9 telltale signs a man is strongly attracted to you

9 telltale signs a man is strongly attracted to you

How many times have you heard that women are complicated? I wouldn’t disagree that we’re complicated – we just have a higher tendency to

overthink and analyze things, but that's mainly because we don't want to miss anything.

We want to considering all options and being aware of what we are aiming for as the final decision.

Because of this tendency to overanalyze, we often find ourselves dissecting every single action men do to find out what the original intent was. Holy nights in our beds finding out if a man we like is attracted to us and to what extent.

Spotting strong signs of a man's attraction can be exhausting, but not when you're familiar with the telltale signs that could help get an answer faster and stop all those sleepless nights that you've dedicated to this riddle so far.

Your man may think you won't notice, but everything about him will scream that he's really attracted to you and these Signs will give him away the most.

If a man is attracted to you:

He will want to know how your day was

< p>He won't ask to hear the latest gossip from your office just to give you something to talk about; he will ask you about it because he really cares about you and the things that are part of your life.

He will want to know what happened that day and if there is anything he can do to make your day even better.

He'll want to know when you miss him

When it comes to men, in their moments of greatest attraction, they morph into real babes who need women's attention.

Knowing if you've missed him makes him feel so much better mean than you can imagine.

It will tell him how much you want him and if he has a reason to continue his knightly stunt to win you over.

He'll want to know what you're up to

When it comes to you, he'll want to know everything, especially if there are things you're up to.

The reason he wants to know is because he has every intention of inviting himself in and being a part of whatever happens.

If a man is strongly attracted to you:

He will feel the need to touch you

It's not a sexual reference, although he doesn't lack that attraction. He likes to touch your hand or any part of you to be honest.

He will say that you have beautiful hair and he will take the chance to touch it. It's one of the strong signs of his attraction to you.

He will feel the need to make you laugh

If he approaches you is attracted to, your laughter will be music to his ears.

He will do anything to see the smile of a woman he is attracted to – to see you smile.

He will feel the need to tell the world about both of you

He will not hide you or how he feels about you or how much he cares wants you.

He'll make sure everyone you're around and everyone he's around knows that he's attracted to you.

His friends will know about you, his family will wonder who the girl who stole his mind and heart is, and he won't be ashamed to answer the question.

If he is very strongly attracted to you:

He will be jealous

He will show slight signs of jealousy. If his attraction is strong, he will want to know who you want to date.

He will be interested to see if there are some men who might still be in the game and he will remember them.

But be aware that innocent jealousy speaks volumes about his attraction, but if there is too much jealousy you could have a problem.

He will protect you

Being protective is something he does naturally. It may be natural for some men towards every woman, but his need to protect you is shown in other ways.

With the care he gives you shows, you will be able to tell if his attraction is that strong or not.

He will be a better version of himself

He will do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself. He will always try to improve and he will do everything to make sure he gives you the best to win you.

He will do everything in his power to win you making you choose him and stay with him.

This is the ultimate sign of someone's strong attraction.

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