9 Bad Texting Habits That Are Making Him Lose Interest

9 Bad Texting Habits That Are Making Him Lose Interest

1. You text him more often than he texts you

Messages are like a relationship. They demand reciprocity.

If one breaks their necks and the other does next to nothing, that's a really bad sign.

If you text him more than you should , he will sense desperate despair. He'll see that you're already crazy about him and he'll think he can have you whenever he wants – which of course makes his interest less.

Take a step back. Give him some space so he can miss you and run after you. That's always the better option.

You should approach each other. If he can't even do that via text, imagine how lousy he would be in a relationship.

2. Poor conversation piece

Once you start a conversation lousy, it just goes downhill from there.

It's boring as hell talking about the weather, your daily routines and what you ate for breakfast.

In the early stages of a relationship, it's important not to get caught up in boring conversations ;to entangle root issues that lead nowhere. Think outside the box.

Mention something you talked about the other day, share your mutual interests, or start by saying how fun you are; you had at the concert (or anywhere else) and that it's a shame he wasn't there. Be creative.

3. You're blocking the conversation with your answers

If you use short, disinterested answers like an emoji or a one-word answer like “Yes”, “Sure”, “ Maybe”, ”Aha” give, don't expect him to text you back and be prepared your conversation won't last long.

He’s probably got the feeling that you really don’t want to have this conversation and that you just want to brush him off.

Stop that and give yourself a little trouble if you can ;would like you to text each other longer.

4. You send another message

It's never a good idea. First, it makes you seem desperate for his attention and needy, which in itself is a turnoff.

Second, it reduces your chances of getting a response.

He could be at work, sleeping, or otherwise busy, and if he sees that you've sent him another message, he may not reply to you because you're being pushy, although he would reply right away , if it was just a text.

Thirdly, and most importantly, if a man doesn't want to reply, there's nothing you can do.

If for some reason he didn't reply to the first message, he won't reply to the next either.

5. You don't take compliments

If he tells you that you are beautiful, smart, cute, interesting, funny, attractive and you have whole debates about it why this is not true and why you are anything but that… he could take this the wrong way.

Right from the start, you're letting him know that you don't think too highly of yourself and that you don't have confidence.

You know the old saying, “Love yourself so that another may love you too”? Well, it's true.

So the next time he ”s”” or "super smart" just say “thank you”.

You can also return the compliment and say what you like about them. Trust me – you will do much better this way.

6. You talk too much

Writing to someone you are just getting to know about bad and painful past experiences or current issues in your life is not a good idea.

You cannot write to someone you barely know burden with all your life problems.

There will be time for serious matters. Start with loose topics. Have fun while getting to know each other.

7. You're overdoing it with SMS language

When you start dating someone, the quickest way for him to get to know you is to write.

Don't let him think you're still a teenager or that you have no interest in continuing the conversation by you write everything in abbreviations.

Pay attention to spelling – at least on the basic things. You don't want to appear to be less intelligent than you actually are. Pay attention to your texting style.

8. You text him even though you know he's busy

Typically, men and women have different texting habits.

For the average man, it's okay to hear from his girlfriend or potential girlfriend once or twice a day, whereas most women need more communication.

Just because he doesn't text you every 5 seconds doesn't mean he's lost interest. It just means he's a man and he has a life of his own…

If he has told you that he is at work, out with friends, having lunch, sleeping or doing anything else, leave him alone.

Give him some space so he can see you miss and get back to you first.

9. You play the aloof

This is the opposite of what we mentioned at the beginning. Playing aloof means you play the same games that you hate with others.

It can come across as not really that into him or like you just like him

You don't have to reply to every message right away, but replying after six hours or a full day just isn't pretty.

The most important thing is finding the right balance to find and connect with each other.

Chat chemistry is important and it can really bring you closer – provided none of you play games.

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