9 Signs He Misses You (And What It Really Means)

9 Signs He Misses You (And What It Really Means)

How can you really know what it means when a guy says he misses you?

There is probably no absolutely reliable sign with which one can decode this encrypted message. It is impossible to be 100% sure that he is honest.

You can't be sure if he's serious or if he just wants to get in your way. Maybe you'll end up heartbroken because you fell victim to a common player, or you'll be happily ever after in a near-perfect relationship.

Would you like to know which of these two possibilities is most likely in your case?

Of course you do. Relationships are complicated enough without these additional problems.

If you think about it, this isn't such a serious problem compared to what's to come.

You'll have lots of challenges to overcome and mixed signals from the other person , without worrying about what he means when he says he misses you.

You really need to analyze all the signs thoroughly because sometimes people don't want to see the truth even when it's right in front of their eyes. When you are in love you cannot see anything clearly.

Sometimes our need for love prevents us from seeing the real situation we are in. Sometimes he doesn’t really care about you but you don’t want to accept it because you just don’t want to admit it.

So, try to be objective. Try to separate your feelings from your logic.

I know it's not easy because the heart wants what the heart wants and there's nothing you can do about it.

But, for your own good and to avoid any future heartbreak , just be careful in the beginning. Look at your situation from a different perspective.

Imagine that these things that are happening to you and are bothering you are happening to someone else, someone you know. Put yourself in his shoes and do exactly what you would tell someone else to do.

This is the first thing you should do before taking any other action.

Of course, this is easier said than done. If it were that easy, few women would give a thought to what it means when a man says he misses her.

Even if you get the signs right and the reason he misses you is in your favor, you can't be sure that he will stay with you forever.

There aren't any Formula that will make him stay because people change. The things they like change and their behavior changes too.

Well, nobody can guarantee you that if they miss you now , he will miss you forever.

But enough about the future. Let's focus on what's bothering you at the moment.

If you're having these issues and you just can't fathom what's going on in his head, if you want to protect yourself from potential heartbreak, read these signs.

What does it really mean when a guy says he misses you?

1. He texts you

Well, that really means he wants to talk to you.

Maybe he feels lonely and wants to be around you. I know it's not that easy to judge if he's texting you because he wants something from you or because he really misses you and wants to be with you.

But, you can easily find that out by the way he texts you and the way you text him back.

As a little experiment, try typing his message for ignore it for a few hours and see what happens.

If he has wrong intentions, he probably won't bother to text you again. He'll take your silence as a negative response.

But if he texts you again and is worried that you didn't respond, then you've got something real on your hook.

He would also like to know if you miss him. In the end he would do anything to extend the conversation with you because he misses you like crazy.

2. He tells you in public that he misses you

Maybe he called you and played it up during the call because his friends or colleagues were nearby. He doesn't want to go somewhere quieter to talk to you in private.

That probably means he has another plan. He wants everyone to hear what he says. He's wearing big pants because he wants to hide his insecurities.

Be careful because in this situation you might just be a means for him to prove himself.

He might call you and tell you that he misses you just for that to prove to others that he has a girlfriend and to show them how much he loves her.

This will immediately show you that this is not about love, but about showing off in front of others .

You don't need to, because a love like that doesn't last long. I mean, she does, but only for as long as it suits him.

3. He contacts you on social media

You don't have to be in a relationship to miss someone.

You can miss someone, you broke up with.

You can miss someone who just passed you by.

You can miss the guy who works at the mall where you bought your laptop . Missing someone doesn't have to be about a relationship.

When a guy "stalks" you on social media; and you've never dated him, he's probably madly in love with you and misses you because he never had you.

If you message someone you've been with on social networks or "Like" and comments on every picture you post, it's definitely a sign that he misses you and probably wants to be with you again – he wants you back.

If you've been apart for a while and he's still contacting you and active on your social media profiles, he's definitely not over you.

