A letter to the girl who tried too hard for the man who couldn't care less

A letter to the girl who tried too hard for the man who couldn't care less

You are exhausted.

I can see it in the circles under your eyes and in the way you move your body moving across the street.

You are tired.

And all these problems for what? For someone who can't see your efforts and for someone who doesn't care how hard this is all for you.

You tried, your life and grant him his every wish, but look at your bones tearing your skin open because you haven't been able to eat properly for days.

You wanted to do so much for him that you stopped taking care of yourself. But let's face it, he just takes, takes and takes.

He never gives back and all you do is grieve desperately.

When you met, you saw something special in him.

Like he was finally the guy who could turn your world around and give you courage ;could trust again in love.

You had been hurt way too many times and thought he would pick up the broken pieces and carry them with respect and appreciation.

But if you now look back on your relationship’ looking back, is that really what he did?

He told you that he gave you so much and that you owed him something for it. You owe him your body and obedience. You owe him dinner and sex later. You owe him a quiet mouth and dry eyes for doing so much for you.

Open your eyes! You don't owe him anything.

You owe yourself some respect and love, which he could never give you because he was too busy taking everything you gave him. You surrendered yourself to him unconditionally and for what? Why did you give up everything to make him feel good?

There was nothing to show you he deserved it.

< strong>He manipulated you with his words and charm, believing that he was the one doing all the work to keep the relationship healthy and strong, but with his venomous fingers he just poisoned your heart. He blinded you.

You are not responsible, however. You are a woman in love and we tend to devote ourselves entirely to love. We love to love. This is our curse.

At the beginning there was no sign of his abuse so you fell for him hard and you keep falling but he won't be the one to catch you because he doesn't care if you hurt. He just wants to make it comfortable for him.

So darling – stand up and move your feet. Go away!

He is not the right one for you and he will never be the right choice for any woman. He is too selfish to love.

I know it may be hard to believe, but you will be loved.

You will one day be admired by the right man. You will be loved by a person who will take your effort and the blood and sweat. and appreciate the tears you bring to the relationship.

You will never have to cry again. But to meet this amazing human being, you have to let go of your current partner who does nothing but take advantage of you.

Look back at the relationship from a third person perspective and see it rational. You have been abused and misunderstood.

For the first time in a long time, take care of yourself and show yourself that you are willing to do anything to get out of this horrible environment.< /p>

My love, love yourself. If there's one thing I want you to realize, to understand, is that you have to love yourself more than anyone else this world.

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