9 Clear Signs He's Using You to Get Over His Breakup

9 surefire signs he's using you to get over his breakup

Ending a relationship is hard, no matter whose decision it is .

Getting over a breakup is even harder.

We all feel so strange after a breakup.

We have mixed feelings ;and therefore we can neither think clearly nor deal with our feelings in a healthy way.

Unfortunately, there are also people who resort to the worst possible means to break up ü survive.

They jump into a new relationship too soon, hoping to forget their ex-partner.

This is especially true for men.

They have theirs Pride of a man, so they don't let anyone see their grief.

They want to show their exes that they are not hurt and that they can get on with their lives without any problems.

< p>But they don't understand that this is how they lie to themselves.

When your boyfriend does something along those lines, it means he's not being completely honest with you about how he feels because he's really only dating you to get over his ex.

1. He told you he had a tough breakup

He only told you the story of his breakup once because he doesn't talk about it much wants.

His ex probably hurt him a lot and he doesn’t want you to see that he’s still suffering from it.

The breakup is his Achilles heel, so to speak, as he just can't come to terms with being betrayed or abandoned.

2. He moved on too fast

Even though he went through such a painful breakup, it only took him a few days to start dating you.

Impossible for moving on so quickly.

He should think about everything that happened and deal with his mixed feelings to really get over it.

And that's only possible when he's alone.

If he moves on too soon, he will only be bitter or have trust issues.

Therefore, you will never be able to have a healthy relationship with him.

3. He is overly enthusiastic about your relationship

He wants to spend every free minute with you. Unfortunately, it's not because he likes spending time with you.

He's scared of being alone when he blurts out his true feelings.

He texts you all the time. He thinks up something new for you every day.

He surprises you at work.

In short, he tries to be with you all the time, just to convince himself that he is over the breakup.

4. He keeps talking about his ex

Every time you're at a restaurant where he ate with his ex, whenever you see a movie they saw together, or when you do something they've done before, he tells you about her .

5. He is constantly comparing you to his ex

No matter what you do or wear, it always reminds him of his ex-girlfriend.

That's because he still hasn't left her in the past.

You feel tense and insecure. You might even compare yourself to her.

You think that no matter what you do, you'll never be as pretty or as great as her.

Well, think about it. If she was that great, they wouldn't have broken up, would they?

6. He acts weird when she's around

Every time he sees his ex anywhere, he acts so weird that you make him you don't recognize anymore.

That's because there are still some unanswered questions between the two.

He's so confused around her that he really has no idea how to act.

He doesn't care about you or your feelings because the only thing that really matters to him is to show her that he's not suffering from the breakup, he's already over it is.

7. He is always coming up with new adventures for both of you

As I said. He doesn't want to think about the breakup and his ex, so he tries to forget them by doing something exciting and new with you.

Every day with him is a new adventure, because that's the only way can he come down and pretend everything is fine.

8. He drinks to wash away his feelings

He drinks even when no one else is drinking. You're getting a little uncomfortable.

You may even be afraid that he will become addicted.

You don't need to be scared or worried about yourself.

He won't harm you. He is not addicted to alcohol.

He only drinks enough to wash down his feelings.

It helps him relax and chill around you forgot he still has feelings for his ex.

9. He’s just using you as a model girlfriend

He likes to show you around like you’re some kind of trophy – especially in front of his ex or their mutual friends.

He wants to show them he can play the “post breakup game” especially if his ex is still single.

Come on girls, wake up!

You deserve much better than being his star girlfriend.

You don't deserve to be with someone who uses you.

You deserve someone who only wants to be with you because they love you.

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