9 Signs He's Mentally Abusing You And Why He's Doing It

9 Signs He's Mentally Abusing You And Why He's Doing It

Perhaps your relationship seems to be working perfectly. But there are some things you may have overlooked.

Sure, he's usually very nice, good to you, and he loves you, but what about the other aspects of your relationship?

Does he support you? does he respect you Is he sometimes selfish? Have you ever thought about these questions?

If he doesn't respect you, he could be mentally abusing you. It doesn't have to be on purpose.

Some people are just so selfish that they don't even realize how they make other people feel.

But if it's on purpose, you should you run as far away from him as possible.

Here are some signs that might help you to tell if you are being mentally abused.

If you're noticing some of them in your relationship, then it's definitely time to end them.

1. He ignores your needs

If you don't have time to go out with him, you have to make it.

You have to make time, to go out with him because he wants to go out right now. And you always accept that.

You think that he is very busy and that this is the only time you will see him this week.

He may be busy, but that's no excuse for him to value your time less.

You may be busy too, and he's pretending to be ;he doesn't care.

He acts like your time is not valuable at all and like the only thing you have to do in your life is what he says .

This is a clear sign that he is mentally abusing you.

2. He doesn't appreciate anything you do

Everything you do for him is not good enough. It doesn't matter if you changed your schedule to help him with something.

He's not happy with the way you did it and he'll tell you ;take offense.

He'll act like you're trying to sabotage what he needs to do, and he'll never thank you.

When things turn out well, he'll pretend he's the one who did all the work.

Sound familiar? Not only does he use you, he also abuses you.

3. He makes you feel like it's all your fault

It doesn't matter if your relationship didn't work out or if he cheated on you.

He'll somehow find a way to blame you for the whole thing.

And he'll even convince you that you're the one to blame for everything that you drive him away.

If he behaves like this, he needs real professional help.

And you need some alone time so you can find a way to heal after what you've been through.

4. He often picks fights

If he uses any excuse, no matter how small, to start a fight with you, it means he is mentally abusing you.

< p>Don't give him the excuse ”I'm in a bad mood” use because he's not the Hulk.

The Hulk isn't a real person and a bad mood like that can't be justified in real life.

He obviously has some problems that he can't solve. If he's mad at someone else, you'll end up getting hurt. Stop it right now.

5. He's jealous

Don't think jealousy is sweet. and is good for a relationship. She is not.

She is very harmful because she could turn into something bigger.

His jealousy could become toxic. And who knows, maybe he'll turn violent because of his jealousy.

6. He makes decisions for you

Just as he disregards your needs and your time, so he disregards your opinions.

He runs’ don't even allow yourself to stand up for yourself.

He acts like a ”real man” and makes decisions for you so you don't have to worry about a thing. You have to do what he says.

This is the number one sign that you are being mentally abused and that you are not being treated like a human being.

You have yours opinion, and if he doesn't let you express it, he treats you like a slave.

7. He ignores your requests

You've asked him a million times to change and he's said he will every time. But he never kept his promise. Not even.

He forgets your words in a day. No matter what you say to him, your words will never get through to him. He completely forgets what you were talking about.

No, he is not forgetful. His problem is much bigger than that.

8. He makes fun of you

That's a real sign he doesn't treat you like a human.

He thinks it's funny, himself making fun of the woman he loves.

That's not how you treat them. Either he doesn't love you at all or he has no idea what love is.

If you've ever felt humiliated by him, why are you still with him?


9. He verbally abuses you

Not only does he want to argue with you all the time, he also verbally abuses you.

He yells and insults and treats you like you wouldn't mean anything to him.

This is another sign he doesn't treat you like a real person.

It's like his life is much more valuable than yours.

How does that make you feel? Loved and respected? I do not think so. Why is he like this?

You may be asking yourself this question, but you won't find an answer.

The answer to this question lies somewhere in his past.

< p>Something made him behave like this.

He thinks everything is fine with him.

It's the kind of behavior he's been in all his life, and no one ever said it was bad.

No one ever told him his behavior wasn't normal.

People have accepted him for who he is all his life.

Don't be like these people. For the sake of your sanity and his, don't accept it.

You don't need someone to treat you like this, and he needs someone to show him how wrong his behavior is.

If you want to be happy and if you care for him even a little, you have to leave him.

If you leave him, you will show him that not everyone will accept him and that he really needs to change in order to be loved by others.

Don't try to heal him because you will fail.

Only then will he become a better person when he sees what's wrong with him.

If he sees it himself and seeks help, then he will be saved.

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