9 things a real man does when he's in a relationship

9 things a real man does when he's in a relationship

What makes a “real” man from? Our definitions of a "real man" may vary, but there are a few universal qualities that can help you recognize a real man.

A real man has no hidden motives, he puts all his cards on the table . He doesn't have time for games.

He doesn't engage in manipulation or mind games.

In a relationship with a real man you have protection, love, respect and support – everything you need in life.

A real man puts a smile on your face and fills your heart with love.

Meet good men It's not every day, but once you find one, everything changes.

1. He trusts you enough to open up to you


You're his best friend and he'll show that by saying tells you his darkest thoughts and secrets.

And you really have to appreciate that. This is especially difficult for any man because men are reluctant to show their vulnerable side.

He will feel comfortable around you and he'll show how much he trusts you.

This is a whole new level of intimacy. Don’t cheat on him, keep his secrets and show him that he can always trust you.

2. He will always keep his promises

Honesty and integrity are particularly important to him. He will be careful with his words and not make promises he can't keep.

He will take as much time as he needs to get it right because he doesn't want to cover things up Don't do things by halves.

However, he will implement a promise as quickly as possible.

If he feels that something is bothering you or that someone in his family is not accepting you the way he should, he will be brave enough to tell him.

3. He knows that actions speak louder than words

Sure, he will often tell you that he loves you, but words are never the same as actions.

He'll want to surprise you with something in the middle of the day. He'll remind you every day how much he loves you.

If he says he'll take out the trash because you're too tired, he will on the Do spot.

When you are ill he will be your personal doctor and will take excellent care of you.

Once you have just mentioned that you want to read a certain book, you will couldn't find it in any bookstore in town, he'll search for it for days until he finally finds it and give it to you.

4. A real man will be your protector

He will not allow anyone to hurt you. He will protect you both emotionally and physically.

While you can stand up for yourself, it's always good to have someone who has your back .

A real man will always have your back if someone tries to stab you in the back.

He will always be there for you no matter what what is happening. If he's a real man, your pain will become his.

5. He knows his priorities

Although he also has other interests like reading, writing or playing football, your relationship will always be his priority.

He has to work, but he will never be late when you said you would cook for him. He'll never keep you waiting.

His social life may be great, but he'd rather spend a quiet evening at home with you than go out with his friends.

6. He protects you

He shows you for everything you do, no matter if big; or small, his gratitude.

He is aware of all the sacrifices you make for your relationship every day. He won't let a day go by that you don't feel worthy.

A real man will appreciate you as a person and every time he hurts you he will apologize and try to change.

7. He wants to introduce you to his family

No man will introduce his family to a woman he has nothing serious to do with.

If he has never taken a woman to his parents' house before, then his family will know that you are something very special for are him and they will accept you as part of the family.

And so you will also be sure that he is not only playing with you. He will do anything to make you feel like part of the family.

He will not be ashamed of you and he will proudly introduce you to his closest friends and family as his girlfriend.

8. He will try to gain your family's trust

He knows how important your family is to you and he will try to get closer to them. By appreciating her, he shows you how much he respects you.

It's also proof that he's a family man and that family is at the top of his list of priorities .

If you have a younger brother or sister, he will always bring them presents or take them to the park because he wants to earn their sympathies first.

9. He has a place for you in his future plans

Maybe at the beginning of your relationship he just said ”I” said when he's talked about something, but before long he'll start saying ”we” to say.

He will mention you in all his future plans. Every day he will try to look into your thoughts about the future and your life together.

He will ask you when you want to get married, where you want to get married; want how many children you would like to have… And it won't just be idle talk.

He will ask you these questions because he needs to know where you two stand on these important issues and what kind of future you could have together.

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