9 little games a pathological liar will destroy you with

9 Games a Pathological Liar Wrecks You With

Some of us lie to avoid hurting others' feelings or to avoid conflict, but some people seem to not being able to live with the truth.

Pathless liars have no moral compass. They use lying as a tool of manipulation, control and power simply because they can.

It must feel empowering when you know that you are you can talk someone into something they don't believe in at all. But they're just so good at lying that they won't stop.

Maybe it was an inner compulsion at first, but over time it became a habit for her. Now they don't know how to tell the truth even if they wanted to.

Being in a relationship with a liar can hurt you in many ways, starting with turning your head and Makes you question your sanity, to the point of feeling betrayed and just broken because you love someone who is never honest with you.

And there are many clear signs that you're dating a compulsive liar to look out for so you don't let them break you.

1. He hides a lot from you

He doesn't want to be caught, so he does everything in his power to keep the lie going. He hides his phone, has passcodes and passwords for everything and keeps you out of his private life as much as possible.

And even if you sense something is wrong, he's just such a good manipulator that you end up apologizing to him when he should be apologizing to you.

2. He lies about the most mundane things

Basically, he lies all the time. From what he had for breakfast, what he did in the morning to when he went to bed.

With him, you never know what the truth is, and even when he knows you can see through his lies, he still lies. He can't control that and doesn't want to control that.

And while loyalty is one of the most important elements in a relationship, it's virtually impossible to have with him.

3. He always has an excuse

No matter what happens, he can come up with a whole new story in seconds.

While the rest of us stutter and stammer and try to find the right words to talk our way out of, he doesn't let himself be put off at all.

If you confront him, he immediately comes up with an excuse that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what exactly went wrong.

4. When it comes to lying, literally nothing is taboo for him

Some of us lie just to avoid hurting someone's feelings or to save our own ass (for example, we dodge the question “Did you eat my ice cream?”).

< p>He shows no remorse for his manipulations and will do everything in his power to keep the charade going.

5. You're starting to doubt your sanity

He can somehow convince you that the sky is yellow and the sun is blue. You soon start to question your own sanity because he manages to convince you that what you experienced with him didn't happen that way.

That's how good he is. And every time his lies upset you, he makes you feel guilty so he looks like a victim and you end up apologizing to him.

The problem with compulsive lies ;they can somehow make us doubt our own sanity and sanity.

6. You feel bad because you don't believe him

Manipulation is his art and he has perfected it. No wonder you feel like the worst scoundrel ever just for daring to question his stories or his loyalty.

He will turn your world upside down without himself To bother at all as long as he gets what he wants.

7. He never takes responsibility for his actions – instead he blames you

If you catch him in the act and confront him, he'll either turn the story around completely and try to convince you of his version of the truth, or he'll find a way to blame you.< /p>

He only lied to protect you, he was afraid you wouldn't be able to handle the truth, he was sure you didn't want to know the truth, etc.

He will never, ever, take responsibility for his lies and games.

8. He has no remorse

With no moral compass and no remorse, he is a genuine psychopathic liar who has absolutely no guilt for making you feel so that you're the crazy one.

He doesn't show the slightest bit of remorse for smashing you into a million pieces because he can't feel remorse.

This is how he makes you feel like you don't deserve love, loyalty and honesty when in reality he can't give you any of it. All he can give you is lies and manipulation.

9. He takes away your security

His games take away everything you were sure about. His games take away your security, your strength, and your trust in others and in yourself.

Relationships are about feeling safe, respected, and loved, and when you If you're with a pathological liar, you'll get none of it.

He's destroying your faith in love, and there seems to be no way to bounce back after he's broken you so much and destroys everything you were.

And just when you think you've managed to change it, it destroys you all over again.

Loving a liar is worse than living in hell, so run away while you still can.


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