8 Warning Signs He Can't Handle a Real Relationship

8 warning signs he can't handle a real relationship

When you meet a guy you want it to last forever with you both because you're so are overwhelmed by every word that comes out of his mouth.

You immediately think you've found the love of your life and you're already imagining your wedding dress, your children and a huge house somewhere by the sea.

And then you suddenly realize that your ” more perfect” guy isn't perfect after all.

You can see that he's not ready to give himself completely to you and that he's not husband material.

Maybe at first you won't doubt your future together because you think he might change, but after you start seeing some of the red flags that he can't handle a real relationship, you are you ready to let him go.

If you also think that your man is not the way he was before and that he doesn't want a long-term relationship with you, check these signs, to be 100% sure.

1. He's still in touch with his exes

This is a huge red flag that your guy isn't nearly ready to commit to you.

If he still keeps in touch with his exes, it means he doesn’t care that much about you and that you are not his priority.

It disregards you and everything you represent; and there's only a tiny chance he'll change.

Guys are best in the beginning of a relationship, so if he's treating you like that now, you can imagine how he'll change you later ;ter will treat.

2. He doesn't want to spend time with your friends and family

If he refuses to take you to family gatherings or drinks with your friends, that's a sign he has a plan to leave you.

He's probably with you because it is comfortable for him to keep you for a while and then move on to another victim.

If you see such a sign, I suggest that you drop him first ;sst because a guy like that isn't worthy of your time.

3. He doesn't talk about your relationship in the future tense

It seems like he's only focusing on your present and the things he wants to do with you nowö eh.

If you ask him to make some plans for the future, he just says that you can do it later or that he is tired.

This is just his tactic to get rid of you and take advantage of you for as long as possible.

So whatever you do, don't stay with him any longer because he's not the type to make you happy.

4. He hasn't been in a serious relationship before

When you talk to him about his past, he only mentions a few short relationships, but he never says he's in a serious one been in a relationship.

This may be a sign that he can't handle a real relationship and that he just wants to have a good time.

This doesn't have to be a real sign that he can't love you, but in most cases it is.

5. He got his heart broken

The worst thing that can happen to a guy is to have his heart broken.

After that he'll feel like a wounded wolf who will withdraw from everything to a quiet place and wait for his wounds to heal.

It's the same with men and girls – if they've been hurt, they'll be extra careful in any new relationship they get into.

Maybe that's why your man doesn't want anything serious. He's afraid his heart will be broken again and he doesn't want to risk it.

6. He sends mixed signals

If your man gets hot and cold, that's the first sign something's wrong.

It seems like he's not sure what he wants, so he can't show you.


You'll probably be confused because one day he'll treat you like a queen and the next he won't give a fuck about you.

If you catch him doing it, rest assured that that he isn't relationship material, so you better run away from him as much as possible.

7. He always tells you that your relationship won't work

If your man makes you uncomfortable in his company and gives you reasons why you two are too different to function, it means he is not so sure of his love for you.

Maybe he'll be fine as long as you two don't rush the relationship, but as soon as you talk about some future plans he'll back off

8 . He doesn't want to open up to you emotionally

The reason he doesn't want to open up to you emotionally is because he doesn't want to invest in your relationship.

He's not interested enough in you to show you his darkest secrets and expose himself.

He thinks you're not worth it with some important things to be familiar with his life and that is why if you get him to open up to you, he will always back off.

If you catch your man doing it, you can be sure that he is not husband material and trust me such a man will never be what you dream of.

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