9 Qualities A “Jackpot Girlfriend” Has (According To Guys)

9 Traits A 'Jackpot Girlfriend' Has (According To Men)

Do you have what makes a perfect girlfriend?

Women often mistakenly believe Remember that men are looking for super hot girls for girlfriends, but that's not the case.

Most men want simple, down-to-earth women for girlfriends.

On top of that, they want a girlfriend they can count on and cry on their shoulder.

Yes, men cry too!

Take a look at the qualities that make a great girlfriend and see if you have what men are looking for.

1. She is confident

She is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

She is proud of who she is and who she has doesn’t plan on changing for anyone.

She doesn’t need anyone to tell her that she’s good looking, nor does she ask men to tell her because she knows ; all by herself.

She doesn’t need a man to boost her confidence because she never doubts herself

2. She's smart

It's pointless for men to date women who act like schoolgirls.

If they When they are grown up, they look for women who behave like adults too.

Men want women who are their equal and who can challenge them on an intellectual level.

< p>You need a challenge and she has the brains to do just that.

3. She is independent

She takes care of her own problems like a grown woman and that turns men on.

Nobody wants to babysit their girlfriend.

When she fails to solve her problems related to her job or general problems and keeps asking for help, men get the feeling that they can't breathe.

You get the feeling that your friend can't exist alone.

4. She takes care of her mind and her body

As I wrote above, she doesn't have to be Adriana Lima, but she still has to take care of hers mind and take care of her body.

She does not have to do this for her husband, but for herself.

She not only wants to take care of herself ;looking good for her husband and he's the one who's glad she looks good for herself and not for him.

Mens sana in corpore sano – She takes care of her spirit so she can be healthy and strong both inside and out.

5. She is committed

That means she always stands behind her husband.

She stands behind him because she knows he is right and if he doesn’t have that, then she still has his back.

She is faithful and she would never cheat on her husband.

Especially if she and her husband are in a committed relationship.

When men are confident that their wives are loyal to them, they will do the same for them.


Not all men are assholes, believe it or not!

6. She is not materialistic

Most men do not want a materialistic woman for a serious relationship.

They value non-materialistic values that women have

That doesn't mean that men never buy their wives anything or surprise them.

No, I mean the complete opposite.

They want a woman that they don't asks to do such things because they are not obsessed with materialistic things.

Men do it of their own free will as a token of their love and appreciation.

By not being materialistic, a great friend deserves great surprises and dinners.

7. She lets you be a man

She is well aware of the fact that men are like this and women are like that.

She doesn't force her man to do girlish things or take away his ”manliness”.

She respects the fact that men like to watch sports, like to go to the pub with their friends and that men check out other women in a harmless way – sometimes men do it because they can't help it, but that's harmless.

8. She likes your friends

She doesn't have to be a man herself, but she certainly should like his friends.

If she is planning a serious relationship, then white she that she'll be dealing with her husband's friends.

She's that kind of woman who makes her husband's friends sandwiches and invites them out for a fun night out.

9. She pushes her husband to keep evolving

She brings out the best in her husband.

She is his support and brings him up to become even better than he already is.

Men sometimes think responsibly about their future.

Sometimes men act and feel like Adults.

All of this happens for one simple reason-because of her.

They have met the right woman and that's why they want to keep growing.

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