorry it didn't go that way is how you wanted it, but then again I hope you know it's better this way.

Sometimes certain things happen to us in the Live just so we realize what we don't actually need.

No matter how much you want it, you really don’t need it.

Once you understand that everything you need is already within you, you have a chance for true love.

The one who does not protect you blocks the way to the one who will protect you.

< p>Don't be afraid of a new beginning and don't be afraid of being on your own.

Once you let go of fear, love will flow into your life. Have faith in yourself and in your heart.

Where there is true love, things are not always complicated, and if there is, it is always solvable.

You must not feel humiliated or abandoned.

It is not healthy to normalize emotionally abusive behavior.

It is healthy to stand up for yourself and break away from everything that is your personal Saying goodbye, demanding the love one deserves and striving for happiness puts your well-being and self-esteem at risk.

By doing so, you are setting yourself up for all of them women who have experienced or are going through the same thing.

No man should ever make you feel insignificant or inferior.

If it ever comes to that, the only right decision would be to cut him out of your life.

Don't answer. Don't reply to his message.

Love him, but love yourself more.

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