A man cannot handle the reality he puts a woman in

A man cannot deal with the reality he puts a woman in

Women cannot deal with reality. They romanticize everything. They watch too many movies.

They live with their heads in the clouds and expect the impossible from men who just want to be realistic. Isn't it?!

Men portray their downright pathetic behavior towards women as a reality.

As the “The glass is neither half full nor half empty” side of life.

A woman's need to be loved wholeheartedly and genuinely and treated well is, in this story, a glass so full it overflows.< /p>

According to the men, the only way the whole thing can work properly is if they have all the power, do things their own way and never pay attention to how the woman feels.

He's ill . You bring him homemade soup, rub his chest and watch his favorite series with him while gently massaging his back.

You are ill . He texts you and asks if you're okay. At best he texts you two.

You're happy because he didn't forget to check on you.

You cooked for him and he came home late. He says he couldn't make it in time, you say it's okay.

He cooked (like that would ever happen, huh?) , and you're late for dinner (impossible, you'd be too grateful he did something for you).

You have a plausible explanation for that and he makes a fuss.

No matter what he does for you, you have to praise him for it, whereas it only makes sense that you care.

< p>If you think about it seriously, you'll find that you're paying attention to his needs and wants all the time, when in fact he's never thinking of yours.

The question is: would your relationship still work if it were the other way around?

Could he ever stay in the background while you're in the spotlight?

Could he even take it home from work to come and talk about something annoying or bad that happened to him while you watch the game and pretend to listen to him? No.

Could he bear to send you ten messages and never get a reply to any of them and then listen to a lame excuse when he confronts you? No.

Could he bear not knowing where or with whom you've been all night and then you tell him that it's none of his business where, how and with whom you spend your time?< /p>

Absolutely not.

Actually, a man cannot endure the same reality that a woman has to live in.

< strong>He acts like he is strong and dominant. He acts like he can't be needy or fussy.

He always says you're oversensitive, domineering and generally overdo everything, even though he's exactly the same.

He could never and never behave like you. Because you expect too much from him. The whole situation couldn’t be more absurd.

Honestly, if you treated him the way he treats you, you would he's so, so much worse than he thinks you are.

He thinks he's so perfect and everything you do for him makes him happy.

You would feel a lot better if he was a little more loving, caring and attentive.

If he respected what you said and did as you respect everything he does, you would thrive and he would die.

It's a common belief that women can't handle reality.

I wonder how a man would handle it if your reality was like this. ugly would be like his?!

I assure you, he would have a much harder time than you.

Would you? Would all the rules still apply if you played man for a day and treated him the way he treats you?

Not guaranteed.

I hate it ;oh, it's easy to live in a simple reality, but to endure the routine that men put their women in would be impossible for them.

< /p>

Keep that in mind next time he calls you needy.

Keep that in mind next time he calls you needy doesn’t give a damn about your needs.

Keep this in mind and you will finally understand that he can, but still never is will be like you.

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