A letter to the man who took me for granted

A letter to the man who took me for granted

I never asked you to come into my life. You wanted to be a part of it.

You chose everything yourself. It seemed to me that you were very interested and willing to spend part of your life or even more with me.

Sometimes there were moments when you looked at me like you were ;I'm everything you were looking for.

You ”means” made me fall in love with you. You were kind and loving and charming on top of that.

You were funny and tried so hard to get me to notice you that I just thought giving you a chance was a good idea give, even though you were too good to be true.

Even though I've been through a few failed relationships, I figured that you deserved at least one chance in your endeavors.

That you deserved my time and attention ;approve.

There was something wrong with my feelings from the start, but I told myself it was just fear that the past would repeat itself.

And I decided to give us a chance. I decided to believe your words and put my trust in you.

Little by little I realized that I fell in love with you had.

In fact, it wasn't just bit by bit, it was all of a sudden. But unfortunately I fell flat on my face.

Because as soon as my butterflies woke up, you poisoned yours and made them disappear.

I guess I wasn't what you thought I was; you thought i was playing games or being like everyone else you dated. But I wasn't.

Because I hate games. I hate playing with other people's feelings and I hate hurting those who care about me.

I've been through it all myself and I promised myself I wouldn't in causing so much pain in my life, especially to those I love.

With you I put all my cards face up on the table.

I played fair. I showed you everything I had so you know what you're getting yourself into. I wish you would have done the same for me.

I loved you the way I wanted to be loved one day. I wanted to believe that you were the one and that if I'm honest, you will be honest too.

So I didn't keep anything to myself. I never hurt you, I was there for you when no one else was there for you, I was there when you needed me and even when you had no idea how much you needed me.

I treasured you and respected you for who you were. I didn't want to change you, I just wanted you to do for me what I did for you.

I have always listened to you. I tried to meet your needs and I tried to make you happy, you know.

I wanted it to be with it works out for us and that is the main reason i fought so hard for our love.

How stupid of me to love one fighting a man who never really wanted to love me from the start.

What I did I didn't do to make you thank me, I didn't do it to make you feel you owe me, I did it because I wanted to.

I did it because I thought you deserved it. I did it because it was the right thing and because I really wanted to love you.

But you didn't even try half as hard as I did. It felt like you just wanted to make me fall in love with you and then your job would be done.

Then you would have someone who loves you, who cares about you and your needs, who is there for you without feeling that you even reciprocate their efforts must.

Some time later after I was touched by your hands and then rejected after I gave myself completely to you and got nothing in return after I ran to you and saw that you me didn't want to hold you in your arms, I saw a stranger staring at me in the mirror.

It felt like I was a victim and not a warrior anymore, like having all life sucked out of me.

Of all the relationships I've had, the one with you was the most painful, you know?

Because of you, I felt like I was a waste of your time, like all my efforts were worthless, and yet you still expected everything possible from me, like I was yours I owe you all that.

Actually, I didn't owe you anything. I should have stopped trying at the same time as you. You didn't deserve any of this, I just mistakenly thought the opposite.

Maybe treating you like that was a mistake. Maybe putting yourself on a pedestal was a mistake.

You took the wrong woman for granted.

And if you thought that I would still be there for you, even after you showed me that you didn't give a damn about me, then you completely misjudged me. I'm done with you. 

The bottom line is whiteß me that I did my best. I have no choice but to show you what it feels like to live without all the things I've done for you.

Maybe you'll fuck me first. I'll be happy when you no longer have me in your life.

Maybe you'll miss all the things I did for you that you barely knew when we were together.< /p>

I will learn from my mistakes and I will do my best not to repeat the same mistakes I made with you.

I will make sure that I walk away as soon as i see someone taking me for granted. Because your toxic love taught me that.

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