A man who loves you brings clarity, not confusion

A man who loves you brings clarity, not confusion

The biggest problem in dating today is not knowing what one is. It's like everyone is afraid of making labels official and it's a lot easier to leave everything open-ended.

You've slept with a guy, but that doesn't mean he'll say good morning to you the next day. will write.

You've told your boyfriend that you love him, but that doesn't mean he won't suddenly disappear and never call you back.

In In today's world, everything is just bedtime, a casual or casual almost-relationship.

How many times have you dated, dated, or slept with a guy without at the end of the one day what's going on with you two?

I'm sure you've been in a situation where you didn't know if you were single or taken.

You didn't know if you should call him your boyfriend, if it was okay, flirting with other guys, and if you can blame him at all if he's dating other women.

What's going on between you two? Where should this relationship lead? Is this even a relationship? Will anything come of it, or is it just temporary?

Are you two just having fun without thinking about what's going to happen next? Or can you fantasize about your future together?

I don't even want to start with mixed signals and their various hidden meanings.

When you talk to a man, you feel like you're deciphering encrypted, top-secret data. You almost never know exactly what he's thinking or how he's feeling.

You can never know for sure if he's faking love to get you into bed or if he's a match ;pretends to not get hurt.

A million questions and not a single answer. Bottom line, you're left with only doubts.

Well, let me tell you something: this isn't normal and shouldn't be considered normal, as it most often is.

Because you'll never feel that way with a real man.

Besides, if you doubt a man's feelings, it's a clear sign that he has none. Don't forget – sometimes no answer is the clearest answer.

Trust me -; when a man loves you, he will make it very clear and give you what you deserve.

Not only will he tell you how he feels, he will make you see and feel them.

A man who loves you will never let you doubt his feelings. He will never make you question his intentions and you will always know where you stand with him.

Rather than for confusion worrying in your head and your heart, he will bring you clarity. You will feel safe with this man.

You'll know that you can always count on this man's love no matter what.

You'll know full well that he would never let you down, not once , when the whole world is against him.

A man who really loves you will never be the cause of your worries and fears. He will never make you compare yourself to other women.

He will not be the reason for your sleepless nights. He won't be the subject of endless conversations with your girlfriends.

You won't wonder what he wants from you and he will never make you disbelieve his words.

This man will always keep his promises. He will always stand behind his words and you will never catch him lying.

Around this man you will never feel like a needy maniac. There will be no cause for jealousy because he will never make you doubt his loyalty.

Despite what you might be expecting, you won't feel any unpleasant tingles in your stomach, and neither will he will not drag you through a roller coaster of emotions.

On the contrary, he will bring you peace, and that is much more precious than you might think.

So please don't settle for less. Don't let anyone tell you that you're asking too much just because you're waiting for a man who just knows what he wants.

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