4. He wants you to send him photos

This is definitely a sign that he misses you, but the question is how.< /p>

It could be freaking perverted or it could be completely harmless. That's why I wrote earlier that you need to check all the characters and their meanings carefully, because there's a fine line between the good meaning and the bad meaning, or what suits you and what doesn't.

It can It could be that he only wants you and wants you to send him your photos so he can satisfy his craving.

But on the other hand, he's asking you maybe for a picture because he really misses you and he wants you by his side, if only virtually.

He wants to see your face because it makes him happy. He wants to be able to think of you every time he picks up his phone.

He wants to use every moment of his free time to look at the face he misses the most – you.

5. He insists on seeing you

When a man misses you, he really wants to see you.

He probably insists on seeing you and when you meet, he talks about seeing you again.

This is a clear sign that he is serious about you. This really means that he is interested in you and probably wants more.

Of course, this can go both ways. He can also say that he misses you and has completely different motives and just wants to take advantage of you.

The only way to be sure is to wait for him to make a commitment and do something to see you. Words mean nothing if not followed by actions.

So, be smart and patient and wait for him to prove to you that he really wants to see you and that he misses you.

6. He's Jealous

If he's jealous but not possessive, it means he really misses you.

A man needs to show everyone that you are his. He wants everyone to know that you’re taken and that everyone else should mind their own business and seek happiness elsewhere because you’re his only.

This can be very annoying. You may feel like it's suffocating you, but as long as it's within normal limits, you're safe.

On the other hand, there are people who have a serious problem.

There are men who will start controlling you because they don't trust you.

Maybe he's too scared that you're going to leave him, so he's imagining things and making a fuss out of everything. And when you confront him about it, he assures you that he loves you and that he only does it because he misses you.

Be careful and don't let anyone take your freedom or you in any Restrict in a way.

If you see him doing just that, then he doesn't miss you – he just has one serious problem.

7. His friends will give you clues

You were in a relationship and broke up.

It's been a while and you haven't heard from him, but your mutual friends are giving you hints that he's not ü over you and that he misses you.

He's probably too shy to tell you himself or he wants to give you some space.

That's definitely a true sign of missing someone, and it means they want you back.

Maybe he realized what an idiot he was, and since he doesn’t force you to talk to him or bother you, you might want to consider giving him a second chance.

8. He calls you when he's drunk

I know most of you get the immediate impression that he only wants casual sex. But as in most cases, there are two sides to this story.

Yes, maybe he doesn't give a damn about you and he's probably in the mood for something small and fast, and it's best to ask where it was regularly obtained.

Well yeah, there's a big chance he'll say he misses you just to get you into bed .

But there's also a chance that he just wants to be with you. It's also possible that he really misses you.

Maybe he didn't have the courage to call you.

Maybe he didn't know what to tell you.

You know that we all do stupid things when we're drunk, but we're all so incredibly brave in those moments too.

Maybe that's exactly what he needed – a little bump in the back to tell you he misses you and still loves you.

There is a way to find out, but unfortunately it doesn't work every time because we are all different and there is no one hundred percent universal human pattern.

That's the beauty of it. But, if he calls you tomorrow morning after that wild night or texts you to apologize for his behavior, then he was probably just being honest and emotional the night before.

If he doesn't report, he probably only wanted one thing – sex.

9. He just says he misses you

That's the nicest thing you can hear from a man, and also the most honest.

There are no hidden motives behind those three words: “I miss you”. He's not going to overdo it by saying he misses you.

Let's just say he's going to miss you normally and you'll know it. Your gut will tell you that he is himself and only up to good things.

And of course, not all men can be cool and stay calm. Even those who look the toughest sometimes break down under the pressure that love creates in them.

But the bottom line is that you will know that he is honest. You'll see it in his eyes.

And he'll definitely prove it to you. Because if someone really misses you, they will not only feed you empty words, they will also show you.

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