A strong woman doesn't plead, doesn't force or chase after anyone – she just walks away

A strong woman doesn't plead, doesn't force or chase after anyone - she just walks away

She has had several catastrophic heartbreaks survived. She was torn to pieces.

And every time everyone thought she wasn't going to make it, she came back ten times stronger and smarter.

Every time she thought her world was going to fall apart, she would regain her strength and hit back even harder!

She is not afraid of love , and that's why she selflessly wore her heart on her sleeve.

She is brave like a true warrior who won't stop even if her heart is ripped out.

She has been through hell and learned some valuable lessons that have brought her to the made the woman she is today!

She has grown into a badass, strong and independent woman who is neither begging nor pushing nor chasing anyone. She just walks away!

She has grown into a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. And that's what a strong woman does!

She doesn't waste time waiting for someone to change because she has other, more important things to do in her life and when someone isn't interested doesn't mind being a part of it, she just walks away.

A strong woman doesn't force anyone to stay in her life. Not everyone understands the love of a strong woman, because she is special. 

Either you want a place in it or you don't. There is no gray area here.

A strong woman doesn't chase after anyone, she lets others chase after her!

A strong woman knows it's a man's job to go after her and she never thinks – not even for a second – start running after him.

On the contrary, she enjoys her life and lets others follow her. And when they prove worthy of consideration, she gives them a chance to conquer her.

A strong woman never falls for a nice word from a man.

She is not easily impressed, because in the past she has learned that real men love with real actions and not with empty words.

So if you don't show her that you really want her, a strong woman won't waste time with you!

She's had enough of all these so-and-so games, manipulation and lies – a strong woman doesn't tolerate any of that.

Either you're willing to put in the effort and woo her like a real man, or you shouldn't even try because a strong woman won't become one Wasting a second of their precious time waiting for you!

She knows what she wants, she knows what she's worth, and she doesn't care for those immature guys who are intimidated by women like her!

One strong woman is not afraid to speak her mind and tell them what she really wants and how and when she wants it.

She knows she is the captain of her own ship, the smith of her own fortune and the only one who can protect her heart.

She knows what she is worth and she will never let others infuse her with her toxic thoughts, manipulate her and take them for granted.

If she is late ;told she has someone like that around, she just walks away.

She doesn't justify herself, let alone make excuses for her behavior.

She just walks away and never looks back because her heart comes first for her.

And if you let her intimidate you, know that she doesn’t give a damn, because she knows that only real men aren’t afraid of women like her.

A strong woman knows that only a real man can pursue and conquer a woman like her!

A strong woman never changes for anyone – she knows that the right man will appreciate her strength!

She knows that the right man is waiting for her, who will appreciate her strong, uncompromising nature.

She knows that only men who are confident enough and know what they want will not be afraid of the challenge of conquering her.

It definitely is it's not easy to conquer a strong woman because it takes more effort.

She has standards, beliefs and sometimes she is a bit stubborn. But when she loves, she loves with all her heart and soul.

A strong woman either loves unselfishly and unconditionally or doesn't love at all!

It's really hard to get into a strong woman's heart; there are thousands of barriers to overcome first.

But once she opens her heart, selfless, unconditional love will pour out like mellow wine that's been waiting , finally to be tasted.

A strong woman either loves deeply or not at all. She either opens her heart or she just walks away.

She doesn't plead, doesn't force anything or chase after anyone.

She takes love seriously and that's why she doesn't have it Game time.

Well, either you respect her strength, appreciate and love her as she deserves, or you'll never see her again!

Either you earn her trust or you die doing it, because when she says goodbye, nothing and nobody will stop her!

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