9 reasons why women leave men even though they love them

9 reasons why women leave men when they love them

Women are strong and fascinating and will always fight to the last breath just to save a relationship.

But not even the strongest of us can put up with being treated like nobody by someone we love most.

No one can bear to feel lonely around someone who should make them feel so good. Here you will learn the reasons why women leave men even though they love them.

1. She feels like she can't be herself

When she feels like she needs to change in order to be accepted , she can't possibly be happy in such a relationship.

If a man constantly criticizes her behavior, her laughter or her feelings, how can she be herself?


Love is not about changing yourself to make someone else happy. Love means being accepted for who you are and solving problems together.

2. There is no appreciation

If her effort is not appreciated, she will not give herself any more. No woman deserves to be taken for granted and make no mistake about it – she will leave you no matter how much she loves you.

Because it takes a lot of strength for them to do their best to make the other person happy, only to be completely neglected. When she runs out of power, she will just disappear.

3. The relationship feels like an emotional burden

When she has to plan everything she does and worry about how her partner might react , the relationship will soon become a burden.

When a man constantly nags that she's doing everything wrong, belittling her and getting her to constantly apologize whether she's done anything wrong or not, she soon becomes under the pressure of the relationship with an emotional one Bloodsuckers collapse.

4. She's tired of being compared to other women


How can she be absolutely sure that her husband loves her when she is constantly being compared to other women? How can she be confident when she is constantly being told that other women are smarter, more attractive or funnier?

When you are being put down by someone who is supposed to be your biggest support should, then it is not worth staying with this person. That someone isn't worth your love anymore.

5. There is no respect

Love without respect means nothing. He can sing you the most beautiful songs, whisper the sweetest words in your ear, but if there is no respect, it means nothing.

A woman who is not respected in her relationship is not a happy woman. And she'll definitely run away because there's nothing worse than being treated with disrespect.

She's so much more than just a partner, girlfriend or wife. She is stunning, badass, strong, tender and the most loving woman all rolled into one. And if that doesn't deserve respect, then whiteß Neither do I.

6. The sex lull

An unfulfilled sex life is the problem people hear about the most. It's kind of all about sex. But a lack of sex in itself is not a problem.

Sex without emotion or sex without caring and love means nothing. If she's the only one making an effort in the relationship and he turns around as soon as he's done, that means he doesn't care if he pleases her or not.

< p>And let's face it, if we wanted sex without wanting anything serious, we'd still be making out with college guys.

7. The long-term goals are too different

In fact, this is the number one cause of breakdown in long-term relationships. It's all well and good while you're young and don't have any definite plans for the future.

But what happens when one is ready to build a career and the other is ready for a child? What if one wants to move away but the other is very attached to their current place of residence?

She will end things when she is expected to give up, because love is about compromise . It would be really selfish to ask her to give up her dreams just so you can make yours come true.

8. Nothing more is done for the relationship

If she is the only one trying, she will soon get tired of this crap. And when she stops trying hard for the relationship, it's as good as over.

9. She feels like it means only to her.

If she feels like she is in a one sided relationship then how is she supposed to stay and cool ;smack? How can you expect her to fight for something that may no longer exist?

She has no reason to believe there is anything else it is for worth staying because you didn't give her one.


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